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NBL Expansion

What does the future of the league hold?

Ideally id like to reduce the salary cap to 800k and expand to 14 teams. Also keep all current teams

In order of priority for new teams id go:

2nd Melb team
2nd Syd team
2nd WA team (cats would flourish with the rivalry)
Asian team (Phillipines with huge bball support/population?)
Gold Coast
3rd Vic team

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Too many teams, diluted talent and the travel from Perth to Auckland is already enough without adding the Phillipines

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Years ago

I think we all want expansion but the talent level will drop with that many teams. an Ideal amount would be 10-12 imo. If we can have a second Melbourne team, Brisbane, a second NZ team and then either Tasmania/WA/Gold Coast that would be good. Not a huge fan of including a Filipino team but not hugely against it.

Where would a second WA team go? Haven't been to Perth/WA so would it be located in Perth somewhere?

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Years ago


The more teams, the more interest and tv rights $$.

Would make rosters go 12 deep rather than 10 at current with a minimum 4 players have to be aged 25 or under.

This allows easy entry for returning college players and locals rather than going to other sports like afl. HAPPENS ALOT THESE DAYS!

Would scrap the points cap, its stupid as its opinion based. Just base it on $$ but give allowances to teams in high cost areas, eg sydney/melb/perth.

Salary cap 800k, minimum spend 500k.

Would also like to make asian/african players non imports as they are relatively near by and lack opportunity but have talent.

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Years ago

For long distance games, play 2 games over 3 days, eg when travelling to nz/perth/asia. On te way home from asia you could play in nq.

Get a few games out of a trip, similar to super 15 rugby.

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Years ago

2nd perth team would make it similar to the dockers/eagles afl rivalry. both teams grow off the rivalry rather than sharing fans. Increases interest in the league within area.

A shame Blaze didnt have that rivalry with Brisbane, both clubs would have benefitted...

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Years ago

Allow max 3 imports on teams to accomodate depth/expansion but only 2 allowed on the court at any time. Will add extra strategy/intrigue to games.

Still plenty of roster spots for the mature aussies despite 4 youths/3imports.

I think long term we could get to 16 teams, just need to cut expenses...

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Years ago

1 final rule: Allow a loyalty bonus, sick of players changing clubs every year, fans need to see regular faces.

Eg: Every year they stay with team, can get paid 5k extra from club outside cap (providing form warrants...

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

My priorities for new teams would be:
2nd Melb
2nd NZ
2nd WA.

If a second NZ team came would the breakers still be the NZ Breakers or would they change. Also I think a second Sydney team wouldn't work. Look at their recent crowds, they aren't good.

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Years ago

Doubt there would ever be a 2nd WA team. The Wildcats own the basketball market there already and I doubt any current Wildcat fans would jump onto the new team.

Bad idea when you think about it

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Years ago

Like the loyalty bonus. I know the points cap has a similar mechanism but it's clearly not enough to stop every second player changing clubs each year.

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Years ago

The only way a second WA team would work was if it was like a SBL All Star team, but even then the people who would follow that would already be Wildcats supporters and not many would want to abandon ship.
Geraldton and Kalgorlie get the best crowds of the SBL but not good enough to support an NBL team and due to their isolotion not likely to pick up too many more fans. Also I dont know about Geraldton but Kalgorlie's venue is definitely not up to scratch for NBL.

Ideally expansion should be something like this:

Brisbane (13/14 - 14/15)
2nd Melbourne (13/14 - 14/15)
2nd NZ (14/15 - 17/18
Tasmania should do well if marketed properly?? (17/18-future)

Agree that 10-12 teams would be the best for the league. I would like to see one of, if not both of Brisbane and 2nd Melbourne next season.

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Years ago

If say a Melbourne and Brisbane team was included into the comp next year, would they be allowed maybe a 1.1-1.2 million cap just for their first year or two to help attract some of the upper tier free agents?

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Years ago

yeah, i would love a newcastle team, another sydney one would be good, but maybe a outer suburb, away from the kings ( like manly )
another WA team woul;d be great, and a tasmanian team would be good because they have no major sporting teams

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Years ago

if the nbl wants to be a real nbl than we should have a team in every capital city ie brisbane,newcastle,canbera,tasmania of course melbourne, sydeny and perth could have second teams then and only then should we look outside of australia ie wellington and asia

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Years ago

"The more teams, the more interest and tv rights $$."

I think the recent billion dollar NRL agreement with Nine disproved this theory. It was thought that expansion into Perth and either the NSW central coast or another SE Qld team would make it a much more attractive proposition for broadcasters.

But as David Gyngal from Nine said after the deal was struck, the primary factor by far is the quality of the competition. Dilute from that and you're actually undermining the value of the product you're trying to sell. So as a result the expansion plans have been scrapped for the foreseeable future.

The NBL is already in a reasonably parlous state as it is. 10 teams is the perfect number in my opinion. Any more is just asking for trouble.

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Years ago

Idiotic. there is no upside to making more teams right now. If you wanna have teams so bad that Graeme Dann, Daniel Joyce and Pero are starters be my guest.. but I think theres already a sharp enough dip in talent between our bottom 2 teams to even consider this now. IDIOTIC. sure you will have more pretty jerseys to look at, more courts.. but you wont wanna watch the games! how about talk about this in a few years when some more uyoung kids come up.

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Years ago

At Gekko:

"if the nbl wants to be a real nbl than we should have a team in every capital city ie brisbane,newcastle,canbera,tasmania of course melbourne, sydeny and perth"

Umm since when was Newcastle a capital city!?!? I must have missed that one...

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Years ago

I agree it needs to be done slowly over time. Melbourne is ready to go it seems, and Brisbane has to be the next priority, which it is. After that there needs to be a few years consolidation.

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Years ago

2nd team in perth

but they need to do what afl did go slow expand slowly to secure the economic future

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Years ago

2nd team in perth

but they need to do what afl did go slow expand slowly to secure the economic future

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Years ago

The next team i would look at is 2nd NZ team,

i have read articles over the years saying Wellington are interested and have the resources, given the strength of the Breakers, i reckon NZ could support another decent team on the court atleast, i guess it is a matter of confiming they have the resources/$$/fan base, etc to support it off the court.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

If the crocs fold the league might be forced to bring in 2nd Melb team or Wellington for 2013 season, if the Brisbane bid isnt ready to go.

7 teams won't work & BA won't let the league go into hiatus again.

That said i hope the Crocs survive and we see a new franchise in for next year.

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Years ago

like to see more teams in nbl

north east div south west div
1 Auckland 1 Sydney
2 Wellington 2 Wollongong
3 Christchurch 3 Canberra
4 Cairns 4 Melbourne
5 Townsville 5 Hobart
6 Brisbane 6 Geelong
7 Gold Coast 7 Adelaide
8 Newcastle 8 Perth

each team would play the other teams in there div twice and play the other div teams once making it 22 round nbl season.
maybe changing to 12 min quarters would be good.
finals would be top 4 from each div. Games best of three

NE1 Auckland
SW4 Melbourne Auck

SW2 Wollongong Woll Woll
NE3 Christchurch
Champs Wollongong
NE2 Wellington
SW3 Canberra Well Syd

SW1 Sydney Syd
NE4 Cairns

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