Jack Toft
Years ago

NH: Crows Woes

The Tippett saga is dominating the news and come Monday it could be an A-bomb.

Will Trigg fall on his sword? or will the board pull the trigger?

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Years ago

Van Berlo now involved too. Could be even deeper hole than we know.

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Years ago

Trigg has to go. Considering he was so quick to have a go at Rendell regarding his actions, Trigg must follow suit and get out of the club.

The Crows will get punished severely, and yes, the Crowvertiser and all the Crows supporters will be furious, whilst all the Vics will be laughing at them.

Having said all that, on a serious note, I live in the Docklands about a minute walk to AFL House, so I tend to hear about lots of stuff that goes on behind the scenes. AFL guys tend to be friendly to baristas that I'm good friends with haha. Basically you could probably audit every club's books and similar deals will have been arranged. I think the Crows just were in a bad situation and got caught. What I'm wondering is who pulled the trigger on the investigation to begin with? Was it the Lions? Or was it Trigg himself (some reports had the Lions ratting the crows to the AFL whilst other reports said Trigg wanted to show Tippett's contract to the AFL before the trade to Sydney was ratified in order to not get into any trouble). Regardless, they aren't going to be better off come Monday night.

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Years ago

Looking forward to Monday/Tuesday. Wish I could attend.

Tweet from AFC just then:

Adelaide Crows (@Adelaide_FC):

Ease up Crows fans. Refer to par four of last night's members email.

Part 4: "We can say that we do not accept everything that has been reported in the media."

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Years ago

lol the media exaggerating a story??? no way!

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Years ago

The AFL needs a player points system. Mind you, they might start doing "player-tanking"...

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Years ago

I agree with Chewy.

Trigg needs to step down given how quickly they acted with Rendell.

The biggest mistake here is valuing Tippett so highly. He is the most overated player in the game and it was clear he did not want to live in Adelaide.

I feel sorry for the players and the coaches - the lsit is capable of competing for a flag and this could ruin the club for the next 10 yrs

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Years ago

Let's see what the outcome is first. I am no fan of Grant Thomas - he has achieved nothing but thinks the world revolves around him.

Tippet, nice to keep him but not the end of the world - I would prefer to have the Million Dollars for other players rather than spend it on him.

Finally, am I missing something but why has there been no talk about Tippet's Manager. Surely he was party to any dealings which took place.

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Years ago

Any inquiry to Tippetts manager would be conducted by the AFLPA not the AFL.

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Years ago

"I feel sorry for the players and the coaches - the lsit is capable of competing for a flag and this could ruin the club for the next 10 yrs"

The list is still there.

Blowwwwnn out of proportion.

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Years ago

X - the crows lost out on getting any compsenation for Tippett. They obviously rated him highly given the $700k base and the $200k in third party deals. I am sure the coaches and players would be disppointed in getting donuts.

It is suggested the crows could be penalised for up to 4 years with draft picks. If you don't htink this will impact the club for the next 10 years I would disagree.

Sure the list is ok for next year but future years I would be concerned

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Years ago

Oh not getting any compensation for Tippett was hugely disappointing, but it's unlikely we were ever going to get anything that would be greatly helpful over the next 4 years anyway, besides possibly Polec.

We'll certainly be at a disadvantage towards the end of that 10 years if we lose draft picks too (which hurts considering there was no advantage gained by the rule-breaking), but all the pieces to a premiership side are already there and will remain there. "Ruin the club for 10 years" is just a bit much, that's all.

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Years ago

Fair call...............I guess I was thinking of the impact on Carlton but the Crows have a stronger and younger list than Carlton did.

Hopefully the current players will continue to stick with the club when their contracts are up.

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Years ago

The problem if they lose draft picks is that they'll be restricted in how they can go about bringing in players to the team. They won't be able to trade for a player by giving up a pick, and it's highly unlikely that they'll be able to get any decent players without giving up a decent player in return.

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Years ago

Thank god for the free agency, hey?

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Years ago

So now payments to Dangerfield are being investigated.

This is getting very messy and reminds me of the State Bank saga from the 80s. Someone has found a loose thread and the whole fibre of the Club is untangling.

Given that Trigg (along with Phil Harper and John Reid) have engaged their own legal representation separate from the Crows, I'm guessing Trigg's days as CE are just about over.

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