Nathan Lovett
Years ago

Where to for AIS players?

When a player finishes at the AIS, where do you think they should be aiming for next???


What are your thoughts?

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Years ago

Division 1 college, providing they get good court time

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

Do you think that is the focus of the staff involved to get them there or do they have other plans?

What about the impact of the Emus? Do you think some players are more focussed on making that team before going to college or possibly giving up the college option to chase the college dream?

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Years ago

How would they give up the college option to chase a college dream?

Goals should depend on their ability and preferences.

Colleges will pick up players if they're good enough. I'd be interested in seeing how many capable players need to bother with some sort of service to put them in front of college scouts.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Its different for every person, depends how good you are and if you want to play pro basketball or not. Not everyone chooses to make a career from basketball.

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

If you didn't want a career why would you go to the AIS to begin with???

Obviously meant to say give up college for the Emu dream.

Isaac your using prior knowledge knowing that I do recruitment in your response. I was trying to keep what I do out of it.

In this discussion I'm more interested in seeing what people think about what the stepping stones are for when these players graduate from the AIS.

I read the college post about players in colleges for 12/13 and was surprised by how many there are but noticed a lot of guys from AIS squads were not on the list, hence my interest in that particular group.

It's not about the actual recruitment process or what colleges should be doing, but more what the athletes should be aiming for and identifying what options they Hbe if they are not directly recruited by colleges, nbl or other teams in other countries.

These are supposedly the best players in their age group in the country, I'd expect to see them playing somewhere?

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

Also let's not be bias, no mention of the NBL or SEABL in your response Isaac.

Let's not just focus on what I do.

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Years ago

I think it's a bit of a silly question though. Obviously the answer will depend on the ability/ceiling for each player and what they're interested in. It may be different for every player.

It's like asking what high school graduates should aim for next: university, TAFE, apprenticeship, unemployment queues, masses of money, etc. Is the correct answer they should all aim to immediately start businesses that take over the world and make millions? Or should it take into account different interests, ability/aptitude/etc?

Players might not know that until they've completed their AIS stint. They might also not get the duration they hoped for and be released without renewal.

What they do next may also depend on offers and interest they get. There is no one true path.

I mentioned college specifically because of your inference that maybe the AIS wasn't pushing athletes down the college route (covered on Hoops many times before) and, yes, because I know you have a particular interest in athletes taking that college road.

The question about college vs Emus (if they are exclusive) is better, or a question about the best path between AIS and NBA, or asking about the percentage of AIS players that end up in each different league.

Of a few of the players that were at AIS with my brother, I think it's roughly like this (might've forgotten someone):

Schenscher - College, NBA, NBL
Mottram - NBL, lower Euro leagues
Carter - NBL, Sweden, NBL, Sweden
Crosswhite - kicked out of college, then NBL
Forman - NBL
Holmes - NBL
Cameron - SEABL (can't remember if he played college or any NBL beyond tryouts)
Thompson - Div 2 college maybe, possibly some QBL after?
Wright - NBL briefly, not sure what else
Caporn - NBL, coaching in college? Might've played some WA ABL?
Tatulli - don't think he played pro anywhere; I remember being surprised
Philip - NBL benches and ABL for a bit

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

How many of those guys played for Boomers?

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Years ago

Very few actually get an AIS scholarship, so is this only about those athletes, or should we include the athletes who make AIS development camps and play juniors for Australia?

The skill level and potential of these athletes is just as good, there numbers are higher and you may get more of an idea of where they are likely to want to go....

The post seems to be too exclusive, maybe?

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

Wasn't trying to be exclusive. I'm aware many good players in Aust don't get scholarships for various reasons.

Was mainly interested in what people think the graduation process is and where we see those specific athletes going.

I think there are limits in opportunities here compared to the years Isaacs brother graduated with the smaller NBL. That's less pro contracts out there making it a far more competitive market.

So what does an athlete at that level do?

You could include those outside the AIS if you like its just as important an issue for them.

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Years ago

Sure mate, no drama here, I think it isn't an easy decision for Aussie kids at that level because there are quite a few distractions out there.

Other codes always look to poach, by offering bigger $$$'s and a lifestyle here in this country makes for an attractive alternative.

Going overseas is of course the big dream of many, who can afford college these days without a scholarship? Not many, so hoops is a great vehicle and at the end you could have a degree, so young players are attracted to this option.

I agree though, this is subjective and so many variants come into it, such as the level of talent, desire to live in another country, ability to cope overseas or interstate for that matter...

I love hearing stories about AIS level basketballers staying in the sport, no matter where they end up, the sad thing is when we lose them to AFL etc...

That being said, the pathways are posted on line in various web sites and can lead a player in several directions. NBL is one direction, but positions are very few and far between.

Anything below NBL in this country is lacking the $$$'s to attract our best AIS athletes, so there is your answer. They will go to where they see the best opportunities, whether that is money, competition or education!

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Years ago

Emus v. College. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

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Years ago

Depends how you define Boomers? Boomers only at Olympics or World Champs? Commonwealth Games too? Qualifying games? Tours in off years when big-name players were missing?

Those who've played for some form of Boomers team would be Schenscher, Forman, Holmes (pretty sure). Not sure about Crosswhite, Mottram and Carter. Wonder if Mottram made a team under Smyth or if that was Wheeler or someone else. Hell, Nash made a Boomers team under Smyth.

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

Some excellent points Bear.

$$$ is always a big issue. I read a report a while ago that claimed sports like rugby league and afl are draining the talent for sports like athletics because of the attraction to the sport for $$$ etc.

I didn't realise many basketballers were switching to the code that late in their lives

Being from nsw AFL is not as big a focus so I guess not being exposed to it as much would explain that.

Would like to see athletes who get to that far have something to go onto, no matter what sport they are from.

Would love to see some more money get injected into basketball to boost the national comp to what it used to be.
We need some Billionaires to buy teams so they don't go bankrupt.

If there were 12teams in the nbl it would make career options a bit easier I think.

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

I was just thinking Boomers in general but your right depends on what year you look at it.

How about World Champs or Olympics???

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Years ago

Obviously, Emus and College is not mutually exclusive, because by the time players go to College they are too old for Emus anyway.

They are hugely related however, and dare I say it being part of the Emus helps players get scholarsip opportunities.

Look at the 2010 bunch of Emus. A lot of them went to some nice colleges.

They wouldn't have got some of those offers BUT for representing the Emus.

In 2010, the Emus went to the AST (Huge event with scouts everywhere), A China tour (against USA, Serbia etc.), The WC's in Latvia.

Great opportunities for exposure

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Years ago

Perhaps flip the question and ask how many past and present Boomers members of Olympic and World Champs teams were AIS graduates ( working back from the first AIS graduating class).

I can only think of a handful of players but I can't be certain that they weren't (i.e. M Cattalini, A Gibson, D. Andersen, D.Barlow, C. Anstey, S. Heal, P. Crawford). Can anyone confirm these guys didn't go to the AIS or add names to this list?

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Years ago

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Years ago

just straight onto active8 game for some agility/plyometrics/ basketball with no basketball !!

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Years ago

Who is the AIS?

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Years ago

What is the point of going to the AIS if they are not providing a clear path for these young Australians coming through we have experienced the pathway to 18's with Basketball and AFL and for some reason Football offers a very clear pathway and is reinforced over and over to the players The Basketball community seem to be more of a closed book the pathway certainly not made clear even at state level

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Years ago

How is it unclear, are you not capable of reading?

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Years ago

I'm sure the current young group going through would like to think they will have some good div 1 offers

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Years ago

You would want to hope so

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Years ago

How many won't go onto become a boomer or follow the college option what's left for these players

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Years ago

What will the chances of the current 17's group getting a AIS scholarship any ideas and will they be any better off at the end

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Years ago

Choices are plentiful, here are some options for any kid who is good enough:

(First, to be good enough you will probably have been playing at State or National level here, you may have a college scholarship ahead of you and you have the passion for basketball going forward. Some effort on your part is mandatory)

(Career in basketball as the main source of income)

1. Play in NBL (starting 5 or close to this level)
2. Play in Europe or Asia or South America
3. Play in NBA
4. Play in SEABL (starting 5 potential)
5. Play and coach or start on a coaching pathway in any of these leagues.

(Basketball supplements your income and you still have a job as your main source of income)

1. Play in NBL (on the roster)
2. Play overseas part time (on a roster)
3. Play SEABL (on a roster with some potential)
4. Play in your State League (Big V etc..)
5. Play and coach or start on a coaching/administration pathway at one of the many Basketball Associations in every State or in the U.S. or overseas.

Get to know the right people, be a student of the game and don't burn your bridges and you could end up being involved in basketball as a career. (Maybe even back at the AIS/COE as one of the coaches).

Or, start your own business like others have and try to help the next group of young athletes coming through with your experience and guidance (this one requires integrity as the number one skill set).

There you have it, in a nut shell!

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Years ago

And if anyone else out there has additional ideas they can bring to this thread feel free to post them as I have only scratched the surface I feel.

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Years ago

Why isn't this information passed in through the states NITP squads or state coaches

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Years ago

This is just off the top of my head, without doing any research at all. I am sure the information is listed somewhere. Maybe not exactly as I have posted it above ^^ but I don't think it is uncommon knowledge among the basketball community.

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Years ago

How many will be offered a gig playing AFL

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