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Years ago

Local club online behaviour policy

Been reading this site for a while, and in between the good discussion on basketball, there seems to be a load of crap and chest beating from local clubs.

I assume most of this is not club sanctioned, and it got me thinking, do local clubs have a policy for online behaviour, and if they do, how can they police it?

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Years ago

Can be encouraged, but not policed.

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the judge  
Years ago

as long as facts are stated nobody can hide the truth.

where its gets grey is opinions and incorrect / disrespectful behavior is unappreciated and asking for trouble.

however it is a basketball forum and part of that involves free speech.

i know of clubs with online policies - mainly facebook type of thing but bullying and slander etc are not welcome anywhere.

I suppose the clubs can ask isaac for something to be taken down or moderated.

best treatment for any muck posts is not to fuel it.

chest beating is harmless.

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Years ago

The forum needs to make users sign in and go through a registration process so they are accountable for their posts. This will stop the keyboard warriors who know jack and are degrading peopleclubs from hiding under the 'anonymous' umbrella. At the moment it is just too easy to post information on this forum that is misrepresented and usually people's personal opinions/grudges and there are way too many gullible/uneducated people here that believe what they read. If this was to happen the moderator would then have more control and be able to out these people and stop disrespectful behaviour. At the end of the day people who cannot come to the right people in clubs directly and voice their issues/opinions and then choose to do it on this platform are pathetic low life scum and do not deserve anything in life. How about you man up and volunteer your services to improve the conditions where you are insted of feeding this website garbage.

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Years ago

I think low life scum is a little bit harsh.

These kinds of people generally are not scum. In my experience when these people are discovered I find that they typically lack self esteem, have poor communication skills, they feel excluded from district basketball and on the outer because of their lack of success and feel that they have been victimised in someway. Generally these conditions flow throw to their own children which reflects in their lack of basketball success, inability to take on feedback because of the belief, due to their parents skewed perceptions, that they are being victimised whenever they receive constructive feedback. This just drives these sorry souls to make ridiculous accusations and statements as an anoymous online forum user.

Generally, when you do some research, these personality flaws flow into all other aspects of their life, be it professional, social or family life.

These are sad individuals and I really feel sorry for them.

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Years ago

the problem here I see is that some throwing mud have been with a club and left, how then can the club in question police them throwing mud. I am not the only one at my work with basketball connections but they would come up as the same IP if I posted something about my workmates club they would be hard pressed to deny it was them.

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Years ago

The sooner we get rid on anonymous posts on here the better.

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Years ago

Can't delete that last post without the joke disappearing with it!

Registration might stop a few, but it won't end the problem. Certainly won't stop airing of dirty laundry or club fighting. Also, "outing" people isn't really my role. I can block someone just as "easily" whether they're registered or not (in fact, kinda easier if they're not). Dirty laundry or the mild gripes that people from other clubs hate isn't really blockable material.

I do plan to gradually move to registration though.

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the judge  
Years ago

public forum kick the noobs and keep free speech.

log ins will slow the forum right down but straighten it up.

i have seen it worse on here.

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