Adam Gibson Not Performing?


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Years ago

Gibson had a great weekend. Almost single handedly made us competitive in both games.
17 and 7 against Townsville.
22 and 10 against Sydney.
He's only a very small part of the problem


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Years ago

He is performing.

Trolling OP.

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Years ago

What u on mate? His the best player they got!!

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Years ago

If you're going to look anywhere, look at Luke or DJ

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Is it common South Australian culture to put players' names into a hat, pick one out and blame them for last week's loss(es)?

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Years ago

I somewhat agree. I dont think he is performing at the level he was advertised and paid at. However, his last 2 games have been good. But, 2 good games out of 10 is not a pass. Hopefully he is turning the corner. Also, I'm still not convinced he is a closer....I dont think it is a role he is yet comfortable with? Hopefully over time he will have the confidence to want the ball with the game on the line and make good decisions with it but for me, he isnt quite there yet.

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Years ago

Whilst it is easy for us to sit here and acuse players of not performing, I don't think that is the case. If someone in the team isn't playing their role, the questions that need to be asked are - does the player have the capacity and just isn't performing, or is the role being asked of him countered by the opposition player and or coach?

The answer in most cases is that the opposition is adjusting and thE Sixers are not. This is why we are so often ahead in the first half and then fall in a hole after half time. Marty has his "plan" and rotations in his head and will not adjust to suit the play or tactics of th eopposition.

Some have said that we shouldn't blame the coach for poor shooting or non existant D. I say bullshit to that. If these are lacking it is the coach that has to affect change. Change the play, change the strategy or change the bloody player.

Players missing shots? - well set a play to free them up and get a score. Poor D? - switch it up. Get full court going, do something.

Back to the original question - yes, Adam Gibson is performing. He is a talent, as are most of the rest of the Sixers. They just arent coached on game day.

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Years ago

He has hit some clutch shot's! I wish perth can get him! His a player that u love to have him on ure team! And a player u hate when ure team is against him! Bit like wilkinson, just me or he gets realy frustrated! He's a winner he love's to win, but sometimes he has'nt got the same from his team!

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Ease up on Gibbo at this point of the year he is the best performing Australian PG in the league!

Lets not throw stones at hime as he only has a 1year + 1 year option contract and he'll be hot property if he chooses not to exercise the option!

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Years ago

Gibson himself before last weekend in an interview actually admitted he wasnt performing as he would like and that he needed to be more aggressive offensively. He has the capability but apart from last weekend he hasnt been playing at that level.

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I love the grammar of this dude above. Every time he posts its the same.
Not having a dig bro but where did you go to school?
Call me grammar man but the comar has to replace a letter that is missing.
Has'nt should be hasn't and stop using !!!!!!!!!!!!! at the end of every sentence.
U is you
Ur is your

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Years ago

Let's not forget, that the coach has to put the player in the right circumstance to play well. Very talented roster but nothing to show for it. I think Marty might be better at developing players instead of knowing how to fit talented players together. He's very inconsistent.

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

Hes tryin too hard at critical points occasionally, forcing it. Needs to relax and jus play...spoken briefly to him after games, seems happy here and eager to please...we are hard fans to impress.

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Years ago

Call me grammar man but the comar

Grammar man it is spelt comma, not comar.

Oh, and it is called an apostrophe as well.

On topic though, Gibbo has been fine. So glad we got him and Petrie.

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Years ago

I agree with the OP. Gibson is coasting in these games. He is obviously getting paid big money and is a great talent on defense and offense yet he sits back passively when the team needs him to be the leader in ALL 4 quarters.

It is important to look at his individual quarter statistics to see that his game was below average until the last quarter.

Game 1 vs Townsville.
1st-3rd Quarter = 4 points
4th quarter = 13 points. Missed two CRUCIAL free throws and then hit a 3 pointer right at the end when the game was over.

Game 2 vs Sydney
1st-3rd Quarter = 4 points
4th Quarter = 18 points (obviously a brilliant quarter but where was it the other 3?)

He had 7 assist against Townsville and 10 against Sydney which was a great effort but we need him to come out aggressive in offense to start the game and all the way through. With Gibson playing well on offense forcing double teams it makes it easier for our bigs.

I have enjoyed watching Cadee play but he makes Gibson sit back and be complacent. We need Gibson to be the point guard and to take it upon him self to drive to the basket and be the leader out there. Have CJ playing the SG and have Cadee come off the bench. Cadee will probably get the same amount of minutes (as long as the coach decides the Crosswell experiment is over) but play him at the 2

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Years ago

Gibson is really a scorer. Thats one of the things he can do, sure. People just look at his point output and say he's not preforming. His biggest impacts are on the defensive end and running the offence. However, if there were a time for this topic, I don't know why it would be after his most productive scoring games of the year.

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Years ago

What has happened to the fast break? Seems to have become a rarity at NBL level, at least. When was the last time we actually saw a team run two players down the court wide in the lanes before cutting to the basket as a first offensive option?

Teams seem to think half-court game first - after which it is too late for a fast break. With their inside size 36ERS should be able to run all night - at least as a first option - but the first man down the court without the ball almost invariably runs to the centre of the court and pulls up at the point, successfully blocking everything up.

How about at least getting into an outside lane and running [not jogging or loping], then cutting to the hoop to give the ball handler a chance to hit you going to the basket? If nothing else - assuming you swing to the opposite wing - you've made the defence change position.

Or is that too simple?

I've been thinking this for quite some time, and have been reinforced by reading the recent comments from Ken Cole and others. [An hour of fast break? Doubt that happens!]

Of course, with a fast break the coach has little oportunity to call ball-by-ball plays from the sideline, so maybe it's about coach control rather than player effort, which is often what it looks like.

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Years ago

Do you want to crash the boards or run fast breaks? Often teams will have rules about positions going for o-boards. e.g., SF is only allowed to go for an o-board if they are perfectly confident of getting it, otherwise get back at all costs. That can limit options.

Gibson is averaging 12/4/5. Sporting Pulse is missing some years, but those are career best of the years they do have at least.

Likely not scoring earlier in the game as he is dishing to others? Might just be following instructions. Of course, if Cadee is distributing, Gibson should be a scoring option all game.

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iPhone predictive text. I'll stand to be wrong with the apostrophe though. Damn private school kids!

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Years ago

KingJames you stick up for that stat chasing pansy DJ but get stuck into Gibbo you are a joke mate!

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Years ago

Not performing? Are you taking something?


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Years ago

I think Gibson seems to coast early in games too. Noticed it as soon as the Melbourne game. Urgency picked up as the game wore on.

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Years ago

To the loser who recommends Gibson is under performing, needs his head read.

this is the man who is holding together the fabric which has been the adelaide 36ers years ago,

to suggest 'not performing'....hey, how bout rocking up to a game and actually watching what he does rather than come up with some sort of stupid thread that he under-performs.

tool= the dropkick who started this thread.u know who u are. and if he is credibly under perfoming, how so?

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Years ago

luke and dj are the ones underperforming. however this has been lukes best stretch the past 2 games which says little

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Years ago

eli1, you are wrong, Gibson's numbers are not what an Australian point guards should be. I know he played 2 good games, SO WHAT.
Grammer man, piss off and leave others alone, if you don't like reading others posts, toooo badd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Years ago

Have a look at the coaching decisions and plays he has them running... Gibbo is getting most of his points from games I've been to from creating his own shot, mostly driving to the basket when a play breaks down

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Luke could be performing better. Sometimes he's a fumbly as a 13 yo boy undoing a bra strap.

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