Years ago

Sunday NBL games should be minimised

They need to go next season full stop, key reason i have only been to 1 game this season. Atmosphere is crap and its a very difficult time to be free/bothered.

I know its the tv deal and stuff but im sure we only need 1 game a round on sunday afternoon and the rest should be friday/saturday night.

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

Agreed,more Fri and Sat games will bring the numbers back...sunday games attandance are declining bad.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

AGREE! Sunday afternoon games are shocking! Especially in Summer when people want to be out.

I have had very little interest in Sunday afternoon games this season - especially Adelaide 36er games where the crowd is small and the atmosphere is crap. Its hard to get into the Sunday games - even if its a great game. The lack of atmosphere really hurts.

The Sixers are a great club and have a strong supporter base - but their games need to be on at the right time. For them, its Saturday nights.

If it was up to me, I would request no more than 2 home games on Sunday afternoon, just to satisfy the TV requirements, and have the rest on Friday nights (where some games will be shown on One) and Saturday nights (no TV, but a big crowd will show up).

It makes it even worse when Carfino is doing his best to put everyone to sleep, which is fine if you want a Sunday afternoon nap.

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

Yep...agree 100%

I know the why we have them but i bloody hate em. How many casual fans (if theres any left)would like to spend a nice sunny summers arvo inside watching bball. Sunday Arvo wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt barely after noon, 1.30 tip offs dont leave much time for anythin else for some famlies. Pushin tip off back to 3.30 would be better. But Saturday night is the best option by far.

Its so annoying that its only because the tv deal that we have these games when you look at the crap thats on tv Saturday nights on One...Back to back MASH this week, yea baby!

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Years ago

Couldnt agree more, used to love goig to a game fri/sat and straight out for a night out. Unless the game is a TV game, easy schedule change and no brainer.

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Years ago

I love the Sunday game. I'm usually busy with social events on Friday and Saturday nights, so the Sunday game is my ideal time slot. I've only been to one Friday night game, and the rest have been Sundays.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Clue : Its not just Sunday games, please have a look at the 6'ers win / loss record against teams not called Wildcats.

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Years ago

While I do agree, I also recall many calls on here during the last few season's for more Sunday games and less Friday or Saturday night games. Fridays because of junior clashes, Saturday's because people generally go out then. Yet now everyone seems to be calling for less Sunday games.

I guess everyone has their reasons so I'm not going to sit here and be critical of people.

IMO a big problem for Sunday crowds is the 2pm telecast on 10. While I applaud 10 for showing the NBL on a Sunday arvo rather than the 10:30pm replay we got in the past few years, I'd say that the way the 36ers are playing is seeing a lot of people waiting an hour after the game starts to watch it on the box rather than spend their money on tickets.

Maybe 10 could show the replay in the city where the game is being played later in the day, like at say 4pm rather than at 2 on a Sunday? At least then it might help some people decide to go rather than stay home. And it gives those who were at the game a chance to get home in time to watch the replay if they wish to.

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Years ago

Obviously none of you guys takes their young kids to the game then! :-)

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Years ago

Prefer Sunday games to Saturday games, especially at this time of year.

Fridays are also good, though I'm sure others have their issues with games on that night.

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Years ago

I hate Sunday games are rarely go. I like a few beers and just cant do that on Sunday with work the next day. There will never be a time slot that suits everyone bud Sunday's do not interest me at all.

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Years ago

People might think this is worse, but what happened to Wednesday games? And Thursday but pretty sure that was just NZ.

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Years ago

Totally agree! Sunday games are harder to get to, as often families have other commitments. Friday and Saturday nights are much better!

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Years ago

so you don't want Sunday games but you do want Live FTA TV, which the broadcaster only says they will do on Sunday.

Cmon guys, for years you guys on here have been saying that FTA is the saviour of the NBL....

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

HO, you don't agree that 36ers crowds have dropped off significantly BECAUSE of Sunday afternoon games? Or that the lack of atmosphere has anything to do with playing in the middle of the day?

Im not disputing your fact about the FTA deal - Unfortunately, this is a done deal and if we want FTA coverage, the NBL needs to play ball with the networks. Foxtel did it to the NBL with Wednesday night games too.

BUT - I dont see why the league cant spread the number of teams playing on sundays a bit. How many Cairns, NZ, Sydney or Wollongong home games have been played on Sunday? I can only recall seeing Adelaide and Melbourne, with just one Townsville game so far.

(Perth obviously cant have Sunday games because their tip-off time would be 11am). But there should be a spread so the ALL teams can help satisfy Channel 10's demands - not just Adelaide who are suffering because of it.

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Years ago

Here's an idea, have games Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday...

Easily solved!

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Years ago


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Years ago

Wildcat Fan, its not whether I agree or not about Sunday afternoon Sixers games. That is something that can be easily discovered and confirmed.

For years people were saying here that the league needed FTA to survive and then grow. Now the league has it, and the evidence is that it is not making the league survive and grow.

The view was generally that if people see the product on TV then they know its a big deal and will buy a ticket, follow the team etc.

So are people now changing their view and saying that the league will survive and grow with FTA only if the games are telecast on Friday and Sunday?

Here is what FTA has done. Its put 800k a year or whatever into the coffers of the NBL. Enough to allow them to do some nice things and do them a little better, but not enough for them to make a difference to the economic life of every club - and that includes crowds.

And yes, the deal has prejudiced the fixture and I think disadvantaged crowd numbers, but not to the extent that the Sixers have fallen. The whole club needs to take some responsibility for that.

My point mate is about the fans and punters here, who cannot make up their minds about what they think is MOST important for the team or the league.

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Years ago

FTA has helped the NBL increase TV viewer and crowds but it isnt a magic bullet.

I agree with HO, Adelaide has to take responsibility for its crowds. Tigers got over 5000 to Sunday games on TV, Sydney got 4700, Cairns and Wollongong have both got over 4000 on Sunday, even Adelaide got 4700 to one Sunday game.

The 36ers have no one to blame but themselves for recent poor crowd numbers.

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Years ago

The crowd was small on Sunday in Adelaide, but I thought the atmosphere was fine. People still made noise.

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Years ago

Being a tigers man I have been to a couple of Sunday games this season and for the tigers I think the venue has a lot to do with it.

The Sunday games at Hisense have been ok and have pulled better crowds than the Friday night games there. my cousin has taken her son to the Sunday afternoon games as it is better for the Family.

At the Cage however, Sunday games are a nightmare. As much as the tigers like to say there is public transport to get there it is a painful experience. This forces many people to drive, however, the cage basically shares the carpark with the Melbourne zoo (unless you get there super early to get parks at the cage itself). Parking at the zoo carpark is fine for the night games, however the game against Wollongong on 25/11 was a great day outside in Melbourne so the zoo was packed with people already. I had to park roughly 15 minute walk away from the cage. Not good for lots of people.

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