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All NBL Worst Team

We know there's the NBL 1st team named at the end of the season, who is the NBL worst team, development players not allowed to be selected, only players contracted in the 10.

5 - Pero Vasiljevic
4 - Ben Allen
3 - Tommy Greer
2 - Daniel Joyce
1 - Nate Tomlinson

Coach - Chris Anstey (Marty his assistant)

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Clapped Out Hack  
Years ago

Wish I could have even dreamed of making this list!

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Years ago

Agree with all those players gazed, others to throw in mix are dan Jackson, Trueman, Leon Henry, Kerry Williams, Hinder, Lucas walker, bennie Lewis, Kevin white, Luke Martin.

All others are pretty good.

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Years ago

Melb are interesting, they have some guns in Flynn Goulding Scott balls burston but most others are duds haha. Just need to keep that group together but improve bench.

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Years ago

burston is far from a gun. in fact he wouldnt be close to being on the worst list

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Years ago

Cedar brothers would have to have a bench spot. Schensher a month ago would have been on there but he seems to be tidying it up a bit of late.

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Years ago

cam tovey?

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Years ago

kerry williams

Been terrible this season

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Years ago

Throw in the Cedar brothers in the mix too

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Years ago

I wouldnt add Walker to that list. yes he is a bit unco sometimes, but he has some natural abilities that others only dream of, so can be usefull at times. otherwise i wouldnt argue anyone else on this list

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Years ago

Waker isn't even close to bring on that list. I take it you haven't seen him play this season hound?

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Years ago

Burston is a dud, but at least he rebounds, thats why i had him ahead of Allen. If he were 5 inches shorter he'd be about as good as an A grade domestic player.

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Years ago

Leon Henry is far from being the worst also. He does well in limited minutes.
Walkers biggest problem isn't his ability, it's that he's a giant douche with no self control.

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Years ago

Well said mystro, walker is athletic but he's arrogant and gets limited minutes for a reason.

He's close to 30yo, you'd think he had of matured by now...

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Nike Al  
Years ago

Crosswell, Ceder bros, tovey benny Lewis, Pero, trueman, Kerry Williams, Tomlinson and tommy Greer the coach would have to be Marty Clarke

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Years ago

Crosswell? You should read a little more 36reasons.

I'd have tovey as captain as he has the most court time and is currently a starter

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Years ago

Allen, Michael Ceder, Crosswell, Tomlinson, Dann

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Years ago

Think you got it wrong in relation to Kevin White other wise your pretty close to the mark

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Alot of these guys have the physical tools but lack the basketball IQ to take it to the next level.

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Years ago

who are the All NBL Team Worst STARTERS?

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Years ago

LOL Burston is a scrub. I'd pick Walker over Burston any day of the week.

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Years ago

Graeme Dann in there surely?

Daniel Jackson & Leon Henry honourable mentions.

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Years ago

C - Burston
PF - Walker
SF - Greer
SG - Lewis
PG - Tomlinson

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Years ago

Lewis: Simply for the fact that he somehow has an AMERICAN ACCENT. Nice try buddy......

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Years ago

His father is American and was in fact a gun import in the NBL.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I would add Zac Delany, however I am not 100% sure whether he is a development player or not.

He has been with the team 4 years, can he still be considered a DP?

Provided Delany is not a DP, mine would be :

@ the 1) Zac Delaney (I apologise to all PGs on Planet Earth for listing Zac a PG). Followed closely by Crosswell.

@ the 2) Everard Bartlett. What a shame Drew Williamson isn't in the league or this would have been an easy decision.

@ the 3) Benny Lewis. They guy can jump, the guy can attempt to jig like a Homey, thats about it on a basketball court.

@ the 4) Ben Allen.

@ the 5) Russell Hinder.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I think Tovey gets bagged out a lot.

Although I agree statistical output / minute he is probably the worst starter in the league and one of the worst overall.

However there are those who believe his value to the C@ts transcends stats.

I can see SOME of what he brings to the team BUT I eel his defensive and rebounding prowess is outweighed by the fact that the C@ts play 4 on 5 @ the offensive end as he is ZERO threat.

He HAS a role no doubt.

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Years ago

edwards, hudson,hurdle, abney and massingale (yes i know the last two dont play anymore)
weigh, rush, lewis, tovey(captain), dann.
pero, tomlinson, danieljoyce, hinder and crosswell
Shows how weak the league has become that these guys have jobs

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Anon'278...the problem with your 'OVER RATED AUSSIES' list is that Weigh is the only one in that list that is 'rated'.

You can't over-rate Crosswell when he is rated as low as he is...

I would have thought Hurdle would be one of the better import finds in this league, especially if you believe the amount of money is is getting?

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Years ago

you always need some glue guys like Boucher to do the dirt that doesn't show up in the stat sheets but is Tovey that guy?

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Years ago

Tovey is very valuable defensively and on the boards. Not fashionable with many fans but essential. Hurdle and Hudson have both played their roles well this season.

I would have had Trueman in there at the start of the season but he has proven myself and many others wrong so far this season. Anyone saying Walker is still watching tapes from previous seasons.

Not too many true duds in an eight team league but Tomlinson, Williams, M Cedar, Vasiljevic and Allen stand out to me as the worst quintet.

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Years ago

1. Luke Martin
2. Tyson Demos
3. Tommy Greer
4. Cam Tovey
5. Ben Allen

B1 Nathan Crosswell
B2 Michael Cedar
B3 Bennie Lewis
B4 Graham Dahn
B5 Matthew Burston

This list excludes development players, newer players to professional basketball and/or the league, and guys who get so few minutes they aren't worth the mention e.g. Nate Tomlinson, Pero Vasiljevic.

Leon Henry would do well with more minutes; Lucas Walker would have been my captain for this team last season, but has dramatically improved his game since then.

Brad Robbins would have been an All-Star on my 'dud list' had he not retired!

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Years ago

#55 for Woolongong.

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Years ago

1. Luke Martin

12 games, 0.5ppg @ 7.7% FG (1/13), 0% 3p (0/9)

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Years ago

What's Nathan Crosswell done to deserve being on an All NBL Worst Team? Often this season the 36ers have done better on the court while he's out there than when he's been on the bench. Sure, he's no spring chicken and no one expects him to be averaging 20+ ppg. Doesn't make him a bad player though.

My first choice player would be Ben Allen, for obvious reasons. After that I can honestly say I'm not sure other than having Marty Clarke as coach and Radford as his assistant.

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Years ago

Pretty much any sixers team for the last three seasons

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Years ago

That alien Crosswell needs to be starting on this team. He really doesn't even deserve a spot in one of my many pickup games down at the park on Sundays

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

Bit harsh on Pero, he hasn't played any minutes!!

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Years ago



(well when you have Marty Clarke coaching anyway)

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Years ago

pero has played minutes. About 2 of them in total.

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Years ago

As of last night, Marty has been promoted to Coach!

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