Years ago

Caretaker Coach

If I was Daryl Simmons.......I be choosing Al Green as coach with McKay and Maher as his assistants.

I doubt Phil will come back to Sixers
Brendon' Joyce or Trevour Gleeson or Guy Molloy for next season.

Your thoughts........

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Years ago

Al Green? Phil? CRazy

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Years ago

If I'm right anonymous,then you can stand opposite the scorebench with bag on your head!

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Years ago

Anyone. Pick someone out of a hat.

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Years ago

Al Green, Mark Davis, Rupert Sapwell, Brett Maher as interim for this season, then find someone permanent in the off season.

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Years ago

Did I hear someone say Joyce you nutter don't you know his history

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Years ago

Trevor Gleeson to coach, Rohan Short his Assistant.

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Years ago

Isaac: Anyone. Pick someone out of a hat.

Call of the night!

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Years ago

Make no mistake Quincy that when you are wrong do the same.

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Years ago

I've been coached under Al Green and Mark Davis: great guys, good coaches, but to suggest they should be given the reins to a professional basketball team is unbelievable... surely taking the piss?

Isn't Rupert Sapwell coaching U12 Boys at Centrals? Us fans are the ones throwing up the temper tantrums, not the 36er players.

If we're throwing out random celebrity names to coach the 6ers: I suggest Reece Mastin.

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Years ago

kb doing good things up at starplex
rupert sapwell

Adds more truth to the rumour guy molloy might be approached that i thought i read in a previous thread.

good luck to whoever it is. I have been a volunteer for 13 seasons and i havent seen the team this bad.

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Years ago

Molloy is supposed to be staying in melbourne.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


Theres no need to make a rash decision.

A new coach will not turn this season around now.

Let Marty finish off the year (as per the Contract), then re-assess at the end of the year if he is still suitable for the team.

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Years ago

Marcus if what you have been doing for the past few weeks is a joke it is both funny and well executed.

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Either trolling or his a friend or relative of Martys. Only two things that make sense.

Otherwise if his legitimately a fan and cannot see teh benefit of a new coach then thats sad.

Im not one that goes calling for coaches heads normally, but this is the most clear cut case i've ever witnessed in sports in Adelaide!

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Years ago

Marcus is just a troll.

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Years ago

Yes, a troll. The writing style makes me suspect another Hoops poster as being behind it.

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Years ago

Clarke needs to be gone now with his ranger mate before the sixers become more of a laughing stock and crowds dwindle to abl type crowds !
Maher should be approached ASAP to finish season and they should start the search now for a new coach .... Forget all the has beens like Joyce or molloy as we all know that will end bad... Search for a college coach or euro coach that knows how to teach team ball and has more than one game style .... If the sixes are to excite like previous eras then they need a new fresh approach, not another has been looking for quick bucks and no true passion!

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I'm not being funny mate...

If the club can't afford to pay him out plus another coach, let Marty serve out his term and then re-asses.

If he is not what the Sixers need next season, then both parties can part amicably.

To sack him now just makes it harder cash wise next season.

Whats the benefit, the 'Sack Marty' threads will just be replaced with 'Sack Brett' or 'Sack Phil' or 'Sack Joey' next week.

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Years ago

Youve got no iidea MC. You're insulting.

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Years ago

Marcus - letting Marty go now and paying out the agreed amount is also 'in accordance with the contract'.

Contracts often comtemplate what the parties might want to do if things aren't turning out how everyone expected them to at the start of the contract term. You know, kind of like when you are in year 3 of a 3 year plan, have a great roster, and lose 9 games in a row.

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Years ago

Not so Marcus.

There comes a point where the increase in tickets sold in support of a new coach and renewal of season tickets would he greater than the coach change over figure.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I am truly curious as to how many people long longer attend Sixers games simply because of the coach. At a guess I'd make it possibly 75-100 (too conservative?).

So with 5 home games left, and saying those 100 people attend games, at $30 a pop, the club might see $15000.

Not likely to be the type of money that would be attractive enough to get a reputable interstate based coach for two and a bit months worth of work I would have thought.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

*no longer!!!!!!!* (tired and frustrated!!!)

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Years ago

Incompetence has been running our club for far too long. The utter crap we've had dished up game after game, year after year is taking its toll. From not spelling players names on contracts, failing to get Newley, Ingles, Madgen, watching players leave because they're sick of getting paid pennies, watching great talent become stunted, watching players confused as to what the hell they're doing on offense, watching players not give a f**k about defense.

There will be legitimate joy when Marty Clarke and Radford are shown the door, the last three seasons under them has been the most poisonous of all.

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Years ago

@KET - This is the most pertinent sentence IMO, "watching great talent become stunted" - I was actually somewhat excited about our roster this season. Silly me, we are a "new" lineup, and we are only adjusting ;-)

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Years ago

I think if a new coach comes in, has them playing a better/different style of game and maybe even win a few i reckon you could see the crowd grow to 5-6 thousand, where if it just stays the same they will get 3-4 thousand,

so potentially a 2000 fans difference, 2,000 fans per game x by $30 a ticket x by 5 games is $300,000 now that would pay for a new coach easily,

not guaranteed but a winning team can see crowds grow quickly in adelaide, i reckon when we have had winning teams our crowds would average around 6,000

i use phils last season as an example once Hodge came along, crowds were very average then Hodge came in and they were getting near sell outs, i know a new coach is different but i reckon a Smyth or Maher coaching would have a similar impact on crowd numbers.

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Years ago

Omg. Joey wright will take over

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Years ago

I'll throw $20 out my own pocket to help sack and payout the contract of Marty and get an interim to finish off the season.

Anyone else want to chip in?

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Years ago

Rupert Sapwell woud be a great coach, teaching? at Trinity College who own Starplex,thus the Centrals connection, but did a good job with Norwood , has the knowledge of what it takes to win and is a good communicator.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I've got a John Flynn to give, but Mr David Unaipon says Hi if he's needed.

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Years ago

Id be willing to give a successful ABL coach a go. Go to someone with experience who can come in and mix things up as well as be budget for the rest of the season.

I don't care if we continue losing so long as I don't have to watch a talented team continue loosing because of the coach. If the ABL or otherwise untested NBL coach excels then keep him for 1 season if not start a fresh next season. Other than that I will take the job for $500 a game..have to cover my work loses :)

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Years ago

CJ Massingale to take over as coach.

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Different angle  
Years ago

Jan Stirling - make her an offer to good to refuse.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Different Angle, a very good suggestion.

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shin splints  
Years ago

Someone like Sapwell, Maher, Brooks etc have too much to lose by taking over now. If they end up 3-9 at seasons end then they have effectively 'blown' their chance of a head coaching job in the future. Given the fragile mental state of the Sixers, it would be tough to even finish the season with a respectable record for the balance of the season. Interim coaches are rarely hired long term, and often are career assistant coaches who are thrust into the interim role. Unfortunately in Adelaide's case, this is not an option.

And a seasoned coach, like a Gleeson or Stacker etc will want a multi-year deal (think Lakers coaching change with Mike D) to take over mid season. Probably something to which the Sixers management will not want want to commit until they have a clearer vision of the future.

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Years ago

If there is concern about the cash payout then get someone to volunteer to coach. I'm sure there would be no shortage of posters here who would be willing to have a go...and do a better job.

Keep Marty on board to avoid any potential contract issues so he can see out the season. To make use of his talents I say give him the role of Chief Excel Spreadsheet Manager so he can keep track of the players minutes.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


"Incompetence has been running our club for far too long."

Your beef then is with the administration, Marty is our Head Coach not CEO, not MD.

"From not spelling players names on contracts"

Yes...Marty writes up the contracts too, what a terrible Solicitor he is?

"failing to get Newley, Ingles, Madgen"

You mean ADL can afford to match the salaries that Newls and Jingles are on now? Why have you guys been holding out for so long?

"watching players not give a f**k about defense"

You signed DJ knowing his penchant for poor D, you take the good with the bad.

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Years ago

Marty has no doubt done his best for the club. Has probably been under pressure since the end of his first year. Results haven't come.

I actually dont entirely blame Marty for his lack of media and P.R skills. Would of been a difficult adjustment coming from A.I.S. Club should of been more mindful of this, IMO. Especially when it became apparent during season.

If marty is replaced, i would like to see fans actually wish him well. He would be hurting as much as anyone by this. I know there is genuine dislike for Clarke, as a coach, but its not like it was ever his intention to be in this current state.

I am supportive of the change, like most. Really is not going well atm. But bare in mind, it is a persons job after all. Could really hurt his future aspirations.

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Years ago

Agree with isaac in another post that Marty would have stepped aside by now & to save face just said openly he can't do this job. Unless he has [compromising photos of owners]? Seriously, why has nothing been done?

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Old Timer  
Years ago

why has nothing be done about post from 'Orbit'.

Owners, photos etc...


I bet you wouldn't have the courage to actually have a conversation with Marty about anything would you.

Easier to snipe on here....

Extremely poor site when this rubbish is acceptable..

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Years ago

Anon 636, well said. I am sure he has done his best but it just hasnt worked out, sometimes that happens. People seem to take the club's decision not to replace him out on Clarke himself. All he's tried to do is his job.

I too favour a change, the club needs to salvage something from this season and it might be a good chance to trial a coach, just as Sydney did with Heal and they ended up with a good one.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Yeah thanks paul. Formely anon. Lol.

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Years ago

No need to change anyone. Clarke is out of contract at seasons end. Season is a bust move on try and get it right this time please. It's been a long time since a good season for the Sixers.
Jan Striling? Why not Tom Maher. Equally succesful. Maher more so.

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Years ago

Old Timer - i cant be bothered explaining it 2 u...

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Years ago

Tom Maher has won a worlds Gold. Jan has.

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Old Timer  
Years ago

inexplainable perhaps Orbit..

Would be really interested to hear about the conversations you have had with Marty over it..

I am sure you would really understand his perspective before bagging him on here all the time..

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Years ago

To Old Timer...

Marty spent his first two years here pissing the fans off with his attitude in interviews and general air of disdain to the fans. Bit late for people close to him to ask for understanding now. He's reaped what he sowed.

Maybe if he actually gave the PR side of things some thought people would feel sorry for him. But he didn’t and they don’t.

Best of luck to him for whatever he does next, but he needs to go. Seeing him coach this group to endless losses makes me sick and he is draining all passion for the club for the fans who are left.

Definitely the worst 36ers coach in history results wise and for the health of the club.

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Years ago

Is Old Timer alias Marcus Camby?

R U serious mate? His side of the story?

HIS teams hand picked, HIS coaching style with no interference & HE has a very talented roster which will prob finish wooden spooners!

He got photos of u also?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In part , where we gonna train , Unley High School ,
before you can hire a new coach , for next season.
On SOS minds.

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