NBL kings
Years ago

A simple way to get NBL bigger

honestly, if NBL just did this, the ratings on the t.v games would skyrocket, because there just isnt enough ads.
all the NBL needs to help boost fans watching the games is simple.

One Awesome, adrenaline pumping, motavation T.V Commercial.
seriously, i mean a 30 second ad shown a couple times a day on One and Ten.

*players walking onto court, slow motion with music staring up.
* shot of huge mexican wave at perth game.
* ben madgens 3/4 court shot, and then the music drops.
and then just the best dunks from the season, awesome shots, and just make the ad get everyones attention.

And then a title comes up that says

Its sounds stupid and childish, but think about it, if they got a good editor, awesome higlights and made it well, it would be huge.

it would be alot better than the little, or no ads currently on t.v

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Years ago

Lol. I admire your innocence. While obviously good adds do make a difference, it will take more then that to make the game huge.

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NBL kings  
Years ago

madgen shot:

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NBL kings  
Years ago

I dont mean it would magically, make the league big, i simply mean it would accually get peoples attention, and show them that the games are on t.v
the way the people at nbl do marketing could be improved.

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Years ago

On a totally un-related note.. I forgot how bare the Kings jersey was a few years ago. They've managed to get a heap of sponsorship since they've re-entered the league.

Credit where credit is due!

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Years ago

Lol clueless OP
this one shits on madgen
if only he got the +1

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Years ago

Totally agree with your idea, why bother having the league on fta tv and the only one's that know about it are the diehard followers, perhaps the NBL marketing department is made up of non-paid positions thus they only do the bare minimum!

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Years ago


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Years ago

How about instead of just showing shots of the Melbourne Tigers and Sydney Kings like they always do, they gather the ACTUAL most exciting highlight plays from the past season for their ads?

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Years ago

This is a good idea, but it's pointless if the actual TV product Ten produces remains crap. They need to sell the overall product not just have each game like a cheaply done standalone product. A few simple things like:

- highlights in the pre-game not just talking
- show highlights from other games at half time, not just the presenters faces as per pre-game
- replay good plays a number of times during the game, dont just replay fouls

This last point is the most pertinent to changing the rep of the NBL with casuals. So many plays, ranging from 'nice' to 'wow' happen and are never replayed again or receive a 0.5 second replay at half time when people are doing something else and that's it.

Between the NBL and Ten (and Fox before them) they do a great job of neglecting the best bits of the league.

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Years ago

Paul is right on the money.

I have heard the comment "you need a basketball mind to be organising the replays", but it doesn't take a hoops connoisseur to know which plays make you go "wow" and which plays make you go "okay that ref blew a whistle".

There are so many great plays that you just never see ever again, not only during the live telecast, but EVER again, in highlights packages and recaps etc.

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Years ago

Couldn't agree more, marketing of the game is the most important issue with its oveall development.
Lots of great stuff, people need to see it. Not just NBL's responsibility, clubs need to market their team and their players. Perth do and look how they are doing. The rest of the league and the NBL need to take notice, AND DO SOMETHING.

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Years ago

"innocence" - lovely word for it, well put H.

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Years ago


"Not just NBL's responsibility, clubs need to market their team and their players. Perth do and look how they are doing. The rest of the league and the NBL need to take notice, AND DO SOMETHING."


An intelligent guess from you on the cost of getting the word out to the uninitiated would be nice (entertaining).

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Years ago

There are many online platforms that other businesses succesfully use to "get the word out" that are entirely free to use.

The only resource required is time and commitment to quality content.

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Years ago

Its marketing 101. its the first thing the league should be doing

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Years ago

Sadly they dont even take advantage of offers to do it for free.

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Years ago

Advertise a highlights video on YouTube. Advertising on YouTube isn't very expensive.

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Years ago

Fackbook, Twitter, youtube, all very wide reaching, cheap and effective marketing tools. You just need someone dedicated to keeping them active and interesting.

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NBL kings  
Years ago

instead of just uploading "it goes off" to their youtube channel, they should upload a play of the day or something

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Years ago

Agree with you there NBL Kings.

If all they are going to do is upload "It Goes Off" then they should just switch it off because its just plain amateurish and I can't understand why people at NBL think this podcast actually creates any real interest.

I personally don't think there is any simple answer to make the NBL bigger.

Almost needs a shutdown like the A-League and a complete rebuild but I can't see that happening either.

There's a lot of things not right with the NBL at the moment but just using Facebook & Twitter & Youtube will not fix these problems.

The lack of Corporate support has more than anything to do with what we are seeing - trying to run the NBL on a shoe-string budget is just not working.

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Years ago

Most organisations approach social media in the same way that a motorist might approach the sea when they encounter it for the first time. Their first instinct is to work out how to make their car drive across the water. And when someone shows them a boat, their reaction will be "where's the wheels on that then?"

Most attempts at social media currently are floating cars - i.e. traditional campaigns and approaches with crude adjustments to try and make them float.

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Years ago

we have it sweet over here in NZ.
live games, 30min highlight packages, delayed games (36ers Vs Kings tonight), replays of the games, replays of the highlights, Adverts for Breakers games on Sky.

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