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Should 6ers make another import change?

Clearly Christopherson isn't up to the NBL level, and has proven not to be what the 6ers need to gain the final playoff spot in a mini open field. He must be on peanuts, does he have some kind of option in his contract regarding to probation? Radford got this call wrong and yet another move needs to be made. The 36ers are so close to being legit even with the inferior coaching. If the hawks new import is even remotely legit that'll lead to more egg on the SOS face.

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Years ago

No point. Seasons shot and Clarke is terrible at picking then utilizing import talent. Might as well play Tom daly.

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Years ago

Not sure if its a good thing or not, but my point in writing this topic is that the season definitely is not shot... How it isn't is beyond me BUT with one solid import purchased on a budget, would make all the difference with the existing roster. Radford and Clarke have take some responsibity for these consistent poor import choices. A decision almost has to be made from above them.

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

No point making an import change... the coaches are simply too stubborn/arrogant/ignorant and would simply use him as a bench/reserve anyway. Even if he was a gun, he would have to sit and waste his talent on the bench in a system clearly not meant for the individual talent.

I fear that even if we had a player like Jackson, or Ervin, they would be stifled in our offensive system.

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Years ago

Not much point changing the import as Massingale was a solid player who wasn't utilised properly, so I don't think a new import would be any different. Clarke has a way of taking great players and turning them into mediocre ones in the NBL, based on his team plays.

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Years ago

Also a budget issue..

But I agree with giving Daly more minutes. He showed last week he's ready. Very poised, I was impressed!

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Years ago

Season is history - no point changing anything at this stage. Only question will be how close to last we land again.

We'll do the same thing we've done for the last 3 years; write the year off and try and keep some key players to build another team around next year.

And yes, that should start with a new coach.

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Years ago

Make Gibbo play shooting guard, bring in Homicide = instant contenders.

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Years ago

Have to go 9-1 or better I think to make finals. Can't see it happening now.

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Years ago

Season is dead, love for them to get a better import, just for better viewing, but dont see it happening or it getting us into the playoffs.

Id personally let SC go, dont see the point in keeping him and give his spot/minutes to Daly and another SA guy, maybe Burdon who is doing well in SEABL and seemed well liked by the fans, etc when he was a in the squad in the past, also probably made more shots than SC in his NBL career, so would be an upgrade imo, or the current development players could get some minutes.

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The Journo  
Years ago

Would Christopherson even be a force at ABL level?
Somehow I think not!

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Years ago

Guess you guys are right season is probably at a point where investing more financially is dead money. Has there been a 36ers season that has been so wasted.... Shame on the coaching staff for making literally no change in their approach to the style of play they expect. Wreaks of arrogance, and from what i keep hearing its more Radford's doing than Clarke.

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Years ago

Exactly, thats why i reckon cut him and give the spot to Burdon or a SA guy ie. 36ers development player, if Burdon isnt interested, i reckon all would be better or atleast not worse.

Burdon gives us a good 3pt shooter, and shoots at a much better rate at NBL level. His NBL stats are basically the same/better than SC in much less opportunity, Burdon didnt average over 20 mins per game in the NBL. Also Averaged 18ppg at SEABL level in 2012 and shot at a good clip. Plus another local player on the roster which fans love.

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Why are they not playing Gibson and Croswell together more? Adelaide look better with Crosswell on the floor, yeah I know sounds dumb but watch the team play when he is the PG.

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Years ago

Get the kid the ball and let him show what he can do, put him on without croswell so he actually gets the ball when he's open. Defence doesn't even have to respect croswell he cann't shoot and turns it over, put him on with gibson or cadee and run some plays for him

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Years ago

I dont agree with the sacking of massingale but once that was done they should have offered the spot to Burdon rather than get this import who is clearly not up to it, not even close.

Burdon would have meant money saved on travel etc etc and not missed however many games it was waiting for a visa.

I still think there is merit in getting Burdon in now for SC. While this season is gone it will give the club a heads up to see if Burdon is able to hold down a bench spot for next year.

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Years ago

Exactly, i reckon Burdon could easliy hold a Ng type role for a few years off the bench.

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Years ago

Imports under Marty Clarke:

Craig Winder
Troy DeVries
Eddie Shannon
Ron Howard
John Williamson
Chris Warren
Diamon Simpson
CJ Massingale
Scott Christopherson

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Is SC THAT bad ?

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Years ago

I think Christopherson is a decent penetrate and pitch player, but unfortunately he always seems to be on with Crosswell who isnt a shooter so it doesnt lead to anything.

SC can defend, rebound, handle and pass at a reasonable level, but like Massingale his most important job is to hit shots and he hasnt been able to do it, between them theyve shot 6-of-26 from long range!!

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Triton 95  
Years ago

SC can pass, he passes it to the opposition.

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Years ago

SC's job is to shoot though, it is why he was recruited. Burdon would have done a better job of it and saved the club money, id still bring him in as an upgrade, give someone for the fans to cheer on, SC is a frustrating player to watch imo, not all his fault, but not a NBL level import.

Most of Martys imports have been decent if they were used properly, imo even CJ could have been ok. The problem is imports have been selected to do a job they are not suited to, eg Winder at PG, and then Clarke didnt adjust his role, he could have been a good sg/sf imo. Most imports under Clarke have a similar story unfortunatly, would love to see them get given a go under a decent coach who used them properly.

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

why would Burdon get more shots than SC? Do you think that he would get plays run for him more than a guy who is being paid more money to do so would? really???
Love the Passion, but seriously, a bit more thinking might be required on this forum.

Why not give Doyle a crack? bring back Matty Sutton... Maybe we get potsy back on the team, Jason williams might be available. Heck, queue the customary Adelaide call for Willie Farley to be back. LOL

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Years ago

Hey that championship season with Farley was only 11 years ago!

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Years ago

Well last game SC had a few shots he missed, and a few other times he could have taken a shot but decided to drive and dish instead, some of them being turnovers. Which is why i found him frustrating to watch, just wished he jacked up a few more shots, even if half missed.

I reckon there are easily an axtra 5 decent perimiter shots per game SC could have taken available for him or someone like Burdon, easily gives you around 5 decent shots a game, if Burdon even make 2/5 thats better than SC is doing, thats acheivable imo, and if they start making them then more looks will be given to them aswell.

Plenty of oportuntity for a decent shooter to score atleast 10 ppg imo if they can hit at a decent clip, especially when you consider Crosswell and Cadee are being forced to take a few shots due to SC penetrating, the roles need to be reversed, some of that falls on SC for not shooting some of the looks he gets.

Suggesting Burdon is not rediculous like bringing an older guy in, i think he is still under 30 years old and still scoring 18ppg in the SEABL, and has the skill set required, ie a good outside shot. Sutton also wouldnt be rediculous but hasnt got the outside shot. So in no way suggesting Burdon is the same as Bauer or Williams who are both no longer playing ABA/SEABL.

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Years ago

Should have just got Jazz Fergusonto play PG.

Things have really gone bad since Massingale left (1-10!). I guess Marty was looking after his mates and the obvious guy to get rid of was CJ.

At least Massingale was starting to get to the free throw line a lot and was automatic once there. Cadee isnt half the player CJ is.

People might call CJ slow but he cant be that bad as the Perth defence couldnt stop him.

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Years ago

Craig Winder - potentially decent, wrong role
Troy DeVries - decent, got injured
Eddie Shannon - not bad
Ron Howard - potential, but who knows what wrecked that
John Williamson - great from all accounts, but got injured
Chris Warren - flawed, but not Glover-level bad
Diamon Simpson - decent, system incompatible with him
CJ Massingale - had made some progress, not horrible as a minimum salary guy
Scott Christopherson - haven't seen anything brilliant from him

I'd be putting more on Clarke than just on his selection of imports. Only Christopherson has been consistently poor, IMO. All others showed signs at the very least.

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Years ago

Most teams will go at SC in the post as he lacks body strength/size to guard most SG/SF types in the NBL.

Abercrombie posted him up easy....expect others to follow suit...he can't hold anyone of the block and gets rag dolled.

id expect he'll last the season but that said would love to see Daly get more mins and get rid of SC......then just bring in a young SA kid to train etc

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Years ago

I didn't think Winder showed much or Howard for that matter and Williamson's 'hype' was purely in practice, never even played a pre-season game.

I agree though that Christopherson has been the worst of the lot.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

Heres my take

John Gilchrist - Would have been very good
Craig Winder - Promising early but then lack of experience showed
Troy DeVries - Not as an import
Eddie Shannon - Admirable qualities but not what we needed
Ron Howard - Too inconsistent
John Williamson - hard to say , looked good from what I saw before he went down
Chris Warren - Liked him alot but inconsistent ( if only our home games were played at the cage ! )
Diamon Simpson - Worst Free throw Shooter ever but could rebound and run the floor
CJ Massingale - Maybe if he was given a go early years but struggled with nerves and shooting
Scott Christopherson - Nice stroke but similiar to devries IMO so not as an import.

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Years ago

No way they do it now. He's hardly been impressive but we haven't really seen him get setup for a few good open threes in a game (a major issue with Clarke's teams by the way when you consider guys like Ng and Weigh). Christopherson is 2/5 in his last few games from outside (after going 0/4 in his debut).

His major problem is he looks awful everytime he puts the ball on the floor. Despite his low output, the team has actually been better with him on the floor, especially with Cadee/Crosswell at the 1, Christopherson at the 2 and Gibson at the 3.

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Years ago

I'm not saying decent as in KB and Darnell, I'm looking at the "average" benchmark being guys like Lazare, Edwards, Hudson, Hurdle, etc. Guys who haven't been exceptional, but haven't been abysmal or sacked. If Warren was at the Hawks in place of Hurdle, I think he'd do fine. In Adelaide, we needed too much and/or players are having to overcome the coaching to succeed.

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Years ago

My thoughts

Craig Winder - low basketball IQ, shoot-first point. Not the right fit
Tony DeVries- solid early but hampered by injury
Eddie Shannon - good oncourt leader but too short and too streaky with his shot
Ron Howard - had 20pts straight off the plane. Had game but probably not the right fit. Then got hurt.
John Williamson - we'll never know
Chris Warren - doomed to fail from day 1. Showed glimpses offensively with some electric drives to the basket and some good shooting nights (mainly vs Melbourne) but again was not what we needed
Diamon Simpson - Managed to do very well despite the lack of a jump shot. The best import of Clarke's tenure.
CJ Massingale - looked terrible early but did improve with 2 memorable games (Sydney,Perth). Then got cut.
Scott Christopherson - can shoot but again a bad fit

The running themes..............

-Too many guys who didn't fill our real needs and/or weren't as advertised
-Too often going for young, inexperienced guys at the point guard position. Shannon was a veteran but lacked a few of the other necessary requirements.
-Pretty much all "church mouses" when history tells us the most dominant imports have normally been vocal, oncourt leaders.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

I though winder was more of a 2 guard. Should of just cut Devries, and slid winder over when shannon came in. Of course, irrelavent now, but thought winder was a bit harshly dealt.

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Years ago

All the imports are flops except Simpson,he worked hard ,our latest import SC is very fragile can play SBL not NBL level.

No point looking for another player just playout with what we have ...give daly more minutes.Bring NG back for some games ,he was our 3point man last season not signed this year by clarke i really dont understand.

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Years ago

Quickie, it was Ng's decision not to play this season

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Years ago

Agree with Quikie, Simpson has been the only good one. Showed heart, Marty showed him the bench.

Devries was good but played through injury and his game suffered.

Most of the others have been major let downs.

Cannot fault what Massingale delivered though for his wage. Its no coincidence Adelaide are 1-10 since his departure.

All these decisions come back to the coach....Marty

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Years ago

Ng retired, which is why i suggested Burdon to play that same role.

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Years ago

It's unfair to rate imports who have been part of the sixers roster over the last three seasons. This is because generally they were not utilised in the manner appropriate for their game style.

I also struggle to understand the logic behind selecting a player to "come off the bench and knock shots (sc)". Wouldn't everyone be expected to contribute offensively and, at elite level, do so at a high percentage??

Injuries aside, my biggest let down was watching Simpson benched numerous times after scoring and rebounding exactly how any other coach would expect. Resting him? Bugger that, imports are normally paid to help the team win games, can't do that sitting on the pine.

I think you get the point I'm trying to make.

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Years ago

I knew Ng retired,but can use his services in the 3pt land we have struggled in that area of late,I recall ng hit about 3 or 5 ...3pointers in one game ,something we are lacking,SC has struggled since he has been here to get at least get 3x3 pointers.

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Years ago

Nope their season is done and they wil fight with Cairns for the bottom of the ladder.

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Years ago

Devries was always up to it as an import, mis diagnosed by 36er medical team then cut due to the injury. Second opinion in America, injury fixed. Now 4th leading scorer in the Spanish ACB league, enough said there

Kyle miller who played at centrals last year would eat SC for breakfast lunch and dinner

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Years ago

Ng retired because he was offered chump money to play
spot minutes.Have no doubt he would be playing if situation was better. Not one of the "boys"

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I think we are too quick to blame Marty for the things that didn't go right because that negativity is what we like to focus on.

Although he had a big say, I'd imagine that the decisions were made as a collective. He also made good decisions too, like developing DJ, bringing Weigh in, then Cadee, Gibbo, Petrie, Schensh.

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Years ago

MC I think I recall you saying Luke was a marshmellow.
No problem with the ozzy guys Marty has brought in, just the way they are playing. Everyone felt this was a very talented roster. It hasn't measured up. Doesn't matter how you look at it, either the players are very overated or the coaching is sub par, you cant have it both ways.

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Years ago

MC stop being a goose and trying to get people to reply.

He didnt play Massingale despite him starting to find his feet. 1 win from 11 games since that decision WHICH WAS SOLELY MARTY'S. He blamed their poor start on CJ and not his awful coaching.

Everyone knows they got Cadee, Petrie and Gibson ONLY because the Blaze folded.

Developed Johnson??? lol. He has gone backwards this season.

He bought all these good players into a team that is now last placed? Must be the coach who is bad then....check mate.

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Years ago

I do believe that is checkmate MC !

And MC. Do you believe the things you
write? Or do you just do it purely to stir up

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Years ago

Nitpick, but Cadee was coming to Adelaide regardless and before the Blaze fell over. Petrie and Gibson came because GC folded.

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Years ago


You could come up with all the right reasons
why World peace is good for the planet. MC would
have an argument why it isn't.

How annoying is he !?

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Years ago

he does a reasonable job of trolling the Sack Marty threads.

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Years ago

The major issue IMO -seems that players -imports or otherwise are not getting the ball in rhythm in offence and if the offence is disrupted they all look like rabbits in headlights and SC -can shoot but has come into the system late and sometimes not sure about taking the shot and then goes to pass off and has no idea where to find a teammate.

Sixers have stretches where they can't score and turnover the ball so regardless of changing an import you have to have some simple back up high percentage plays that preferably score close to bucket or get someone to the foul line to stop the rot and regain some composure but there is a low success rate with stopping the slides at the moment.

A change of import will not necessarily change that. There are changes required but the team at this point of time is not it. But no point doing the same thing. Increased player rotation -has improved lately and we now need more simple plays run to player strengths. The way NZ got the ball to Corletto and Henry in rhythm and in favoured spots was an example, and it looked even better the moment they hit their shots.

If same results in 2/3 games then certainly there is a case to favour local talent with a view to the future rather than "develop" an import..

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


CJ had 2 good games....that is not 'finding his feet'...granted he could have got a better opportunity to show us his abilities.

No it wasn't 'SOLELY' Marty's,

Marty made a call which was RATIFIED by the Board.

Even the Board came out in support by stating they are going by Marty's recoomendation.

And Marty NEVER blamed CJ for their poor start, that came out of your mouth.

Marty said the following :

Clarke said Adelaide's recent struggles and Massingale's axing were NOT related.

'Massingale had looked good at the pre-season tournament but as the intensity of the season had lifted, he "wasn't physically capable of going (up) with it".'

"CJ showed promise at the pre-season tournament, but the intensity of the game increases throughout the regular season and we have a goal to achieve," Clarke said.

And then finally.

"We were hoping CJ would adjust to the intensity and he did everything he could," Clarke said. "He is an awesome guy."

Marty showed Class right there.

I trust that clarifies that myth about Marty apportioning blame to CJ.

Actually they got Cadee before Blaze folded, and Gibbo and Petrie had options to go elsewhere but liked Marty's program.

DJ has improved the previous 2 years to this one.

This year his stats have not improved, but that does not automatically mean he has regressed.

Rather, he is no longer the focus of the team given Gibbo, Petrie and the emergence of Weigh as a shooter.

I certainly share your frustration at the record, especially when you see the team on paper, however just blaming Marty (and poor Mark Radford) is too simplistic.

I understand in Sport the coach cops it ultimately, but I am hoping these 'most knowledgable' fans can rise above such ubiquitous fair.

Thankfully Daryl Simmons agrees...

"The results aren't there, I understand that. But we're not losing by 30 points every game. We're close."

Asked if Clarke's future hinged on playing finals this season, Simmons said: "(That's) too simple. There's so much more involved."

He said he placed EQUAL BLAME on the playing group and the board.

"There's a lot of arguments that the coaches are the reason for the current performance. I don't wear that, because I put as much responsibility on the team and the board," he said.

And also it sure doesn't help when the fans are turning on the team and booing them at home on National TV.

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Years ago

The club clearly put responsibility for Massingale's axing on Marty to the point that the press release wording was horrendously awkward. I had text messages shortly after from staff at other teams amazed that the situation was so iffy that the club had made a point of saying "his call, not ours."

The underlying message was pretty obviously "we'll let you do this, but you have no excuses in the aftermath now."

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Years ago

Anyone seen Daryl Simmons and Marcus Camby
in the same room?

Their quotes and wording sound very similar.....

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Years ago

Daryl is too decent to act like that. And it's the same reason (besides financial pressure perhaps) that he's been far more supportive of Marty than the results would deserve, IMO.

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Years ago

Check Camby's IP.

I'm 97% sure he's a bot triggered by keywords.

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Years ago

Marcus, give us some personal details about your self, ie:
Your Age
Your Sex
Your occupation
Your education levels
Your hobbies
The suburb you live in
Your marital status
Your family background
Your exposure to basketball
We are all curious about what goes on in your head, maybe this information will help us understand how your brain ticks. After all, its your opinion which differs from everyone elses'.

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Years ago

Simply, the buck stops with the coach. It always has and always will. Rarely will poor performance be able to be excused by surrounding circumstances.

If a CEO of a company only made a profit 30% of the time, he would be turfed out in no time flat. Same for a coach of a team who only win 30% of their games. Particularly where all exterior factors point to favourable conditions for greater success.

That might be harsh, but welcome to stark reality Marcus. Even if you assume everything you say is correct, Marty is still sunk by the numbers. Only a miraculous 12 game winning streak to finish the season has any chance of saving him now.

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Years ago

Hey this was mark radfords and he has never been wrong... So without any stats to prove it scotty is still amazing. End of the day feel sorry for Marty cos that radfords bloke runs his shit! Makes so many subs etc

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Years ago

Well Cadee has played huge minutes and had about 2 good games as well (the same number that CJ had in less games played).

Massingale was released as Marty did not want to point the blame at his mates who failed to deliver in huge minutes(Weigh, DJ, Cadee).

CJ won 2 games for the 36ers when he got minutes (against Kings and Perth). Im not sure any other Adelaide player except Gibson can make that claim.

The decsion to release CJ was soley Marty's and the club supported it. The club basically said OK Marty will will let you do this stupid move but you better win games. They have gone 1-10 ever since. That's why people boo Marty

Reply #400790 | Report this post

Years ago

Personally I think this question should be asked to the 36ers members so that regardless of how 'cooked' the season is... What's going to get people coming to games this season and secondly and most importantly, how are you going to garner interest to get people wanting memberships next year too.

If they got an import that could make a difference then why not, this is a business designed to make your fans happy and turn profits so do what needs to be done but I wouldn't give up of Scotty just yet

Reply #400855 | Report this post

Years ago

I think not renewing Marty and Radfords contracts next year and getting a coach that has a long list of successfull coaching credentials will go a long way to getting people interested in memberships next season. Hopefully that will lead to a more exciting display of basketball and more wins which will bring more people out as the season progresses.

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