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Lakers imploding with Howard?

From an ESPN article today:

[At a pre-game team meeting] Bryant asked Dwight Howard if he was bothered by playing alongside him...
Bryant acknowledged he could be "hard to play with," according to the Times, and challenged Howard to speak up if he had a problem with it.

Howard was "despondent" and did not offer much of a reply to Bryant, according to a team source.
One example of the rocky relationship between the two Western Conference All-Star starters, according to a league source, was a game this season when Howard harped to a teammate about the disparity between his and Bryant's shots while sitting on the bench. The teammate called Bryant over so Howard could tell it to Bryant's face, but Howard refused to speak up.
Howard left the game with an apparent shoulder injury today after 14 minutes of game time and 0/4 FG.

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Years ago

Howard is a cancer ... Stan Van Gundy must be laughing all the way to the bank right now ..

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Years ago

Don't think Howard will ever win a championship. He's clearly not happy unless he's the star of the team, and if he is the star I don't think he's good enough (or more accurately, he doesn't have the commitment or desire) to lead a team to a championship. He could dominate the league if wanted to, but he clearly doesn't.

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Years ago

Kobe's the real cancer, always has been.

Imagine how many championships the Lakers would've won if Kobe didn't get Shaq traded in 2004?

In saying that Shaq was once again right about Dwight Howard when everyone used to talk him up in Orlando.

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Bring Howard to the NBL, he would win a championship here with any team who gets him, even Cairns.

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Years ago

Dwight must cry at night thinking about the good old days when he just played, did well enough that people liked him, could shrug off the lack of ring and jump up high to stick smiley Dwight stickers on backboards. Those were fun times. The job wasn't too hard.

I imagine to him that it all seems so hard now dealing with the haters after wanting a trade, and also putting up with Kobe and co. For all his intensity and self-love, I bet Kobe is the professional winner. Howard might be completely shocked by the work ethic that comes with that?

I wish the teammate who called Kobe over for Howard to speak with was named. Not exactly nice for Dwight, but probably a pro "this is how it has to be if we want to get on track" move.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Howard has suddenly turned into a Drama Queen over the span of 2-3 seasons.

I don't think he realises that because he was a centrepiece at one team, doesn't mean he's cemented in that role everywhere he goes.

His head is well and truly set up his rear right now.

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Years ago

- D'antoni has bit off way more than he can chew. A very limited coach who just can't cut it in the defense-centric NBA of 2013 -- just ask Jalen Rose.

- Antawn Jamison is a career loser. And he is old.

- Dwight is a baby who doesn't have a competitive bone in his body. No will to win whatsoever.

- Steve Nash is adding no value to this team; they would have been much better off with a traditional "distributor" style point guard (ie. the type you see on most championship rosters). Nash is also such a terrible defender at this point -- in both effort and know-how -- it is almost beyond belief.

- Jordan Hill is obviously injured.

- Earl Clark led the team in minutes played today. Which brings me back to point 1.

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Years ago

The way I see it, Kobe wins. He's been the franchise player in LA for many years, like him or not.

No one gets a free ride to a title - and Dwight doesn't seem to fit the "win or die trying" attitude that won the Lakers so many rings.

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Years ago

Anon 606, no, i'm, not even..


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Years ago

Anon 606 is right though. Just imagine if Kobe was never granted his wish to be traded to the Lakers on draft night. Would very likely have zero rings in Charlotte/New Orleans and probably have been out the league a few years ago.

Getting drafted onto a Prime Shaq's team is like starting a 100 metre dash 3 seconds ahead of everyone else

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Years ago

Except no.

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Years ago

Ingles13, disagree.

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Years ago

Kobe had more drive than guys like Carter and Mcgrady so he was always going to end up on a winning program.
I think he's a giant douche and have a Lakers Jersey I wear only to Jinx them in the playoffs but I still respect his game and his talent

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Years ago

The Kobe/Shaq feud was deliberately orchestrated by both of them needling each other in the media. Promoting Jackson to exit, which Bryant later regretted.

This fiasco is because Management thought sticking together some great players makes a team. No D'Antoni isn't a leader who can direct them.

Howard wants to win without the pressure of expectation. he's still got time whereas Kobe knows his is running out.

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No Deal!!  
Years ago

To succeed with Kobe, they should trade Howard for very good role players. Nash & Gasol are the right personalities to support Kobe's ego, and trading Howard to bring in high IQ/low usage players makes this team dangerous again.

Kobe as alpha dog, Nash & Gasol as 2nd/3rd options then a team of guys who are great spot up shooters/passers/hustle guys makes this team a contender.

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Years ago

Much as I hate the Lakers, I hate to see them looking so embarassing. It's not good for the game.

The Lakers must have hated playing against Howard, but playing alongside him is much worse. They've lost more with him than without him.

He doesn't fit in, and D'Antoni isn't the guy to make it happen.

Trade him!

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Years ago

They have a multitude of problems, but to me the biggest one is D'antoni.

For all their other shortcomings, hand this roster to half of the other current NBA coaches and you'll have a top four team, at worst.

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Years ago

Mick, the commentators on ESPN said a few days ago that D'Antoni doesn't have the team to suit him. So, until D'Antoni gets the kind of team he wants, he'll get poor results.

He failed with the Knicks and he's failing here.

If he's not a coach who can handle a variety of players, and if he can't get them to evolve to play his way, then I don't rate him as a 'good' coach.

Phil Jackson = GOOD!! Popovich = good. D'Antoni = poor.

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Years ago

No team would suit D'antoni today.

His success was from a bygone era when only a handful of elite teams seriously focused on the defensive end. Back then you could get to the Conference finals without playing a lick of D, only to lose to one of the upper echelon of teams who had firepower on both ends.

These days if you don't focus on the defensive end you will have a hard time even making the playoffs.

I thought D'antoni was exposed a long time ago. It shouldn't have come to this. He should not be coaching this team.

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Moron > Ingles13  
Years ago

As a laker fan I'm pretty disappointed in Howard. He's a sook and acts like a baby. I was actually one laker fan that didn't want the Howard deal to happen.

Moving forward, four games behind it's really hard to see the lakers get in. Not due to four games, they can catch that up no worries, but just watching them play is horrible. They are what the third highest scoring team in the league but watching their offense in painful. Also to be losing shows how poor they are defensively.

They should have hired Shaw and get rid of D'Antoni. Just mentioning his name as a possible coach was enough to have me worried.

I think Nash, Jamison and Meeks def regret pay cuts to come to LA

Will the Lakers honestly trade Howard? Any suitors?

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Years ago

Howard has no desire to win plain and simple, jokes around like a clown which is fine for the rookies but seriously no LA team ever will settle for fun and games.

Look for Howard to be traded as his immature ways won't last. Classic case is when a Lakers player asked Dwight to tell Kobe what he just said to him and Howard had no response. That shit will cause you to lose respect from every team mate.

Be a man and look someone in the eye if you have a problem, don't bitch and moan then say its all good, that's what chicks do.

As stated above by someone else I was not keen at all on D Antoni getting the coaching gig. He does not have a clue.

I just hope the Lakers aren't cursed cause every decision Jim Buss makes is wrong while most of the time his dad Dr Buss had the Midas Touch.

And Ingles get a life mate Kobe made no demands on draft night to get his wish to land in LA, the kid would have dominated anywhere he went.

You are a class A Clown with a massive chip on your shoulder, did you get bashed by a kid one day in a Kobe jersey or something????.

Ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha ah ah ha ha ha

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Years ago

Kobe did in fact tell Charlotte he would never play for them and demanded to be traded, preferably to the Lakers.

Kobe kids also don't think Kobe got rid of Phil or Shaq. Phil resigned as coach then wrote a book calling Kobe 'uncoachable' but yes later returned when Buss offered him $10m+ a season and that same offseason Kobe re-signed with the Lakers the very next day after they traded Shaq to Miami!

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Years ago

What happened the first year with no Shaq? Oh, no playoffs for the GOAT Kobe. Such a great winner without a HOF big man carrying him.

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Years ago

Ok and what did Shaq do in his twighlight years????

That's right, jumped from Miami to Phoenix then from Phoenix to the Cavs then onto the Celtics in chase of his fifth ring playing for every contender that had a shot where as the Mumba ( greatest player of his generation ) has every one jumping onto his bandwagon trying to win a title, not gonna win shit this year I know but he has to go down as a top five player of all time.

I've stated facts before about Kobes championship years, far from being carried. In the Lakers first three yes Shaq was a beast but needed Bryant just as much. What did the Diesel do in his first trip to the finals??. Oh that's right he got swept 4-0 by Kenny smith and the boys.

If anything Kobe should retire this year from a bad back as he has carried many a player to the promise land.

You lose every time ingles this shit is too easy.


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Years ago

By "Kenny Smith and the boys" you mean one of the most underrated dominant post players ever in Hakeem Olajuwon?

Lol @ thinking Kobe has a greater career or is "the best player of this generation" ahead of Duncan or Lebron. That statement made me laugh.

I did not debate you or anyone else. I just stated an obvious fact about Kobe you did not bring up. You thinking this is a debate (when Kobe's 17-25 record says it all) makes me laugh. Jumps to his defense at any given time is funny.

Please stop wasting others people's times by posting more bs as it is reducing the IQ of casual fans who might believe what you say

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Years ago

Give Lebron this years lakers team of Dwight, Pau and Nash and any coach (D'antoni for the case of similaritie sake) and he would have no less than 30 wins so far.

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Years ago

Getting back to Dwight, the Lakers can't trade him now, his value, along with Pau's, is at its lowest and you never trade at low points, you get hosed.
They will be patient and see out this year.

I really think Josh smith is the perfect fit for this team.

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Years ago

Pretty unfair comparison, Ingles. Lebron is a superstar in his athletic prime (and the best player in the league right now) just coming off a championship while Kobe is 34 years old.

Nash isn't helping this situation either. Championship point guards can typically play defense, get a team into its sets early, get to the rack some and shoot at a decent clip.

Look back at the last thirty years of championship teams. You won't find many with PGs averaging more than ten assists. If one guy is getting that many dimes it generally comes at the cost of fluid ball movement and makes for a predictable offense.

You don't need a world-beater at PG to win it all in the NBA, you just need a guy who is calm, smart, can play in the half-court, and does a little bit of everything well.

They would have been better off forgetting about Nash and getting someone less-famous, less-expensive, less-ancient, and someone who could play defense.

Dwight is a baby, yes, but having a coach like D'antoni does not help with his immaturity problems. Give him a great coach who can teach him to grow up and things might change.

I just see Nash as unnecessary, no matter the coach.

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Um ingles yes Kobe has has a better career then LeBron omg don't let your hate blind you. I don't put LeBron in Kobes generation either, LeBron was 11 when Kobe started in the NBA.

Yes that's right 11. Look at Kobes draft class and tell me who is still Ballin well? Iverson??? Camby?? Marbury?? Antoine Walker??no that's right. Kobe is still mention right now as a TOP 5 in the league troll. Yes LeBron is a freak and will go on to have a better career statistic wise than almost anybody but he won't win more title than the Mumba. Duncan has had an amazing career as you would say " getting drafted into David Robinsons team is like starting the 100 metres with a 3 second head start " so he got kissed on the dick as well. IMO Kobe>Duncan every day of the week.

I just threw Kenny Smith in there cause its the little things that get you upset. I love it I actually enjoy messing with your little brain, an exploiting the fact that you know nothing about the game of Basketball. I'm going to call you box score from now on cause that's the only box you get.

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Kobe vs Duncan

NBA championships Kobe 5 Duncan 4
Gold medals Kobe 3 Duncan 1
MVPs Kobe 1 Duncan 2
All NBA first team Kobe 10 Duncan 9
All Defensive Kobe 9 Duncan 8
Allstar game MVPs kobe 4 Duncan 1
Scoring champion Kobe 2 Duncan 0

It's official ingles you lose every time please come up with something that is actually correct and maybe just maybe someone on this forum will give you credit.


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Years ago



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Years ago

Kobe spent 7 years in the NBA without Lebron. This is his 10th year in Lebrons generation and counting. Kobe has never been the best player own the league at any point of his career.

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Years ago

Thank fuck school is back next week...

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Years ago

You might have something to do then instead of watching YouTube of Kobe's chucking in his early career ^

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Years ago

ingles I grew up watching Kobe, Malone, Barkley, Duncan, Jordan Kareem etc live I don't need youtube dickhead.

We will just wait until you grow up.

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Years ago

Chill bro, 17-25 with one of the most stacked teams ever. Don't take your anger out on me

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Years ago

Im a Bulls supporter tool, just don't like your narrow minded, hate kobe, no knowledge of basketball apart from box scores bullshit comments all of the time.
Now back under your little bridge troll.

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Years ago

D'Antoni is almost as bad as Marty Clark

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Years ago

^^^Let's not get carried away here.

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Ha ha back in your box ingles this is awesome, you get owned by everyone on this forum. H ha ha ha ha I love it! I don't know what is better, watching Kobe continue his hall of fame career or reading posts wrecking you!

H ha and I love it your comment about Popovich like he is not a hall of fame coach, without him Duncan and the Spurs WOULD BE NOTHING you massive TOOL.

Ha ha back to school Tuesday Buddy your lack of knowledge astounds me.

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Years ago

Grow up children.

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Years ago

Howard for Bosh - Who says no?

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Years ago

He'll no! I'd rather Howard walk

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