NBL kings
Years ago

How good is NBL.tv?

how good quality is NBL t.v? is the acual video quality good?
how good? does it look all pixely?
can you see whats going on well?
if i put it full screen on my laptop, would it be good quality?
thanks for your help!!

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Years ago

It's variable is all I can say. When it's working well the picture quality is pretty good, even on a big screen but every now and then it can go to crap for short periods (it gets fuzzy rather than pixelated). At its worst it can be almost unwatchable with poor video quality and constant stalling. Overall I'd say it's worth the asking price if you are keen to watch a lot of NBL games but if they try to charge much more then they'd need to improve the quality a lot to get my money.

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Years ago

It'ds Ok. Are you a fan of the NBL? if so the introductory offer was good. Would I do it again next season, unlikely.
Too many issues. Quality, dleays, no feed, poor vision.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

For me it's only good if I'm watching on a delay. Live coverage always freezes and it's not worth the trouble. But on delay, the stream is really good even though it goes fuzzy for short periods.

Also, as long as the coverage isn't all from the baseline too. Some games make you watch from the baseline view for the whole game which is crap.

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Years ago

never had a problem with it!

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Years ago

It's good if you manage the speed of the video feed yourself. Check your download speed and adjust the video feed to about 75% of that at the most. I usually set the video feed on 1 or 1.5MBPS and it looks quite good even on a 60inch screen. Having said that, the feed still drops down from time to time which makes the picture quite pixelated. Overall, I'm happy with it.

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Years ago

It can be quite good and I'm overall happy. I mainly watch on delay and that can still have issues, someone on the sideline telling us what the other coaches say during a time out would add to coverage. The commentators can call the action like its on radio but after enough games you get used to them.

I will always utilize nbl.tv if its available but I hope next year has WNBL and international games as well and I'd be ecstatic and hopefully they keep all previous games broadcast on nbl.tv available for us paying customers forever!

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Years ago

Check your internet connection before getting it.
If you can't watch a YouTube video without it always stopping to download, then your INTERNET connection is not up to speed. Not NBL TV's fault.

This talk about the live feed stopping but delayed doesn't. Again - Nothing to do with NBL TV. That's your internet connection. If you have cable you may want to Google cable congestion. This is likely the reason why when it's live it may lag. It's prime time downloading time. Or "on peak".
If you have Next G wireless. Forget it.
If you have 4G, it works fine but check your usage plan before you buy it.
ADSL1? Forget it.

Also search for other NBL TV topics on the forum before starting another one. At least 2 of these pop up every week with the same questions. I might put something on the site, a FAQ or something for NBL TV.

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Years ago

I had massive problems watching on my PC, but as soon as I switched to my iPad it worked perfectly - same internet connection.

Regardless of this, support the league and give it a go: it's worth the money to an NBL fan.

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Years ago

All I know is I watched breakers vs. wildcats yesterday and it stopped 3 times on me, including with 2 minutes to go.

With VOD I set my download rate and I'm normally pretty sweet after that

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NBL kings  
Years ago

i live to watch nbl, and i have a plan to buy nbl t.v next season, with a high def t.v, and plug my laptop into my t.v to watch the nbl games on!

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Years ago

Can you watch game highlights on nbl.com without nbl.tv membersip? Seems since they changed the website layout I can't watch highlights anymore.

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Years ago

Reason why it works better on iPad/Phone than the PC is because on PC it downloads more (1.2-1.4gb per game) where as a iPad/Phone is around 500-700mb.

Also I've found a few clitches if you are using internet explorer to watch NBL TV. I recommend Google Chrome.

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Years ago

And the NBL highlights, you should be able to. If not subscribe to our YouTube channel. We upload highlights from every game as well as top plays etc.

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