West Coast - Can it get any worse?

So I go along to the game last night in the hope that playing at home we will get a better showing from the team.

No. A complete waste of time and money.

Now some of you are going to say, but you were playing the championship contenders and Deanna Smith is injured.

If you play like you have lost the game before the clock has even started, then you are going to loose the game.

Can someone please tell me where the oncourt leadership is. Players who go out playing for themselves, trying to pad their own stats to try and cement a spot for next year, and it shows, are not doing the team any favors.

I dont know, if we will ever be presented with a team that will be able to give us, the fans, what we need and so dearly want. A winning season and some finals action.

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Years ago

Hang tough success comes to those who wait

ie long run of poor success was Sth Melb/Sydney Swans in AFL they finally got their act together after 33 years and now a very successful club

Hope for West Coast Waves dont give up on them


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Years ago

Perhaps a change of name is in order when you post 'West Coast Waves Fan'? The only time you post on here is when you're absolutely shit canning the West Coast Waves.

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Years ago

Can it get any worse? Yep, recruit Marty Clarke as your next Head Coach ;)

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Years ago

expect realistic results from what you have - build on that

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Doccy was our franchise player and she got hurt. That's just terrible luck and probably cost us a couple of extra wins. Harper's injuries have hurt too since we don't have a centre when Burton needs a spell or gets in foul trouble.

The team was actually great to watch in the first half of the season. Obviously not stacked with talent, but they played hard and played together, and they definitely punched above their weight. I was pretty pleased with how they went.

The Christmas-New Year break was where it all seemed to go horribly wrong, made even worse by the fact that we had a bye in the first round back. The players seemed to take extended breaks from basketball, and looked embarrassingly unprepared in our first game of the new year when Canberra came to town on their huge losing streak. It's a game we should have won, or at least pushed them hard in. We blew it big time, and haven't looked like the same team since.
The last couple of games have been just awful. No question. Embarrassing stuff, and as the original post here demonstrates quite clearly the team is undoing their great work and progress of the first half of the season the way they've lost the plot since Christmas.

Bright spots for me:

Shani Amos
Tremendous progress at both ends of the floor over the course of the season. Todhunter was the better option as a starter at the beginning of the season. Amos has now overtaken her IMO. I'd be starting her if I was the coach. Look towards the future.

Nat Burton
Has matched it with some very talended centres in the league this season and has been our most consistent scoring option in the half court. Great to have her on the team.

Darcee Garbin
Young & raw but genuinely talended and along with Burton could be our starting front court for many years to come if she keeps working on her game. Still has some way to go defensively, but as with Amos I would be starting her for the rest of the season.

Kaye Tucker
Not a player whose inclusion in the squad really inspired me, but her versatility, experience and effort has shone through lately while some of her other more highly regarded teammates have appeared to be off with the fairies. Good onya Tucks.

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Europe 51  
Years ago

Isn't Marsh supposed to be the on court leader? I assume that is why she stays on the court as long as she does because some games you really wonder how her court time could be justified this year.

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

It has not been a good season for her. I wonder if her heart is still in it.

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Years ago

BWA should probably take a bow for the Waves form/results/everything, inability to get sponsors, inability to create interest (posting on twitter is not enough promotion), inability to do anything but ask ridiclous amounts of fees etc is what they are good at- the Wildcats should run basketball in WA and probably Australia!!

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white boy  
Years ago

Amos is rubbish. I agree with the majority of what you said Dunkin Dan about the brighter spots, but Amos is very average. Can't even look left and has no offensive weapons. I don't even understand why she is in the lineup!

Tucker has been impressive as has Darcee. Deanna going down a huge blow... agree BWA needs a shape up from what I hear.

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Years ago

I agree with 'white boy'... Really don't have much idea why Amos is getting a game at WNBL. She wouldn't even stand out at state level.

Dunkin' Dan you lost me when you mentioned her as a positive. She along with other big names go out and play as though their spots are garunteed every week. They don't play with any passion or desire to win. Instead to just try and retain their spot on the roster.

The waves should follow the AIS' move and leave the WNBL if they continue to put forward mediocre teams.

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Years ago

To be fair to the OP, when have the Waves managed anything this seasoning worth coming on to a forum and NOT s--tcanning them?

It hasn't been pretty.

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Anon 2 posts up is just trolling right, and has never actually seen a Waves game? (1) Amos is not a "big name", she is the exact opposite. She is a young local who has played her way from the far edges of the squad into now getting regular minutes. (For the record, the only big name in the entire squad has spent the season wearing a moon boot. And if we go down to the next tier of players like Marsh, Edmondson, Wallbutton & Todhunter, Shani's profile is still not even close)
(2) One of the main reasons I named her above is because she does NOT just "play as though her spot is guaranteed every week", unlike some others.
I imagine she will build on this season with a dominant run in the SBL over the winter.

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Years ago

Dunkin Dan

Great to hear someone pumping up the junior talent at the Waves ......easy to knock ......come on everyone lets get behind the young players before the leave the game and we lose the next generation of players

You have my support Dunkin Dan

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Years ago

Anon 356 - Your exactly right, the WC Waves have been pretty pathetic ALL YEAR! So why get on this forum after every game & shit can all the time under the name: West Coast Waves Fan?

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Years ago

Have to agree with your comment true fans dont shit can their team

I stay true to the teams I follow no matter what I am big Bucks & Brewers fan all my life and sit of a bank account that will take me to an NBA final or World Series depending on who makes it. I love in hope

I followed Sth Melb / Sydney Swans for 50 years and I got to see them after a lot of bad years
Titles will come if you wait

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

The way I see it, it's a fan's role to support the team (and the coach) that is there on game night.
However, if the team isn't performing then any fan that actually cares can and should be asking questions. What kind of fan wouldn't want their club to improve?

Just blindly being all "Rah Rah Rah! Hooray for Everything!" when your team is sitting on the bottom of the ladder isn't helpful.

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Triton 95  
Years ago

I feel like I have said this a thousand times before but the Waves are not far from having a competitive team. The 4 young girls Dunkin Dan mentioned are all improving, If they can keep those 4 plus D.Smith and keep the 2 NZ girls (both good back-up bench players) and Marsh, then they just need a Big strong Import like a Jessica Adair or a Krista Phillips, that makes 9 on the roster leaving 1 position which they should look for a role player like a Sarah Graham type, this team would be very competitive team and give fans hope, espically for home games at least.

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