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What imports will stay in the NBL?

so what imports do you think will stay in the nbl next season, and which will leave for bigger leagues?
johnny flynn would have a lot of offers im thinking.
also, what aussie players do you think might leave for different leagues due to their talent?

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Years ago

NBL Kings - Interested to why you think Johnny Flynn would be getting plenty of offers to stay in the league?

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Years ago

i said that he would be getting offers in other leagues.
some nba teams, have apperntly been watching him

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Years ago

Well I expected Jerai Grant to still be here but he's not so its hard to tell.

I expect Adelaide to change their import philosophy and attempt to get a more high profile.

At Cairns I would think Wilson will go around again but I think Cairns need a full time centre so I think they will go with an import there.

At Melbourne I expect Scott at 31 to look at his options but ultimately stick around and be joined by a new import guard as Johnny goes onto greener pastures.

I think New Zealand will remain unchanged as the retirement of Dillon Boucher will give Will Hudson more minutes.

I hope Perth try and get Michael Dunnigan as he gelled well with the boys and Lisch will be back for certain.

In Sydney I hope they try and get Khazzou back and that could affect how they go with imports but I expect them to look for a more marquee point guard as Henry doesn't seem to have the cult following that I'm sure the league hoped... This could be the most interesting offseason team to watch.

In Townsville I think Ervin will stick around if Neville resigns and the other import spot could go to another big as I expect atleast another season here for Todd Blanchfield.

At Wollongong it wouldn't shock me to see the old Miami mates fill out the guard spots if Hurdle can return soon enough. I think Wollongong need another big aswell and let's hope they get it.

I don't think there are enough world beaters in this league to go overseas and garner less opportunity... But that is just my opinion

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Years ago

Jamar Wilson has an option at the end of this season. Up to him, he will stay in Cairns (Don't believe the reports about him going to Melbourne. It's not happening. His wife loves it up there, he's staying in northern QLD).

Crocs have made Ervin an offer to stay. Not sure if he will take it or where they are with it at the moment. He wants to stay in Australia as well.

Adris Deleon will likely move on, has talked about playing overseas some more. But who knows, he might come back last second like he did this year.

Lance Hurdle wants to stay and mainly wants to stay in Wollongong. Loves the area and has made some close friends. Will the Hawks take a punt on him being healthy before the start of next season? Not sure..

Lazare is as good as gone.

Henry, likely the same as Lazare.

Lisch stays, obviously.

Flynn, you would be surprised. He's enjoying Australia and unless he gets an offer to return to the NBA I would say he will return.

The who the hell knows list:
Cedric Jackson
Will Hudson
Shane Edwards
Malcolm Grant
Seth Scott

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Years ago

im hopeing corin henry stays, and same with lazare, deleon, hurlde and flynn.

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Years ago

Cairns.....Edwards goes
................Wilson has another year on contract

Townsville ..Ervin keep,need a SG

Sydney...Lazard will go,not sure of Henry ,maybe two new imports.

Melbourne...Flynn will field better money offers,Scott might sign another season.

NZ ...Jackson same as Flynn ,Hudson another season.

Wollongong.....retain imports,hurdle might miss out if grant proves to be better than expected.

Adelaide ....SC won't be signed with sixers or other clubs.need SG and PG

Perth...Llsch stayer,Perth always have one import.

Dunigan could be a good pickup to any club.

Yet again will see a new crop of imports,hopefully some exciting ones.

Some retirements naming croswell grabau ,pero,Briton.

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Years ago

Flynn isn't all about the money. He wants to play and live in a great culture which is why he picked Australia over China etc.

Khazzouh won't be back next season or anytime soon. He has a multi year deal and from what I know, he's happy.

Grant was never really going to return. He always talked about the Kings/NBL as a stepping stone for bigger things. Plus he had a clash with Heal.

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Years ago

If they leave the NBL does that make then Exports!

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Years ago

if Jackson doesn't get an NBA gig expect him back at the Breakers and Lemanis is happy with Hudson so will probably see him back.

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The croc  
Years ago

Gary Ervin is coming to Adelaide next season that's why ha hasn't accepted the offer from the Crocs.

Laugh at it all you want it is in fact true cause he wants to play in Adelaide I heard it straight from the man himself, he's tried for three seasons now to get to A Town.

Gibbo gone hello Gazza

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Years ago

I'd do Ervin for Gibson/Christopherson anyday of the week.

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Years ago

Have heard similar buzz RE: Ervin

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Years ago

Ervin loves Radelaide and has been trying to do a deal for next season for weeks

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Years ago

Deleon will go - he's too selfish for Gordies systems
Wouldn't be surprised to see grant and hurdle stay at the gong
I'd also like to see them make a play for either weigh , Barlow or worthington to replace sav

Hudson would be a good fit for Townsville if released

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Years ago

who in their right mind would want to play in adelaide...at least next season anyway, the way their supporters carry on i wouldnt want to play there. not until they find some true supporters and not people who just jump on the band wagon when their winning

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Years ago

My guesses:

Perth - Lisch 50/50 whether he goes to Europe, Dunigan a real chance to return

Adelaide - two new

Melbourne - Scott to return, Flynn back if he doesnt get an NBA contract

New Zealand - as above but slot in Hudson and Jackson

Wollongong - Grant and Hurdle as duo if Lance recovers in time

Sydney - two new imports

Townsville - if Nevill signs will go with one import, not sure about Ervin, he might go to the highest bidder

Cairns - Wilson stays, Edwards probably gone but good pickup for any club wanting a role player

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Years ago

Gary Ervin coming to Adelaide ,dream on croc,Sixers offered him a contract only before but went elsewhere,I guarantee Ervin won't be in Adelaide uniform for 13/14 season.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Lisch is no certainty to stay. I like his chances of staying, but would not be shocked (as others might) if he left for Europe.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Is Lisch going to get natulized?

Lisch is a proven import in this league so even if it doesnt work out in Europe he walks straight back into an NBL gig!

I'll be surprised if the kings don't have a really big crack at getting him...i know his Wife is from NSW so it would make sense..then again i guess depends on her career/playing future as well.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

He briefly mentioned about Sydney on the radio a while ago - because his wife is from there - He mentioned that he much prefers Perth and doesn't like how Sydney is so busy. Wants a more laid back city to live in.

Though he could just be saying that to so the Perth listeners don't get stressed out that he might actually leave!

I'd see him going to Europe ahead of Sydney though if he did leave.

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The croc  
Years ago

We will see mr Quickie, Ervin told me he wants too, straight to my face but said in the previous 2 season himself and the club couldn't get it done. Obviously the 6ers Didn't put enough on the table.

I will be surprised if Gazza isn't in a 6ers uniform next season, it's just going to be up to the new coach ( if we have a team ) and if they even want Gazza.

You can say all you want Adelaide is a shit hole and their fans are bandwagon jerks but the fact is we are arguably the best franchise in the history of the NBL. Yeah we want Marty's head but we have been spoilt over the years with a high quality product to barrick for.

I can't wait till Marty is shown the door and we can get on with next season.

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Years ago

^ :cough: Perth :cough: ..........just sayin

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Years ago

How great it would be for NZ if Cedric stayed at the Breakers long term and naturalized for the Tall Blacks.

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Years ago

I would love Flynn, Ervin, Jackson to stay in the NBL.

If its true that Ervin wants to be a 36er, sign him up, imagine if we had him this year even if it meant no Cadee and/or Gibson, i reckon we would have a better team, he gives us the MVP level goto guy we need.

Did he have too much 'personality' for Clark? I'd offer him the max NBL wage (dont think there is an official max, but surely within the cap its probably between 150-200k) and get him, then sign Dorsey as a cheaper import and add them to our signed guys and spend what we have left on retaining our free agents.

At worse we would have a team of

C Schenscher/Vasiljevic
PF Johnson/Petrie
SF Creek/?? Weigh
SG Dorsey (cheap deal)/?? Gibson (ideally, and would obviously start), Daly if no cap space (more likely).
PG Ervin/Cadee

the remaining sg/sf spots would ideally go to Gibson and Weigh, but may not be able to afford one or both if adding Ervin, id say Weigh would be more affordable so it may be Weigh and a young guard ie Daly, Ervin can play sg so having 2 young pgs on the roster off the bench is ok with me.

Get a decent coach who can handle pros and manage egos, etc and implement a decent game plan and that team should be playoffs, Ervin/Dorsey is a much better starting guard combo than this year.

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Mimas 90  
Years ago

Cairns Wilson signed for another year and Edwards gone due to poor fit
Townsville bring back Ervin if they can afford him
Sydney Lazare def gone cause Heal doesn't use him well and Henry prob gone
Wollongong Deleon prob gone Hurdle back if recovered and who knows with Grant
Melbourne Scott maybe Flynn back if Tigers can afford him
Breakers Jackson back if Breakers can afford and Hudson prob back
Adelaide Christopherson no explanation needed
Perth Lisch back will be naturalised maybe Dunigan back if points cap scrapped

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Years ago

Why do people keep talking about Dunigan hopefully returning to perth? It would mean they would need to release knight which wont happen. There is no way they can play in the same side without affecting team balance. If they were smart about signing a second import they would buy a three man who can score and improve their 3pt%. Hire is not starting five quality but a handy option off the bench. Tovey is a waste of 8 points and should be released. Perhaps entice a weigh or worthington to return to wa

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Years ago

I say that Perth should get back Dunigan because I see Tovey being released and playing Knight more as a power forward and Redhage getting time at small forward like Scott Fisher did back in the day.

As for Lisch to Sydney... That would be bad team balance if you ask me. Having the leagues two best shooting guards in the same lineup. Will that mean Madgen remains an undersized small forward or they play them both in the back court and have no great distributor.
As much as I love Lisch and he is a definite winner, is he 'Hollywood' enough to get Sydney's attention and bring the crowds ? Probably not but he does a damn fine job this season.

As for Ervin to Adelaide, I hope not as Ervin has made Townsville great to watch and if they go back to subpar imports like Alvin Mimms and Eddie Gill won't get Townsville many TV games.

Of course if Townsville go on and win the championship then players attitudes could change drastically

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Yeah Lisch isnt really needed in Sydney with Madgen already there, and I'm sure they have a some kind of blueprint to only recruit showy type imports to bring in the crowds.

The comment was mainly due to the fact that his wife is from there, and I'm sure that if Sydney wanted him and he wanted to go, they would find a way to make it happen.

Like I mentioned before, he'll probably pick Europe over Sydney anyway if he did leave Perth.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Lisch might make his choices based on his wife opportunity to play...or her family pending on were her career is at with the "We can't win Waves"

Sydney currently use Madgen at the 3 spot, often Bruce & Henry are on the floor together filling the 1/2 spots so I could see Lisch sliding into that role without effecting Madgen to much as Lisch would just be shooting the shots the Henry currently gets and at a belter efficiency!

That said I think he stays in Perth if he stay in Australia as Perth would be making sure the Waves kept his wife in Perth.

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Years ago

Proud it would be nice to dunigan back but i dont think it could work with knight. When neville was in the side they tried playing knight as a forward but hes not quick enough to play the up tempo style they like. Will be interesting to see what happens next season. But i think bevo has a love affair with tovey and will retain him.

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Years ago

maybe he does his taxes

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