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Patty Mills Career

Where is patty mills at in his career, Looks like he the teams head towel waiver on the bench atm, he had opportunities and is last player in the rotation atm. Should he be looking at other NBA opportunities, will an NBA team give him that opportunity or is it almost time Patty heads to Europe or some other league to play starting minutes.

Im thinking of whats best for him and also for the Boomers moving forward. What do people think.

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Years ago

Hasn't this type of thread been done to death?

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Years ago

Thread has been done to death.

Mills should consider himself lucky he is in the NBA and think about why he gets such limited burn.

Needs PG skills.

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there was a trade rumor last week sending him, splitter and jackson to utah for one of their bigs.

he would get more time there.

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Typical 'Mick' response - Full of Shit!

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Done to death. Most would kill to earn over $400k as an NBA bench warmer.

Mills is at the best basketball organization in the world, training everyday with quality coaches and support staff, training against a quality group of players.

Nobody heads over to Europe from the NBA just because they aren't getting enough minutes...

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Unmmm a few have sure there are more than I have named.


Jasikevicius (spelling?)

David Andersen

Just to name a few....enjoy.

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I'm with PlaymakerMo.
If anyone should be complaining it's Gary Neal.
The guys is average 10 points a game & is on $300K less than Mills.
I think Mills should be happy with his $1,085,120.00 pay check & getting the chance to play with one of the all time greats in Tim Duncan!!!

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Years ago

Typical 'anonymous' response: vague, unexplained insult under the cowardly veil of anonymity.

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European players often leave the NBA due to the difference in culture and lifestyle. It can be quite a shock.

The ONLY reason Mills would potentially leave at this point is due to sparodic minutes. Navarro, Anderson etc left for multiple reasons beyond court time.


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Would be frustrating for him since he was given some decent minutes towards the end of last season. But at the same time, Pop acknowledged that the Spurs defence had been slipping in recent years and especially last year, and wanted to make that a focus for this season.

Explains why Patty's minutes have gone down so far. He just needs to play smarter and not rely on "getting hot" to get his numbers. Needs to find ways to contribute without scoring.

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Years ago

Yep Mick - I'm sure that's your real name? I'm sure Patty would listen to your helpful & incredibly insightful basketball tips to improve his game. Perhaps we'll leave that to Coach Pop, he might know slightly more than you Mick?

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@Spidergoat Rumor I heard was that the big would be Al Jefferson.

Don't see it happening though as Splitter has been too valuable to Spurs this season, Jackson was too valuable to Spurs last postseason and likely again this postseason and Jefferson would be great in Offense but get killed in D, especially on pick 'n rolls.

Suck for Baynes though if Jefferson came over.

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So Dave Andersen was culture shockedz faur enough.

FWIW if patty could swallow his pride, he would clear
Double what he is earning now, whilst playing big minutes
In a system (euroleague) which would teach him how to be a PG!

Would be invaluable to him for a year or two, but that window
Is slowly closing by the minute.

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If you were paid $1M to sit at work and watch the other guys do the work until one of them broke down before you needed to do any work would you be concerned about the minutes you worked!

I bet he is lovin being involved with the Spurs and you know there is a lot that happens off the court for the Spurs which I bet he is involved with and that at the moment keeps him occupied.

The greater opportunity at the Spurs will come for Mills one day or it may possibly come elsewhere in the NBA!

You would want to be in Mills shoes!

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@Rav Garry Neal is on the last year of his (rookie?) contract so I'm assuming he'll be in the $3-$4m range next season.

Too busy counting next years money to be complaining.

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If he stays with the Spurs long term and doesnt get dejected in the meantime it is better for him. You are playing for on of the best coaches in the history of the game. Not many other places in the entire world where you could play and say that. Dont forget not long ago there was a certain french pg derided for being defensively deficient and shoot first playing under pop who turned out alright...

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Years ago

Point Guard?

Not exactly sure you you might be referring to. Any more clues?

Why do people on this forum have to be so vague???!!!

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