Jack Toft
Years ago

ABL Windups and Reviews

As seasoned punters would know, for the last 4 seasons I have been doing a weekly review and windup of the ABL games initially in the absence of any official BSA reviews. I have tried to keep them a little light hearted and hopefully they have inspired some to put in that little extra, and brought a chuckle to some people as well. I haven't meant to offend anyone in particular, so if you have been offended by a joke, then that was not intended, unless you play for Sturt or make silly tweets.

In writing the Reviews I have always tried to tie in current affairs, political events, club politics, BSA politics, threads from Hoops during the week and a few personal jokes. There's been quite a few "easter egg" jokes I've dropped in there that have gone un-discovered.

As you can imagine I put a bit of time into them and have a list of jokes and sayings that I have been jotting down along the way that I bring out to colour the review. With the ABL season about six weeks away, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am would like to hand the reigns over to someone else so they can put their own slant on the ABL Season. Hopefully someone will stand up and accept this challenge.

I've had a good time writing them and wish whoever takes it on the best of luck.

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

I know that many of us look forward to your weekly slant/sledge on the games and ask that you 'reconsider' your decision to enter premature retirement

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Years ago

Sir Jack,

Please reconsider your withdrawal! A lot of people I know were only logging on to Hoops to read your upcoming ABL write ups. I highly doubt that anyone can match your quick wit & highly entertaining basketball remarks. Do we need up your remuneration to keep you linked, I'm sure Isaac could consider a payment as such to you (Jack)? As you sure do bring in a lot of business for Isaac!

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Years ago

Jack, give yourself a 10% increase on whatever you are getting at the moment.

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Years ago

Yes, a payment from all the readership fees I've been collecting, perhaps! ;)

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Years ago


This is the worst news!

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Years ago


From a long term reader, please do not hang up the writing gloves.

Lets be honest, the write up is the most amount of promotion the league gets - and the best. I forecast that if Jack gives it away - the CABL / ABL / SBL / ABA will fold.

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Years ago

I have logged in to read Jack from all over the world, and really enjoyed his insights and adept story-telling. I trust we can all persuade him to give it another go; it's too valuable to let go!

Isaac prob knows my biases, but I think Jack has done an excellent job around the ABA stories and events, esp when Boti does not get to publish any where near as much he would like in the paper.

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As per previous posts, please continue your promotion of the ABL in South Australia.

Please keep up the great work!

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Years ago

I have enjoy reading your light hearted way you sum up each week of the ABL season. Some of your lines are classics and it would be a shame to see us lose another basketball icon at the prime of your writing prowess.

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Years ago

Maybe we could ask Radford and Clarke to do it they should have plenty of spare time on their hands :-)

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Years ago

No Jack don't stop.

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Years ago

As per the other readers above please dont give up on your weekly run downs of the ABL games. I look forward to your post every week. You do a fantastic job and I dont think anyone could do it better.
It would be a sad day in basketball if you retired.
There isnt enough done to promote the ABL in South Australia yet you do something to promote the game every week.
We thankyou and please reconsider your decision.

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Years ago

Jack would be very 'jacked off' if you gave up but can understand if you no longer had the time nor the passion to continue.

I would take over if I had
a) the time
b) the literary wit you have

but as I have neither if you do not continue I hope someon does indeed take over your role.

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Years ago

jack i doubt anyone has the humor and wit that youve got to do this week in and week out

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The Teacher  
Years ago

Jack, I have even occasionally been the "victim" of some of your comments, but I thoroughly enjoy them, and pretty much has been the only thing that keeps me coming back to the forum.

If you do want to keep doing them, but feel you might have been hogging the limelight, please dont. The majority of people on the form enjoy your work, and would love to see it continue.

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Years ago

Don't do it! The ABL needs all the help it can get and should you stop, basketball in this state will be all the worse off for it.

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Years ago

Jack... How could you?

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Years ago

This has ruined my valentines day!

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Years ago

Noooo, I was looking foward to see a few jokes at Ricey's expense.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Gee, I wasn't expecting this!

Maybe I could start it off and see how we go. I'll apologise now for any "drop of in standard" and the open offer is there.

If someone gets a weekly "Sack Jack" thread happening, I know I can rely on Marcus Camby to come to my side, but unlike someone else, I know when to quit.

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