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Too much complaining?

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of complaining coming from the six underperforming teams?

I understand that it can be frustrating to be this far into the season and still have a win percentage under 50%, but all i hear from coaches, fans and players is a lot of excuses and no owning up to what they're doing wrong?

Blaming refs is my big gripe. Sure, they suck most of the time, but you'd be hard pressed to find a ref who is always going to satisfy every person from every team. someone will always complain about a call.

My biggest gripe is players not taking responsibility for their own actions. Dont be undisciplined on the court and then blame "bias" refs when the calls dont go your way (im looking at you Tigers)

The only way things like this will get solved is if teams start taking responsibility for what they're doing wrong. Instead of Anstey blaming the refs for calling a tech when the rules clearly state a tech is to be called, how about teaching your players to be smart when they get into a situation like that, or hold their tongue, instead of complaining about the rules and the umpires!

PS: i know every team does it to some extent, the tigers were the first that came to mind given their reaction to their performance in the two games against perth

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The Situation  
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Bottom six? Bevo just wrote his column about the refs and league forcing Lisch out of the NBL...

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The difference between bevo and the rest of the clubs doing the same thing is that bevo doesnt use it as a way to excuse the way his team performs.

He didnt say "lisch played shit that game because players were roughhousing him, so tell them to cut it out"

my gripe is with the teams who complain to avoid the real issue behind the loss or the USF or the whatever theyre complaining about

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"The difference between bevo and the rest of the clubs doing the same thing is that bevo doesnt use it as a way to excuse the way his team performs."

That's cause he knows his team are the worst offenders when it comes to consistently breaking the rules. Yet he STILL complained about it affecting one of his players future with the club.

Personally when so many teams are complaining of the way the ref's are calling then perhaps its not time to look at the teams but at the actual referee's poor interpretation and complete lack of consistency not to mention their amazing bias calls.

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skud, thats what is annoying me the most.

Why is it always on the umpires heads? Last night Gong v Adelaide, umps called that the ball hit the rim. One team will argue it did, one will argue it didnt. One team is always going to scream read and blue that they were hard done by.

I feel sorry for the umpires. Always coping the shit from frustrated fans when every call doesnt go their way.

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anon, have you actually watched the replay of that "shot clock violation"? I was at the game, had a worse angle (one ref was right under the hoop) and it was clear as day. The replays on the night showed it clearly hit the rim, scorers bench told refs it also hit the rim, yet they ignored it and called for a shot clock violation.

Fans will get over judgment/opinion calls like fouls. But calls like shot clock, out of bounds, travels etc, calls where it's not perception or opinion based but fact based and they get the fact based calls wrong time and time again, that's where fans and players get really frustrated.

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I want to watch baskeball, not thuggery, so yes, it comes back to the officials calling the game as the rules are writtten and the game is intended to be called [ie, within the spirit of teh game and the rules]; so we have a contest of skills. Then, the team that is more skilfull, &/or stronger, quicker, etc, will [usually] win.

I'm not on about bias, and I know refs have to make subjective calls when it comes to block/charge, for example. I am, however, about them calling fouls and infringements when they are there, so we get a fair contest of basketball. And that goes whether the team is top or bottom.

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I agree with anon.. i have being getting annoyed recently with all the complaining too. The most recent being flynn in the press conference. But it occurred to me that there is a very good chance the tigers will be meeting the wildcats in the playoffs and maybe they are trying to use a bit of reverse psychology on the refs to hopefully get some better calls next time at the arena.

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I think you'll find that the refs do better at their job than most players do at theirs.

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If the home team score bench thought the ball hit the ring, they would have hit reset. They are more likely to reset it then the refs, therefore it didn't look like it hit.

As for the ref under the basket not their job to look up there as they should have been looking at the players, which he was. You never make a decision about the ball and the ring from the baseline.

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Please dont let areas of responsibility ruin a good referee bashing session. Clearly the lead should be looking up at the ring through the glass backboard and make the adjudication.....What was he doing??? Appalling behaviour !!

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Anonymous 406428. You obviously have no idea about the officials responsibilities. The Lead official is NOT to look at the basket and therefore has no responsibility to intervene in that call. Read the FIBA Referees Mechanics Manual and maybe you'll understand.

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Interested observer......dude! You need to learn the subtle art of sarcasm!!!!

Hence why I stated FM shouldnt bring "areas of responsibility" into a ref bashing discussion!!!! How dare he outline that it wasnt Beker's call from the lead!!!! And put holes in all the ....."WHat was lead looking at etc etc etc"

OMG!!! No wonder referees get a bad name!

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