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Goorjian and Kings Part Ways - Official

Brian Goorjian and the Kings have mutually agreed to terminate the existing year on his contract - just announced on Fox Sports News. They were interviewing Derek Rucker about it who said Shane 'the Ego' Heal would be a suitable replacement - give me a freaking break. Also mentioned Joey Wright as well.

Interesting times ahead for Sydney - without Goorj the franchise is set for years of rebuilding.

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Years ago

lol, rucker

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Years ago

Goorj is now a near certainty for South Dragons...
South Dragons will therefore become a power team after an eventful yet lacklustre first two seasons.
The pieces are all starting to fall into place for the Dragons.
Goorj as coach...Smith and at least Kendall with follow him, and don't write off Worthington as well. Possibility of Bruce joining the team and also another college senior such as Maric, along with Jingles and 2 American forwards - big things at South Dragons next season.

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Dirty Day  
Years ago

Will Holmes think again about leaving the Dragons?

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Years ago

So LC, are you implying that Maric or Ingles will not be drafted?

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Years ago

Holmes is out of there he doesnt fit into Goorjs plans as is not a priority signing he is with the 36ers.He isnt required in the starting group done deal with us bet your house on it.

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Years ago

I cant see either being drafted.

Players coming out of the college system looking for jobs;

Harris (anyone want a 7 footer?)
Iti (not sure if he will come back)

Maric might see some time in Euroland.

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Years ago

HIGHLY doubt Ingles will be drafted. Not good enough yet, players like him seem to be a dime a dozen in the US, hasn't even really dominated here yet. I don't put him on the same level as Newley yet and he was barely drafted. Still a lot of improvement necessary, Goorj would be good for that.
Maric I would love to see at the Dragons, but is he too good for the NBL? From what I've seen of him this year, he looks as if he could command big $$ in Europe, also helps to have a name like Aleks Maric.
Holmes sure seems gone. As a Dragon's fan I have to say I'm honestly not too disappointed. Wasn't a big fan.
Who else is under contract for next year for the Dragons? Hopefully Burston, Martin, Hobba....beyond that I'm not fussed. Bring on Smithy and Kendall and some fresh blood.

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Years ago

Personally, I can't see Ingles getting drafted. Seeing him about own in Melbourne, he lacks the hunder and desire and just doesn;t want to work hard enough for it.
Even if he does get drafted, he wil end up in the same situation as Newley.
I definitely think Maric hs a better chance of geting drafted. I reckon his stocks went up as the season progressed and his team made a late run to finish their regular season. Averaging a double double in college ball is no mean feat. He could earn some great cash in europe if he doesn't make it. He is an outside chance at playing the NBL with the Dragons. Goorj would be a big attraction for him as Boomers head coach.
Holmes is a goner...will not suit Goorj.
Burston will hold his place, Hebert will make the cut and I reckon Martin will hold a spot. Hobba will be borderline.
Harris is more than likely the major big signing at centre for Dragons as he is a Melbourne boy and is unlikely to attract interest from europe.
Weigh will sign at Townsville, maybe even Cairns.
Bruce will be a Dragon IMO.
Dillon will end up a Tiger.
Iti is an interesting case. I reckon he will come ac to Oz and may end up at West Sydney.

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Years ago

Totally agree with you about Ingles from what I've seen of him, LC.
I hope Hobba makes the cut, came along really well and looked very promising in season 1, even started at the end of the season and then last season looked to have fallen out of favour with Heal and was never seen as an option and given very few chances. In what chances he got I thought he impressed, however.

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Years ago

Dillon will go to the Tigers. Don't discount another QUALITY big returning from overseas to play with the Dragons if Goorjian signs :)

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Years ago

Any names or more hints?
Andersen? No
Helliwell? You said quality
Schenscher? Not actually overseas atm, quality questionable
Nevill? Still in college

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Years ago

who do u think will get the kings job..

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Years ago

Goorj has "signed" with the Dragons already - just had to get out of his contract with the Kings. That now successfully done he is on his way!
Will be great for Vic basketball - really step up the Tigers / Victoria Kings rivalry.
Who will follow their leader?
Who has been abandoned?
Gotta feel a bit for Sav who left the Gong for Goorj and his promises. As Brad said when he left for Townsville - great coach but nothing but lies ever came out of the guy's mouth.
Hope for the sake of the NBL that some of the guys (apart from BJ) remain in Sydney to forge the start of a new era for the Kings.

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Years ago

Who would want to coach the Kings???????

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Years ago

A lot of people would jump at the chance to be an NBL head coach, even if it means fielding an average roster in front of dismal crowds and/or working for a disinterested and ill-advised owner.

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Years ago

Isaac, your last statement appears on the surface to be extremely cynical, but, I have no doubt that it is in fact the truth and that there are a lot of NBL wannabee coaches out there who would probably accept the job for little money at all (which is what the Kings appear to have).

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Years ago

I think it's more realistic than cynical. A load of ex-players (e.g., Bruce Bolden) and SEABL or NZ-NBL level coaches would stick their hand up and work cheap to get their foot in the door. For example, a couple of positions at the 36ers last season were unpaid and easily filled by talented people hoping to build on an opportunity.

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Years ago

I agree completely, Isaac.
You'd be surprised at what type of conditions many people in ball circles would tolerate or turn a blind eye to if it meant they had the opportunity to keep their foot in the door.

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Years ago

As Isaac said, There are many coaches in the NZNBL that would be interested im sure. Doug Marty, the American coach of the Wellington Saints will be highly interested im sure. He has coached teams in the NBA D-League and College Ball etc.

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Years ago

Word is that Goorj has given an in principle agreement to coach the Dragons for the next 3 years.
Tomlinson is following him back home to Melbourne as his assistant as well.
They can't announce the signing until the 2 week deadline is over.
There will be a spate of publicity for this. Expect ther Dragons to drag out the announcement of the key signing over the 2-3 week's that follow so they can maximise their media exposure.

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Years ago

LC - looks like you are right...Melbourne's Herald Sun is carrying this report today:,21985,23431038-10914,00.html

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Years ago

There's talk that Goorjian's signing could be announced tomorrow.

From what's been said on OzHoops, Saville and Carter are likely to stay in Sydney. Hinder may move to West Sydney. Crosswhite, Smith and Kendall could follow Goorjian, etc.

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Years ago

Isaac - as I have said all along, if Goorj signed with Dragons, Kendall and Smith would follow. Just don't expect their signing's to be announced all at once...

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