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Amare'- What gives?

Here is a player with crazy potential. Could quite easily dominate both ends of the court but clearly has no desire to.

Evidence- after all his pre-season talk of becoming a complete player, and working so hard on his D, Amare ranks 31st in the L for rebounding.

Shaq isn't stealing his boards either, he's ranked 35th.

He ranks equal 46th for blocked shots with Wiz rookie McGee and Swift, the project ranga for OKC.

Now stats do lie and mislead on occasion, but of all the players on these lists ranked higher- only chris bosh has played more minutes than Amare.

Maybe he works so hard at scoring, his tank is empty for D? Tell that to guys like Duncan, Bosh, Randolph, Boozer, West, Rasheed, KG and Dirk, guys that all score and rebound.

Maybe Amare boxes out real well and smaller guys get in to grab the boards and trigger breaks?

Maybe Amare is concerned more with solid D rather than getting into fouls trouble chasing swatts?

Maybe he is cruising until the playoffs where he will average 30/15/5?


Only one thing is for cetain,

If i was a suns fan i would be bald.

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Years ago

The Suns play a bit of zone defence here and there, so you have to take that into consideration, because it is harder to box out when your in a zone.
BTW, the apostrophe is bewteen the r and e in his name. Not after the e

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Years ago

Quagmire, we know you hate Stoudemire and I know you want to bag him anyway you can but you could at least get your facts right before making up crap instead of making your self look like a fool.

1. You say Amare wants to get better on D yet is ranked 31st in rebounds. WRONG, Last time I checked offensive rebounds isn't part of defence! Were you too stupid to realise that or did you think you would fool people by inflating the figures for your exaggeration? The FACT is he is actually ranked 15th in the league in defensive rebounds and the FACT is this is his BEST season so far in defensive rebounds!

2. You say Shaq isn't stealing his rebounds. Yet Shaq rates 35th in defensive rebounds. The only better combo of defensive rebounds are Philidilpha's Elton Brand/Samuel Dalembert and Brad Miller and Spencer Hawes (However Brad Miller has missed 5 games giving more minutes to Hawes)

3. Once again you say Shaq isn't stealing his blocks but they are both in the top 50 in blocks while probably being in the top 5 of combo's of blocks in the league.

4. Stoudemire's fouls have gone down so perhaps he is playing better defence and not going for the blocks as much hence why his block count is slightly down on previous years.

Finally, Phoenix are currently ranked SECOND in the Midwest (ranked 6th in the league) so actually "Only one thing is for certain" for Suns fans... they would think you are an absolutely idiot for that stupid exaggeration!!!

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'clearly' has no desire to... hmm. You've obviously watched all his games this year and are in a position to comment.


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Years ago

Nice work lads.

Do you think he plays defence as hard as he does offence? Is it unreasonable to expect that from players?

Maybe this is a real case of stats misleading me, like a Wallace or a KG, Amar'e is bigger than his stats...?

I still find it strange that he gets such a low amount of rebounds and blocks.

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And i suppose you are going to give Bruce bowen crap for not playing as hard on offense as he does on defense?

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Years ago

Bowen gives 100% on both ends of the court.

He is extremely limited as a scorer because of a lack of handle and can't hit the pull up at all.

So what did he do? He worked his arse off to make sure he could hit his set shots, went 15/15 in the playoffs once i beleive. Does the absolute best with what he's got- your having a laugh if you think Amar'e is doing the same.

Tell you what, swap their attitudes and Bowen with Amares body would be MVP getting 25-30/15/5 and Amare in Bowens body would be cut by the sixers.

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Years ago

Bowen gives 100% on both ends??? He is the most one dimensional offensive player in the NBA! Unless its a corner 3, he aint scoring.

Another thing on Bowen - i know he is a great perimetre defender but i think he is somewhat overrated. Yes he defends opposition players into bad FG% but as far as defensive stats go, he has career steals per game as 0.9 and career blocks as 0.4. For someone as highly rated as he is as a stopper, he doesnt seem to get the defensive stats you would expect.

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Years ago

Don't confuse effort with ability dude.

Yeah he is one dimensional- but it aint through a lack of effort. He just doesn't have the motor skills to be a quality offensive player. Like i said though- he does the absolute best with what he has.

Agree his D is slightly over-rated, he has had a great asset in Timmy D backing him up, which means he can get right into the shooters faces without too much fear of getting burnt on the drive. Duncan is a luxery not many teams have.

I am talking more in terms of effort though, to quote Sir Charles- 'Nobody works harder than me, there may be guys that work AS hard- but nobody works harder than i do.'

Amar'e cannot possible say this, and until he does he will continue to be a one dimensional scorer (ie- he finishes but relies on others to create) and will never be a top 5 NBA player.

He has been spoilt by guys like Nash and Matrix running with him, now Shaq. Dude needs a reality check in a big way.

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Bowen gives 100% at both ends? yeah right. He rests in the corner while three of the most potent offensive weapons in the game do all the work.

And you never know, amare might just be a bad defender full stop. How do you know he doesnt give 100%. maybe he is only just a gifted offensive player

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Years ago

Rebounding is about athleticism, toughness, smarts and effort.

Take a look at the leading rebounders on a per 48 min basis. He ranks at 114th in the NBA.

So i removed any players that haven't qualified under NBA rules, gets rid of the low min players or one game wonders.

He still comes in at 67.

Athleticism, toughness, smarts and effort.

He absolutely has ONE of those qualities.

And stop telling me Bowen doesn't do everything his team needs him to do within his ability to win. He stays in that corner coz thats his job. He worked hard to get that jumper to fall coz the team needs him to hit it every time. He was a woeful shooter coming into the L, worked hard on getting better, added to his game. Amar'e no different than past seasons. He could be a lot better, but i think we have seen all he has to offer.

He is not tough enough to be elite.

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ok you win, amare sucks, he doesnt try on defense. Do you feel better now.

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Years ago

Why do people always have to say it's one or the other? Are you all frickin children?!

I'm not saying he sucks, he is probably in the top 20 players in the L which isn't too bad.

I'm saying he could be top 5 if he put as much energy into defending as he does scoring.

Which is what he declared would be his focus this season, and i don't see it happening.

Suns will remain pretenders until he addresses this.

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Years ago

"And stop telling me Bowen doesn't do everything his team needs him to do within his ability to win. He stays in that corner coz thats his job. He worked hard to get that jumper to fall coz the team needs him to hit it every time. He was a woeful shooter coming into the L, worked hard on getting better, added to his game. Amar'e no different than past seasons. He could be a lot better, but i think we have seen all he has to offer."

Wow... you are a complete and utter homer!

For starters, Bowen is a thug. You wonder why he stops good offensive players? Cos they are shit scared of him hurting them. I'm talking stray elbows, feet, tunnelling jumpshots. Youtube the guy if you need to see it to believe it.

Secondly... Bowen worked hard on his jumper? WTF about Amar'e my friend. The dude used to dunk ONLY in his rookie season. Guess what his money is now? His jumpshot. The kid has come off knee surgery and has developed his game to a stage where he is dominant regardless. So do not talk to me about Bowen working hard on his corner 3. As far as his defence is concerned, he has missed an entire season worth of development. He came straight from high school to the NBA without too much development. Now that he has a defensive minded coach in Porter, give him a season or two. If he improves each season like he has so far this year look out.

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Years ago

I'll give him a couple of seasons with Porter for sure. I think he needs to be coached hard coz he has proven he won't improve his D of his own accord.

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