Years ago

Funny Statue for Maher at front of Dome?

just throwing this out there but i believe that brett maher deserves a statue out the front of the dome. no offence to davis but maher is a better player and has been the face of basketball in sa for ages. Does anyone agree and what do u think the odds of it happening?

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Years ago

yep I am all for it - like the ones at the MCG for the footballers - have to be him in a shooting pose

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Years ago

Sad night to see this absolute champion say his farewell. But didn't he go out in style, just the way you would expect. The best player ever to play for the Sixers.
On a cricket subject, how on earth has Steve Bucknor been able to umpire as many games as he has?! Young Callum Fergusson was batting brilliantly today. Firstly Bucknor warns him for running on the pitch (just about every player does exactly the same thing), then he gives him out LBW after the lad bladed the ball into his pads. I would have gladly knocked Bucknor clean out to be honest. It makes me sick and for crying out loud, let's have the referral rule in as soon as possible!

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Years ago

squid i agree!! i was urging him on all the way and then we get that!! haha

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Years ago

Yeah i agree with the statue. It was a sad night to see him go, but he went out with an outstanding performance!

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Years ago

What about a perpetual motion/kinetic sculpture of him doing his classic stutter dribble (before a pull up J)? Haha.

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Years ago

I reckon there should be a steve bucknor statue outside my house made of chocolate, does anyone agree?

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Years ago

Isn't having the court named after him good enough?

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Years ago


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Years ago

Nothing is good enough for Mahersy.

I'd love to see a statue.

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Years ago

Statue pull up three or fade-away floating two! ala Jordan statue!

Would cost some $$ to be done properly and not look half assed though but would be AWESOME!!

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Years ago

I think its a great idea, i was just talking about it last night with a couple of mates, and all agree it needs to be done, i would even go as far as doing a fund raiser for it. THE PEOPLE WANT IT!!!!

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Years ago

You'd sell extra tickets over the years due to it though. Shows the club has some heritga eabout it and is soemthing worth following for new wouldbe fans. Not to emntion it is well deserved and to a champio of South Ausralia. And heck id do it, just to out do Melbourne, what did they do for Andrew Gaze that is better than calling it his court a statue out front??

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Years ago

Definately up for the statue idea- has anyone pitched this to the Sixers people to see if they'd even entertain the idea?
What a game it was....

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Years ago

If they called their court Andrew Gaze Court, he would have to share it with the name of the greatest Netballer and Hockey player.

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I am Mutley  
Years ago

Lets get another head done like the mark Davis one. We could eventually have a "legends concourse" inside the dome made up of the bronze heads of our champions & the retired singlets.

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Years ago

Legends concourse sounds good, perhaps we could get our 3 times championship coach there as well - not the Pura sponsored coach we had last year

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Years ago

I just hope that the new owners of The Dome keep the name on the court, otherwise Saturday night will have been a wasted gesture.

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Years ago

No reason why a Maher statue would preclude having a Davis one. Infact, if they were to be one... it would be a good time to do both.

Maher shooting a lay-up, Davis pulling down a board. Both on either side of the entrance to the Dome.

I'd get behind that.

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Years ago

Agreed!! ^^

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Years ago

If Mark Davis has a statue of his big head in the stadium, Brett deserves to have an even bigger one...Mark doesn't deserve to have one, he sued the sixers and didn't have the respect to even show up for Brett's last game.

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Years ago

Couldn't drive.

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Years ago

A bit harsh on M Davis there
You don't know the intricates of the business side of the's not always roses after players retire

Shaun Rehn did the same and is still loved by the crowd

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Years ago

#225261 - show some respect to a past ledgend.

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Years ago

I think someone should organise a "final Shot" print like they did for Michael Jordan....That monster three from different angles with a brief description. Would look awesome I think

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Years ago

A bit of respect for Mark Davis? Yeah he showed alot of respect for Brett, when he said he would go to the game and did'nt even shown up. I know alot more about the 36'ers than you think.

It's nice to see that you stand by your past players, that show's that Adelaide people and the 36'ers fans are very loyal but trust me when i say this MARK DAVIS IS A SNAKE. Alot of people know this but won't say it. I am sorry if you feel that i am beng disrespectfull.

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Years ago

Anon, we ain't honoring the person, we are honoring the player.

Brett's record stands alone. Great guy and all that....but it wouldn't mean jack $hit if he wasn't such a great player.

MD's career as an import with one club will take some beating, thats what we honor, the players record and input to the team.

You are not the only one in the world to have an MD story that may shock some people; however does that have any bearing on what is an NBL legend?

Again...we honor the player, if he's a good bloke all the more better, if not, we just honor the player.

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