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So who should the Knicks clean out?

So, the Knicks go out in 5. And what a season it's been for them !

Melo gets a heap of points, and the Knicks stay competitive on the scoreboard, but he takes so many shots that the rest of the team never gets a chance to get warm.

I saw a comment that said that the Knicks were in the 5th game until Stoudamire fouled out in the 3rd quarter.

They really got hurt by the injuries in the playoffs.

Linsanity gave them back their mojo when Melo and Stoudamire weren't playing, and played great team ball. In fact, the stats show that the Knicks actually do better without Amar'e than with.

So, where to from here? Would the Knicks have done better without Melo or Amar'e? Who's worth keeping, & what do they need to recruit? Will they sack the coach?

What do you reckon?

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Years ago

You need a coach who can get them all on the same page. Mike Woodson, whose answer in Atl was to get joe Johnson the ball and everyone stand still and watch, is not the answer. Carmelo is just the joe johnson.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Not sure Melo will ever take a team to the NBA finals due to his style of game so i guess if the price is right you could move him on but only for the right player.

Amare has been out of sorts this year and really needs a strong pass first point guard in high Pick n Roll situations so he can use his strenghs.

Keeping both guys won't win you finals seris so i guess the GM is going to have a tough time working out the best way forward.

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Years ago

Pretty sure Amare's contract insurance does not cover his dodgy back so they will have a hard time finding a taker for his MASSIVE contract.
So if they don't think Amare and Melo can play well together then Melo has to go.
Pretty hard to think of a team that needs him and is in a big enough city that he wouldn't whinge like a bitch if he goes there, ie the Bucks.

GSW maybe, but I think they are happy they got rid of 1 chucker already (Ellis).

Boston if they go into rebuild mode, Garnett and Pierce for Melo and filler.

Atlanta, Joe Johnson, Melo and 13 pass first PGs!!! :)

Suns could be ok, Nash + Warrick + Childress for Melo + Douglas

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Years ago

Keep them both and sign Steve Nash in the off season

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Years ago

What anon said. Nash has played with Stoudy & will tidy this whole ball club up. Trade Lin, Bibby, & whoever else to get Nash!!

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Years ago

I wouldn't mind keeping Lin, Shumpert & Chandler, but yeah I'd like to see Nash in there.

I don't see how he'd change Melo's me-me-me type of play, though. If Nash didn't pass to Melo, I reckon Nash'd be shown the door so fast.

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Years ago

Nash would pass to Melo. He'd get him better looks. Melo would love him!!

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Years ago

Melo and Amare need to go...

Trade Melo to Nets. They have already showed interest in past, and have money to make it work. Just depends on if they have players worth trading for.

Amare... Well, let's just hope he pulls a Brandon Roy and retires ASAP. His stats are goin down and injuries up. He can't play well unless it's a run and gun game, he can't handle playing low post, and has nothing to offer defensively.

Knicks need to keep Chandler, Lin, Shumpert, Smith, Fields. They need to find star players who can work in a team environment, and they need young role players with 3 years or so in the league at least.

If they can get Nash to run point with Lin that would be great. Lin would learn a tonne from Nash, and possibly lead the Knicks to a championship in the future.

Go for Phil Jackson, give him full control. That's the only coach who could fix everything up here. Woodson is too happy feedin egos like Melo, and that isn't going to put rings on any fingers

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Years ago

I think Amare and Melo can work. But only if Amare comes off the bench limiting their minutes on court together. Both of them on court together spells trouble, the opposition can score at will.

Shumpert, Smith, Melo, Jefferies, Chandler
Lin, Fields, Novak, Stoudermire, Harrellson

The first lineup allows Melo to be the focus of the offence, surrounding him with defenders. Smith can also score, Chandler can get into pick and roll situations with him.

The second lineup allows the offence to run through pick and rolls with Lin and Amare, with shooters everywhere else keeping the defence honest. Fields plays solid defence.

But the chances of having a bloke like Amare coming off the bench? Slim to none.

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Years ago

Phil Jackson wouldnt be able to use the triangle offense with this group which relies too heavily on dribble penetration and isolations to get their points up

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Years ago

melo and amare will never co exist ever, amare to go with chandler for dwight , sign brandon roy and steve nash in off seson ,

start with nash shumpert melo jefferies dwight ,

roy fields lin and get another big for bench with novak and smith ,

roy will only be able to play limited minutes on that dodgy knee, but we saw what he did in limited minutes in portland >>?? and he wants to come back !!!!

nash still reckons he has 3 years wants to play til 40 , melo wouldnt have to worrt about amare, jefferies would bring some much needed defence along with shumpert, and then of course dwight ,

i think orlando would definately look at that kind of deal, there was rumours of it anyways. melo is the face of that franchise and an absolute beast do not trade him !!! amare is usueless. roy is obviously a longshot...

OR package amare and lin and get a point guard keep chandler


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Years ago

Brandon Roy?

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Years ago

Nash is a free agent so no trade will be needed.I don't see how Melo can be seen as a superstar because he has no way of carrying a team like a Dirk, Kobe or even Tim Duncan. Trade him he is as selfish as they come.They should never have made the trade with Denver last season he was always going to be a bad fit with Amare and the rest of the team. It was also stupid of the management to amnesty Billups which really hurt them before Lin showed the goods.

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Years ago

I'll say it again - grab Nash. It will give Stoudy a new lease of life & no one needs to get traded. Whats happened has happened just add a piece of the puzzle.

Phil Jackson, Melo & Nash. That would be exciting! He would take out the selfishness of Melo & blend this group nicely! I'm sure with 12 titles he has more to offer than the triangle!!

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Years ago

I agree with you Orbit. I remember back when Paul Pierce had no point guard and average team-mates at best, he was always playing ISO basketball too.

Once Pierce had KG, Allen and Rondo around him he no longer needed to spend half the shot clock trying to create off the dribble!

Melo has a lot of ability, get him a PG who makes life easy for him and I think you'll see his efficiency go through the roof.

Unless they can get an absolute stud player in return, I'd keep the core intact for next season, add Nash if possible and look for growth from Lin, Shumpert and Fields.

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Years ago

The only problem with getting Nash now is they've sacked the coach who knows how to use him.

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Years ago

SHumpert torn his ACL, he will likely miss the next season.

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Years ago

Heh, well thats the Knicks for ya Orbit! Glad I don't support them!

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