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Process for club to avoid ref on their games

What action can a club take within the rules to ensure certain refs are not put in charge of their games? Would it be prudent to video several games of the officials in question to support the request? Is videoing the officials a breech? Speaking with supervisory officials has not worked and continued and specific targeting is occurring. Just want the process not a debate.

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The best process is to write a letter to BSA saying that you think this person is a great ref.

Cause if you write complaining, they will give you that ref each and every game just to prove a point.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I think you're 100% correct Titan

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Playing Devil's Advocate here....

If this was to transpire, would it be possible for the referees then to request which players take the court?

What's good for one group of people would surely be good for another group: equality, fair and just!

Again, just playing Devil's Advocate!

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No idea about referee rostering.

It goes on availability of and where each referee can travel to ability of the referees available.

If you have a general complaint or issue with a referee, make it known to BSA's referee dept. and if it is a justified complaint and they have the means to avoid placing that referee on your game i have no doubt that they will.

By a process of elimination im thinking that this is more than likely a Junior District Friday Night, where a referee is only available at that one venue, and this is the home team complaining. If so talk to the Court Supervisor and see if they can change it on the night.

There is plenty of ways to skin a cat (not that I know 1).

And Titan the thought that the evil powers to be at BSA sitting in there offices, targeting your game and thinking 'how can we make their life hell' is that far detatched from reality.

There is not enough referees going around for BSA to deliberatley place referees onto your game - just to prove a point - and the suggestion of that is just plain stupidity.

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**It goes on availability of and where each referee can travel to, and the ability of the referees available.

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Years ago

Anon 349 the difference is the referee has the power to do something about problem players, tech fouls etc. Players coaches have no real avenue to deal with egotistical referees etc Hence what is good for one group doesnt reflect when applying it to the other.

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Years ago

My god egotistical referees should be banned for life and we keep all the shit referees who are nice...........please grow up. Treat each other with some form of respect and who knows things may go your way.
This them and us mentality is just nuts

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would this come from a ABA game over the weekend?

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To Devil's Advocate, a much better analogy would be a referee asking not to be rostered to certain teams' games. That does happen.

If a team can show footage of a referee consistently making clearly incorrect calls in their games they should have an avenue to pursue that.

This isnt about attacking all referees, it is about finding ways to legitimately establish whether there is an issue between a certain team and referee. If there is, it is only common sense to keep the two apart where possible.

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I remember after an under 20 mens game at Morphett Vale one of the teams tried to jump the two referees in the carpark. Pitty they picked the wrong referees and ended up being the one needing an ambulance.

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Years ago

Well said Paul.

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The Situation  
Years ago

Not sure videoing a ref is a good idea. You know they'll start throwing techs around if they get a hint that they'll be on tv.

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There are a couple of refs (LOL, I can smell the irony) that I reckon are so biased it is a complete joke. If I am coaching a team with them reffing and they start calling one sided, I just call a time out and then POLITELY question their logic. Usually this only enrages them more and they become even more biased.

Once that happens, I consider I have given them a chance to ref fairly and so I usually say "F#$% it!". Call a time out and then I tell my players that they are going to call fouls regardless of how hard or soft you go, so go hard and make any foul count. If you are going to be called for a charging foul when it is a block, then make that player hurt.

One game I had a player on four soft fouls in the first half, first play of the second half they went on a hard drive into the key. They were out of the game, but so was the other player.

I know reffing is hard, but when you're biased and you annoy a coach like me who places a high emphasis on fairness, there will be casualties.

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One lady in particular needs to realise that it is very obvious when she calls nothing for one team and everything on the other but she is very clever about where she calls the catch up fouls so that the score sheets seem kosher.

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Years ago

It's so easy to get those catch up fouls in the back court

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Very Old  
Years ago

19:45 30 May 12

I'm not surprised you are "anonymous" - to be blunt you are exactly the type of coach who no sport deserves.

Think about it ( or get someone else to do it for you) you are teaching your juniors that if the ref is ( in your opinion) not doing their job properly or even being biased - then it is absolutely appropriate to go out and deliberately hurt and injure the opposition players, and I have no doubt you then congratulate and praise them for doing so. Great teaching points there, certain their parents thank you for those life lessons.

No wonder we have thugs out on the streets of Adelaide that think that because ( in their opinion) they are unfairly hassled by "cops" -- its then OK to go around glassing anyone in their way.

You sir ( or madam ) are a disgrace.

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Encased Heeding  
Years ago

Very Old...Spot on! It is funny that a coach that preaches retribution may have refs keeping a close eye on their team!

Anyone who wants players to take out opponents to change the ref calls has no place in the game. Maybe encouraging and developing the skills of their team could help??

Ever considered that being coached by a POLITE (bold, italics, underline!!) coach who burns time outs to chew refs and to give "@&$k it" speeches might be the cause?

What message does it send about their behavior in the wider community - I suppose if things go bad they could call you for advice!

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Years ago

Backcourt fouls? Youre not refering to the poison dwarf who ONLY refs Southern.

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to answer the post its easy - don't go to Marion

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Years ago

There are many reasons for poor officiating which we can all relate to and move on because like players, mistakes occur but when a 'couple' intentionally set out to mark a club and or its players and ump the game with predetermined bias they need to be weeded out.

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Years ago

Videoing a basketball match is not a breech. However, I would avoid telling the referee that they are being videoed so their performance can be sent to the hierarchy for review. Some subtleness surely is the sensible thing here...

While some coaches may think a referee has 'got it in for them', the fact they may have made a call the coach didn't like two months ago, is not a reason for expecting a bad performance every week. If they have the same referee often, a smart coach will teach their team to play the way the game will be officiated...

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