Years ago

Duh-wight requests trade to Nets

Just read an article from Hoopsworld saying Howard has asked to be traded to the Nets.

The really interesting thing though was that supposedly the reason Howard picked up his option to stay with the Magic next season is because he was blackmailed!

Could this explain Dwight's backdown during last season? I could never work out why he took up the option for 2012-13 when he supposedly wanted out.

"Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard asked to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, reported Saturday.

Howard, who missed the last stretch of the season after getting back surgery, met with new Orlando general manager Rob Hennigan in Los Angeles on Friday and asked to be traded to the Nets, sources told

Howard amended his contract in March, waiving his right to opt out at the end of this past season and extending the deal another year. He can become a free agent next summer. Howard told people in his inner circle that he was blackmailed into signing the option, sources told

No decision has been made about whether Howard's trade request will be granted or not.

Howard, a first team All-NBA selection with 20 points and a league-leading 14.5 rebounds per game, played in 54 of 66 games."

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Years ago

Im so sick of these players forcing teams to trade them to a team of their liking.

You ask for a trade, fair enough. If you ask for one, then you have no say where you end up. If you want to have a say where you will end up, wait until you're a free agent.

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Years ago

Such a preening asshole. Wish he would just play basketball and end this drama.

This is way worse than Lebron's "Decision".

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celtic green  
Years ago

Any info on how they blackmailed him? I had a quick scan of the net and it says that but no one gives any info. Just to clarify I don't think they did, his own union is not touching it with a 10 foot pole.

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Years ago

when are we going to see the negatives or the footage?

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Years ago

APPARENTLY the Magic GM said to Dwight that if he doesn't sign the extension they will trade him to Houston or LA as they had deals on the table.

That isn't really blackmail in the NBA/professional sports. It would have been blackmail if they said they were going to trade him to Toronto or Charlotte however.

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Years ago

Get him in the WNBA he will feel at home with the women where he can be the biggest drama queen he wants to be

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Years ago

I really dislike Howard, he wont ever win a thing. Too worried about trying to look like the big loveable character to the fans media, but has no backbone. Imagine being angry at your employer who is looking to pay you over $100 million, think about that for a second. OVER $100 million, to play a game, enough said.

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Years ago

Surely it had to be more than just threatening to trade him to Houston or LA? I mean, LA would be a pretty good destination for him and while Houston hasn't been a contender for awhile, its generally a decent organisation with some good players.

If I was Dwight and they threatened to trade me to those places unless I picked up my contract, I would laugh in their face and tell them to go for it.

He'd be a free agent right now anyway if he hadn't picked up his option. There must be something more that the Magic has over him IMO.

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Years ago

When they're paying him that much, they should be able to trade him wherever they want. Blackmail, ha!

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Years ago

Maybe they told him no one will trade for him when they know he will become a free agent at the end of the season, so sign on and we guarantee we will trade you to the Nets who will take you if you sign on for another season?

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Years ago

Sounds like this is going to be drawn out right till the end. Do you think he'll still be requesting a trade if D Williams goes to the Mavs? Apparantly speculation with some of the players in Orlando over Dwights operation....that he didn't really need to have it done??? Of course that could be Espn fueling the flame.
Orlando are not going to let him go unless they get something good in return. Any ideas on possible trade offers?? Who do you trade him for?

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Years ago

This is now beyond ridiculous. He has been clamouring for a trade for the last few years. The Magic need to realise that he is their property. They don't need to be held ransom. They know that he wants to leave, they have the power to trade him to ANY team they want to! He doesn't have a no-trade clause so they only need to make the contract values in the trade match.

Don't know why the Magic have been so eager to please him. Franchise player or not, he has made life very difficult for that franchise with his antics.

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Years ago

I heard the Magic caught him with a floor wiper in a compromising position. Thats their leverage

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Years ago

Magic should just play him as much as possible, break him then let him walk at the end of the season. If he still can walk that is...

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Years ago

He'll get traded in the next week I reckon. The Magic have a new front office and coach and they'll just want to move on.

In an article I just read on Yahoo, Howard said:

"There's only one team on my list and if I don’t get traded there, I'll play the season out and explore my free agency after that."

Dwight will probably get his way and join D-Will in Brooklyn, as that is the destination most sources seem to think Howard wants.

Some chance he could still go to the Lakers, but they will only make the trade now if they think they can get Howard to sign a new deal.

Surely it will be Dwight for a sign and trade of Lopez + Brooks + filler?

And incidentally, I really hope this talk of the Nets trading for Joe Johnson is just them trying to put the pressure on Orlando to deal Dwight. If its not, the Nets are effin crazy!

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celtic green  
Years ago

Yeah I read that as well Beantown; having said that not a bad team if they get Dwight as well. Dwight, Wallace, Johnson and Deron (plus whatever filler they need). Not sure if they can do it with the salaries? And I would not want to be them in 3 years when JJ & Wallace start breaking down, but you have to think with JJ as your 3rd option plus him & Wallace playing D with Dwight behind them they would be a pretty good team. Enough to challenge Miami if they can fill the roster out and gel quickly

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Years ago

Confused as hell as to why the Magic are pretty much kissing Dwight's ass like there's no tomorrow and have been very accommodating regarding his requests over the years. For someone who doesn't have a no-trade clause he seems to think he can take the franchise to ransom. His only leverage is that he's in a contract year now so it could be problematic to have a team trade for him with the possibility of him walking in the off-season. At the same time, if you have a few pieces around Dwight once you trade for him, and you offer him a max deal, he is going to be inclined to take it. I don't care who you are, when 100 million dollars is staring you in the face you are going to be inclined to take it.

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