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Went today to game.... Not a regular ... Not happy

Hi all,

Second game for the season. In fact first game was the other tigers visit. First two gaes for years and years as I live in the country.

$10 ticket buyer today and a country visitor. (Ie 3 hour round trip)

Seats and entertainment were good and would have me coming back.

Product and extras have me re thinking.

My 5 year old saw the face painter during the first quarter. Sign said 12 to 2.

Walked her over at quarter time. No good, told by a attendant no more face painting.

No line no wait but no. Would have cost the club 40 to 60$ to keep the face painter there for th full game.

My daughters comment? 'Do we have to come to Bball again dad?"

Sad sad moment.

And secondly the game. I am a senior a junior coach in great southern association.

I have read all the be g comments about the coach. Could see everyone's point but I liked Marty as a player so I went with an open mind.

I though the sub patterns were horrible.

We had a 9 point lead in the first half and were rolling. Dj had two steals crowd were rocking all looking could.


On comes daly (not his fault I do like him as a player out goes I think petrie also I think)

9 point lead down to 4 very soon.

These guys are professional athletes. 40 mins is nothing. I run my. Best player 40 mins every week in seniors.

Play the guys who are paid the most especially when they are rolling!

And lastly .

Really was looking forward to seeing Flynn and Scott. Rose to my feet with the dunk Scott did in the first quarter..... Wow.

What happens?

Inept soft pathetic umpiring denies me the chance to watch the players I came to see.

I walked away disappointed with the penny pinching sixers management.

Shattered to watch the coaching staff run under ten sub patterns.

And disillusioned by the soft umpiring.

I am a Bball purist (as a kid when living in south suburbs had season tickets for years 86 till 93) and I am not sure I will be back.

Shame on u 36 ers tight ass management, m Clarke and nbl umpires.

Sorry guys just had to vent.

I am sure I am not alone I believe I represent the diff between 4 k and 7k crowds.

I will shut up now feel slightly better.

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Years ago

Sorry for all the typos damn I pad

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Years ago

Good read

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Years ago

Just another fan disappointed and frustrated. Join the club. I said it before and I'll say it again, by not sacking this coaching staff early has done more harm then good.

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Years ago

As a country person trying to convince my wife to maybe get season tickets next year, with the current product i have more hope of convincing her to buy me a Bugatti veyron. The gold plated variety. She won't even watch the game on tv anymore. I feel your pain Wayne. Your heart would have sank when your daughter said that.

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Years ago

See your point mr Bol.

For me the whole package was the issue

Do U think I should voice my frustration Monday morning ?

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Years ago

^ What he said; we may not have a club left thanks to the coaching staff and Admin's refusal to change anything. Very sad.

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Years ago

My hear did sink bucket man because I won't my
Daughter to love Bball as much as I do.

Sounds vindictive but I hope the sixers staff watched my daughter cry whilst I hugged her.

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Years ago

Want ... Shit I phone now

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Years ago

a and o are no where near each other Wayne

My first game for a few years got free face painting for my kids, they were disappointed with the result but want to go again they loved it, the two girls wanna be cheer girls and my son wants a backboard for his birthday but they did miss out on free Fruchocs

Can't blame the umpires for the stupid fouls from Flynn and Scott

I am with Carfino the sooner the umpires clean the game up the better

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Years ago

What a great non review. Most people wouldn't even know about here, Yet you do Nuff said.

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Years ago

Anon, Wayne is involved in other areas of basketball and so reads Hoops mostly for those.

The typos are a result of autocorrects on iOS.

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Years ago

< also a victor resident, tired of getting home at 11.45pm or missing 6 hours with my family on Sundays, just isn't worth it to attend any more games this year, I'm glad I watched a few games at the start of the season when we where playing well.

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Years ago

Sorry auto correct and wine!

A non review?
You are probably right.

Just expressing an opinion.

Maybe this isn't the right forum?

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Years ago

Good job Wayne, I enjoyed the read. The only contrary thing Id say is that players cant play 40 minutes at a high intensity, that's been shown over and over in many different professional leagues.

As a general rule, if youre playing guys more than 80% of game time their effectiveness will drop.

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Years ago


Were your girls the ones in the full cheerleader outfits?

If so we were in your section. My kids and my mates kids thought they were amazing!

I didn't think at least one foul each for Scott and Flynn were waranted.

To me the best indicator was the team mates. SOme of the fouls (Scott brushing DJ going to the hoop stickes in my mind) were so soft.

Where as other fouls, people were beaten black and blue and no call? Maybe I have been out of watching top line umpiring for too long and have lost my eye for what is and isnt a foul?

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Years ago

Well done Wayne blame the sixers because face painting was between 12 and 2 and you went after 2. Take her before the game.

Players in this aggressive league won't put out the same input for 40 minutes. Obviously unless you were coach.

It might be a need for change with coaches but I reckon some fans being unrealistic could change as well.

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Years ago

The umpiring was definitely a little off yesterday, they started fairly tough (actually quite harsh I thought) but then slackened off for the rest of the game

I rarely agree with Steeeve Carfino but on Friday night he was talking about the refs calling more fouls to clean up the game. This is contrary to what he normally says where he thinks the referees are too harsh and they should let the teams just play. I like his new thinking, if you watch Euroleague there is definitely a lot less ugly body contact that seems to be only increasing in our league

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Years ago

Maybe the NBL should change the rules so no one can win in Adelaide except the 36ers. Would keep alot of people happy on these forums.

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Years ago

And of course face painting 24/7 for Wayne and his daughter.

If she said do we have to come to basketball again because of the face painter he didn't take her to on time then I don't think she really wanted to go anyway.

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Years ago

Can't comment on the face painting, but agree with the subbing/coaching comments, though I'm beginning to think the real issue is the mix of players; possibly off the court as well as on it. In other words I wonder what the change-room dynamics. Suspect they reflect what we see on court - or maybe vice versa.

As for players ... in general terms we have bigs & guards, with no pure shooter & no-one capable of generating his own shots off the floor ... which takes us right back to coaches & recruiting.

As for the refereeing, while I gree the officials were far from perfect [that charging foul on Flynn was a joke], I thought they tried really had to turn a wrestling or kick-boxing bout into a game of basketball, and in general did a half-decent job. Interesting that in the third term at least you could see players [at times] making a conscious effort to keep their hands off players, and we actually saw two or three good penetrations to the basket as a result.

Love to see a lot more of it.

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Years ago

"I thought they tried really had to turn a wrestling or kick-boxing bout into a game of basketball"

I agree. They made some bloopers but I thought they had the courage to call a lot of fouls where some lesser refs decide 'bugger it, Ill let it all go'.

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Years ago

i seriously dont believe the reffing in the first half was bad. It was good, bot because I am one yed, but Melbourne decided to bully their way around.

Just at the half, the foul count was 19-9 against Melbourne. Thats why there was no call on DJ under the ring, yet goes down the other end, and yep... instant foul against us.

Otherwise there would have been a please explain.
Another sureity that there needs to be an investigation by the ACC on refs and the nbl also in general.

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Years ago

Wouldn't it be great if Wayne sent a letter to the 36ers and explaining his grievances and him and his family went to another game and got treated much better and got some face painting and having his daughter catch the basketball bug and then he writes on here saying how great it was...

But of course you live in a town with an outgoing board, an outgoing coach and guaranteed player personal changes at season end (damn that sounds like Perth Glory) and sadly I can't see anyone taking responsibility and wanting to do something about it.

City based teams should make it more beneficial for country folk that come into town to watch a game, but not sure what they can do.

On another subject I think it would be great during all-star weekend to get all the courtside announcers, mascots amongst other club officials/representatives from around the league together so they can learn from each other and pass on ideas that may improve the quality of the entertainment that we pay for when seeing a game (hopefully less music). I know individuality is great but if it helps then it could be good for the league in its fight against other sport/entertainment.

Good luck with everything Wayne

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Years ago

Seriously. How over rated is this thread and this crap. He took his daughter to a game. He took her to a face painter when she was finished and its everyone else's fault.

Man up Wayne. You don't come often you don't take her in the available time and everyone else is to blame and supposed to fix your mistake.

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Years ago

I'm a Perth Wildcats member and we have every age demographic covered there so I don't want to alienate any fan as at the end of the day we have a league of 8 and I don't want that decreasing for any reason

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