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Why doesn't WA's SBL produce NBL players?

Is it because the best thing prospects go to college more than they used to? Looking at the wildcats only Greg hire used the sbl as a path to the NBL. There have been a lot if development players obviously but none have stuck or looked like they were close to the required level

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Years ago

Tom Jervis, Tom Garlepp, Greg Hire.

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Years ago

Pretty decent players.

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Years ago

The Wildcats don't value local talent unless they are extremely talented.

The SEABL is more reputable so eastern states clubs will look there first.

A number of NBL/College talents have come through the WABL system which eventually becomes SBL for adults, but most end up going over east or to the US.

It's very rare to have a WA player go from WABL to SBL to NBL without doing a stint in the US.

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Years ago

Rhys Vague looks like an interesting prospect but I'm still not sure that the Wildcats will give him 11th roster spot or even if he will get minutes for us to give a good enough appraisal of his talent(s).

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Years ago

Forgot about Jervis. Notwithstanding, there's not a huge amount of players from there, relative to the SEABL.

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Years ago

Greg Hire went to college first.
In every state league in Australia the ones who legitimately play at the next level (WNBL/NBL) these days have all gone to college or at least the AIS. It is just too hard to not only get a look in at NBL, but you are also stuck for development. You don't learn those necessary fundamentals both offensively and defensively in state league unless you are one of the lucky few who has a really good coach that is interested in development.
And yes, clubs like the Wildcats are only interested in top-tier players. They buy teams, they don't develop even though they have the label of "development" players. That's just a marketing ploy.

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Years ago

*Sorry meant the best players that go to the NBL have all been to AIS/college. I can barely think of anyone who hasn't off the top of my head in recent years.

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Years ago

Not really sure what the OP is asking?
If you're asking why don't players come up through the ranks, progress into SBL as teenagers, then move to NBL? Well yes, its because they mostly choose to go to College.
If you have the potential to play NBL, then you should be good enough to get a scholarship to some podunk "university" and most of these kids harbour dreams of international stardom.

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Years ago

Look for the situation to get even worse as the league moves to a 40 minute game. The development will be almost completely nil.

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Years ago

James Harvey. No AIS or US College.
349 NBL games.

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Years ago

Also Matthew Burston.
No AIS or US College.

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Years ago

Both a long time ago now. Irrelevant. The past 10 years has seen a huge increase in players going to college.

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Years ago

James Harvey and Buxton are the type of players you "used" to find at this level then see them slowly progress from bench player. Not anymore was the query as to why

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Years ago

"Look for the situation to get even worse as the league moves to a 40 minute game. The development will be almost completely nil."

Fairly ignorant assumption. The "stands to reason" argument that more game time means more court time for development players just doesn't hold true. Coaches use 7-8 players per game generally in their rotations, occasionally more. That hasn't changed between 40 and 48 minute games.

Development on the whole happens at training, be that team or Individual. Experience comes in games, and in the 40 vs 48 minute scenario, Number 11 in the rotation getting 1 mpg in 40 mns versus 1 mpg in 48 makes no difference to that.

I have argued for a long time here that none of the secondary leagues really offer a pathway anymore. Paul puts it more eloquently, that NBL players these days drop back to play in these leagues, stay fit, work on one thing or another but the days of any of the secondary leagues providing a genuine pathway are long gone in my view.

Enjoy your SBL, its your semi-pro. It just needs Will Farrell.

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Years ago

3 imports doesn't help the local player situation either.
I think this NBL Tryout is a hurge farce. Publicity only.

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Years ago

Yeah definitely a publicity only thing.

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Years ago

cj bruton
matin cattalini
ben pepper
adrain mastrovich

I don't think the above guys went to college or AIS.

mark Worthington he played college but played SBL

greg brown , brent hobba, wyatt earp, Jamie baker,joel wagner,there are probably way more .

there is a lot of local talent who can make it thru without college and AIS.

The question is how come it doesn't happen anymore
you speak of hire and jervis lately. do they even come close to a few of the above names mentioned. I don't think so.

the question also is . are we kidding ourselves about the current standard of the S.B.L.

I watch the mens sbl these days and I believe there are better athletes playing the game overall , but what I don't see is smart players who can read the game, I also think there is less passion, it is not as physical.

my observation only , however the bottom 3 things I mentioned smarts,passion,coping with physical type play are what is important to become an N.B.L player.

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Years ago

Liam Rush

I think you don't see many going SBL straight to NBL because the jump in class is too large. Most of the highly talented juniors move out of WA (college or AIS) or out of the sport before they play seniors.

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Years ago

Bruton went to College,
Pepper went to College,
Majstrovich went to AIS

I think Cattalini is in the same group as Burston, Harvey and Rush.
Can't believe I forgot him as he is probably the most successful in NBL of all 4.

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Years ago

I think we are kidding ourselves re the standard of the SBL at the moment.
It lacks good quality coaches too. Need some overseas' trained coaching talent.
It's a semi-pro league and only the imports are paid in most of the teams.

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Years ago

Current NBL players who came thru their respective SBL teams first (some went to college, some didn't).....

Alex Loughton
Cameron Gliddon
Daniel Johnson
Greg Hire
Mark Worthington
Matty Burston
Tom Garlepp
Tom Jervis

And then you can add a couple of NBL development players:
Rhys Vague
Ben Dixon

And you could also add Cody Ellis who didn't play SBL but came thru the Stirling Senators junior program before going to college.

A hell of a lot of bigs there.

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Farrison Hord  
Years ago

Stephen Black via Willetton also....

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Years ago

Joel Wagner and Kyle Armour both got short gigs in the NBL.

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Years ago

Stephen Black played all his State teams, minus one, for NSW. Was a 2 time Bob Staunton medal winner. Not really a Willetton Development Programme product. Left the club at 12 years old I think, returned to SBL early 20's. Still can't believe he never played with an Olympic boomers' team.

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Years ago

Still not really sure what this thread is about?
Why would you want to see guys stay in the SBL when there are other options open to them?
Most young guys will go to College if they get a decent offer.
They DREAM of NBA selection.
If not, they might have a chance in Europe or elsewhere.

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Years ago

Agree, has gone off track again. The SBL may continue to provide development players who don't proceed to the main 10 contracts.
Perhaps it would have been interesting to research if any Aussies have been remotely connected to NBA without having been at AIS?
Decent quality comps with good salaries in European basketball for Aussies without a double passport is very rare. All the US college kids are looking at playing there after graduation, competition is huge.

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Years ago

An issue I see commonly is coaches discouraging kids from going to College unless they are a total gun and guaranteed to make the NBL or pro somewhere.

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Years ago

Best advice....just treat a college opportunity as a huge adventure.
There are hundreds of unknown Div 1 colleges, not just the march madness group we hear about every year.

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Years ago

we also know that Longley and vlahov played SBL. outside these 2 however, who in my opinion are streaks ahead. who has had the better career wortho vs cattalini vs cj bruton.
all outstanding players in their own right. my vote is martin cattalini.

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Years ago

Love Cat, but surely it is CJ.

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Years ago

There would be less than 10 players in the NBL that haven't been AIS, college or both.

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Years ago

There is no way Vlahov is streaks ahead of Bruton.

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