Years ago

So Sydney are stacked hey? LOL

I find it funny how when a "BIG NAME" comes to the NBL, everyone gets excited.

There is a REASON why "NBA" players come to the NBL. If they were in DEMAND from the NBA, then you can be guaranteed they WONT come here.

Name me 1 NBA that came here from the NBA and went back to the NBA to continue there career.

Patty Mills? Only came because of the lockout..NO OTHER REASON.

This Kings roster isnt all that...Blake, Powell and Maric are all washed up and are here for a holiday/returning home.

When people think of NBA players that come here get excited because of they DID, years ago.

People saying this Kings team is the most stacked of all time? When all is said and done they will be the MOST OVERRATED of all time and probably broke in 3 years time due to all these large salaries to washed up hacks.

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Years ago

Sydney then daylight, right ? :P

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Years ago

I never understand WHY there is a high propensity of PEOPLE on the internet who FEEL the need to emphasis EVERY other word in their sentences as if it's THE best way to get their POINT across, when all it MAKES me do is imagine them pressing EXTRA hard on their keyboards as they TYPE them.

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Years ago

I wonder how excited every would get here if the Kings signed Kobe Bryant in 3 years time.

Fox sports will start showing highlights of him at his peak lol

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twenty four  
Years ago


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Years ago

I find it funny that the school kid Tempo has posted 83 times and until now has never posted about the Kings until they lose. Dickwad.
Then in the middle of his Brisbane fanboy posts Vs Kings it says "Adam Gibson thinks he is Deron Williams" Serious cred.

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Years ago

Tempo is a time waster.

Ignore the young boy

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Years ago

My bad...

Steve Blake rejected a $100 mill offer from the Denver Nuggets to join the Kings...he was so in demand that his manager had to turn off his mobile...


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Kings Lion  
Years ago

Here's two off the top of my head...

Doug Overton
Prior to his NBA career, Doug Overton spent a season with the Illawarra Hawks of the Australian NBL winning league MVP in 1992.
Selected by the Detroit Pistons in the 2nd round (40th overall) of the 1991 NBA draft. Played played in 499 games over 11 NBA seasons for 8 different teams - Washington Bullets, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers.

Stephen Jackson - CBA then 4 games with Sydney Kings. Played 14 seasons in the NBA with the Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Clippers. Jackson won an NBA championship in 2003 as a member of the Spurs.

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Years ago

I am talking about players that were FIRST in the NBA then came to Aus then went back to the NBA.

Patty Mills doesnt count because he only came here due to the lockout.

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Years ago

Tempo, it's not better. You're an absolute moron. Find one person on this board who claims the NBA is stealing guys away from the NBA. You are arguing against nobody, just posting obvious shit as if it's wise observations.

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Kings Lion  
Years ago

Playing in the NBA-NBL-NBA would never happen because NBL contracts can't compete with Europe and China

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Years ago

*Nbl is stealing guys away from the NBA, even.

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Years ago

I'd take Sydney's record of 6-2 over any other team in the NBL

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Years ago

Also the OP didn't even get to Lisch or Newley

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Years ago

Trump supporters. Kings haven't looked great for a little while. Still thinking they will have it well and truly figured out come finals time. But to be honest I'm more curious now Julian goes than a beat up old Blake.

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Years ago

Wow you actually started a thread on the washed up Kings NBA hacks ? Did you lose money betting on Kings again Tempo ? :)

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Years ago

Drew Barry. Came to Sydney in 99 from the Sonics, lasted 8 games and went straight back to the NBA from memory.

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cats 4 life  
Years ago

not to worry, every team goes through a faze. Powell seems like Mr t. he will get sucked in by Wagstaff and redhage.

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Years ago

I think it comes down to the individual concerned. If their body is till holding up ok, and they have the fire or pride to give it everything they've got, then why not.

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Years ago

Umm what about James ennis ( starter for Memphis ) and Jordan McRae who's in clevelands bench rotation .

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Years ago

Both were drafted so they technically came from

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No point arguing with someone who starts a thread like this, just fishing and they will change the goal posts saying "oh no, but I meant THIS..."

The posters saying Kings then daylight aren't Kings fans, show me more Kings fans that are saying that than fully aware that it's very important to not get ahead of ourselves, and I'll eat my virtual hat... and it's a big one...

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Years ago

Tempo there is a really popular basketball forum called www.ozhoopsboards.com that you should check out.

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Years ago

I don't think Tempo's post is that crazy. Bit over the top, but Sydney were called stacked, LV did his daylight spiel, people expected big things from Blake. Powell got a "top shelf import" thread this week.

But those players aren't here for a holiday. They're trying something new with their careers. Like many imports, some work out, some don't. Many people underestimate both the ability of our better Australian players and how handy it is to be familiar with the league, with a roster and system.

Brisbane have a solid roster and were playing at home. Looks like the game was close after 3Q. Each team won two quarters. Kings were within striking distance with three minutes to play.

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Years ago

Both Melbourne and Illawarra were considered to have solid teams in the pre-season too. 8th and 7th on the ladder currently and only one of them can use injuries as an excuse.

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Years ago

Never said it'd be daylight tomorrow, next week or next month. I was assuming that they would get it together over the course of the season, and by the end their talent would shine through. The early signs with team cohesion and with Gaze were good. But strong defensive teams have started reacting to their schemes, and the Kings shots aren't falling either.

Now the chess match of the season begins. What's Gazes next move? At least, a game against a wounded but severely depleted M United represents an opportunity for the Kings to get back on track

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Questioning the people (not Kings fans, especially) that called the team stacked is one thing (there were more people saying not though), but the premise of the post being that people are expecting NBA quality players to come here and play when they have NBA options is just ridonkulous, and that is what people are calling Tempo out on, which is fair...

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Years ago

It's pretty simple. The Kings are stacked on paper, with plenty of potential, but are really an unproven commodity at this point.

That was enough to fool some, even in broad daylight, but those who know the league -particularly players and coaches - have been saying all along this season would be an unpredictable roller-coaster, which is what's making it very exciting despite the mostly dour play on court.

I think my favourite comment was from Joey Wright who said something along the lines of 'those making predictions about this season are probably people who don't know much about basketball but want to make it seem like they do'!

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Tempo, Why does it matter that NBL clubs aren't likely to capture NBA talent in their prime ? When chasing guys with NBA history( Usually at the end of their careers) why would the expectation be beyond what the league can currently do ? It doesn't diminish the achievement of getting big names to our small league. What's the point exactly ? And what's the idea that we've never managed to recruit a player who's gone on to return to the NBA because of a good showing here got to do with being excited about guys like Childress and Blake ?

Was this thread made because Sydney lost a tough road game against a pretty desperate Brisbane on the road ? Sydney have loads of talent. And so far in a super tight league, they've arguably been the most impressive. Perth will be Perth and NZ might just be one gun point guard away from their old self. I think Cairns have shown enough fight not to be written off also.

I think Adelaide and Illawarra can be excused for not having enough talent. Melbourne go deep but if we excuse Adelaide when they're depleted by injuries, than we have to be equally as generous with United, regardless of how deep they go.

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Years ago

So is it name one player who went to the NBA after the NBL or not ? Cause there are a handful who have done that ?
Oh you changed a rules. So they now have to have played NBA, then NBL, then NBA ? Do Summer league games count ?
Do they have to have done the hokey pokey and turned themselves around also ?

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Years ago

In related news, Tempo has also written to his nearby pub expressing outrage that they only have gigs by local bands rather than his favourite, One Direction.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

There's been a few. I can think of Ennis & McCrae most recently. Ferguson will continue that trend although before being drafted.

But who cares ? That's not the basis. It's good for the league but it doesn't make or break it. We're still a fairly small league compared to Europe with a lot less financial capacity. To downplay our import standards because of the ridiculous suggestion that we somehow haven't managed to recruit current NBA players is ludicrous. Current NBA players who play in the NBA are IN THE NBA. There's some capital letters for ya. What else can a league outside it do besides hope to grab the fringe or retired ?

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Years ago

Sydney does not have an inside game. If they don't shoot well even their tight defence isn't good enough to win close games.
Just another jump shooting team.
Blake's shot looks good but it has been brick city for him to date.
It's the Newley/Lisch show to date with highlights from Witthington.
Maric is just a big body but very immobile and can't score.
They can't seem to get power involved.
I do not like the body language of Andrew Gaze in the last couple of games. Head in his hands, Throws his head back.He looks stressed, angry.
They got something like 4 points from their bench the other night.
Worrying times from a team that looked the goods only two weeks ago.

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Years ago

Casey Prather played pre-season games for Phoenix prior to playing for the cats....

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