Last year

Introducing: Punch, insightful time tracking for businesses

For the last year, I've been working on a new project - a fast and insightful time tracker called Punch. It's actually something we've used in a simpler format within my regular business for many years, but we've started upgrading it and opening it to other users in recent times.

Punch is a web app for freelancers, small businesses and more - anyone who needs to account for their time, invoice their time or just stay aware of how long projects are taking. Designers, programmers, architects, photographers, etc. There's a browser extension (currently Chrome-only) and a mobile app in the works. We also have Xero integration for invoicing which has cut down my admin burden significantly.

I'd really appreciate your help getting it off the ground! We're offering a one-time price for early adopters during the launch phase.


Please take a look in case Punch is something that might be useful to you. If not for you, but you can think of someone else who it might suit, please send me an email or pass the site on to them. Email: [email protected]

It's early days still so we're in a position to customise Punch to fit a variety of workflows, prioritise extra features, etc.

Also happy if you just want to email encouragement. Launching is a grind!



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