Two years ago

How long will Stephen Holt last?

Played a total of 4 minutes against NZ. When the camera panned onto the Brisbane bench he looked very upset and uninterested. With Lamar Patterson who is a far more superior player could Holt be gone soon? Maybe like Adris De León his already gone..

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Two years ago

The obsession with playing Jason Cadee, and ignoring his poor defense at times, is also hurting Holt. I still think Cadee is good in short 4-5 minute bursts. But not extended stretches when your team needs to make defensive stands.

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Two years ago

Cadee isn't a starting quality PG in this league, as much as Shane Heal trying to say he is

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Two years ago

I don't understand Cadee and Gibson. Are they LK's boys? Something stinks. They both proved again tonight down the stretch they are liabilities.

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Two years ago

A shadow of his former self unfortunately but still a good fit on the right team IMO.
Cadee is a spud.

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Two years ago

I thought Brisbane were going to drop someone from their roster and sign a third import... that was the word going around just before they cut Gee.
Now they've signed Patterson, are they still looking at another import... or if they also cut Holt (who is surely on his last chance), are they looking for 2?

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Two years ago

Gibson has been good this season

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Two years ago

Don't understand the obsession with Cadee. Why did he play In crunch time tonight? Burnt on defence every time NZ attacked him and made that awful drive attempt in the closing minute. Am seriously yet to see him make a layup this season.

My guess is that fool Lemanis doesn’t want to look more of a fool by not playing the player he just signed to a healthy three year deal, ever if it was for the betterment of the team.

I pity he coach who takes over next season and still has to figure out what to do with two years of Cadee.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

I'm wracking my brain as to who would be a perfect import starting PG for this team. Ben Woodside comes to mind, but he has retired. And I want a better defender than that.

Shannon Shorter would be good.

Need a PG that can defend and knock down threes. Simple as that. Bullets run motion so they don't need a ball-dominant PG; just one that can make great decisions.

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Two years ago

Travis Trice..

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Two years ago

The bullets need a new coach. Plain and simple. I think even CJ Bruton would do just fine. How many more chances does Andre get? I am really worried about the boomers future as well.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Qualifier to my above statement: need a player that doesn't need the ball in his hands all the time. Ben Simmons would be perfect. He available?

Trice can't defend and got pissy if he didn't get enough touches/opportunity. Don't want Trice.

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Violet Crumble  
Two years ago

Lemanis seems to run a very structured offence that moves the ball through hands, and certainly with the amount of lumbering bigs and poor shooting they've had around, isn’t really conducive to Holt’s strengths, which I always thought of more as a ball handler, potentially in the p’n’r where he is a decision maker. It just seems he is in a poor situation for his skill set - I could see him doing a lot better on a team like Cairns perhaps if he has confidence and the imports tend to run a pretty ball dominant system (with Trimble and Newbill).

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Two years ago

I think he'd be a better fit in Adelaide as they need a 3 point shooter and he can be that (played well in Perth on Friday night).

For all the hate on Cadee and Holt on here, I feel sorry for the Japanese stud that has barely had a look in all season long

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Two years ago

They have Gliddon and then 3 or so guards you'd ideally have off the bench. I do wonder if Lemanis is gambling with his NBL career with this lineup. The only player on the entire roster I'd rush to pick up as a starter for another team would be Gliddon.

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Two years ago

Cadee is a serious liability at the moment, especially with all the minutes Lemanis is giving him. Holt is a better player full-stop and has proven this is in the NBL, Holt is a much bigger offensive threat than Cadee and is also a good ball handler. It is extremely concerning with how much time and freedom Lemanis is giving Cadee in the NBL and especially for the Boomers, what's the most concerning is that Lemanis has better options at his disposal

Isaac is correct with the team, it is shockingly balanced, I have never seen a coach persist running with 4 point guards for his guard rotation.

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Two years ago

Excuse my bias but I think Holt is better than his current season indicates.
Given Perth's injury woes he would be a good fit and an extra body off the bench.

Lemanis has no clue Gibson and Cadee are nothing more than role players..

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Two years ago

If Brisbane started Holt a single game and gave him 25-30 mins I think it would be safe money that he'd have a better game than Cadee has had all season.

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Captain Jack  
Two years ago


Holt should always be ahead of Cadee on the rotation, he is a way better player always has been

Not doing this is stupid really.

Holt and Gliddon should start and play 25 mins or more a game, and Gibson Cadee just back them up as required.

Bullets would be significantly better if they did this imo.

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Two years ago

If Simmons and or Dellavedova are injured or unavailable for World Cup my greatest fear is that Lemanis will make Cadee our starting point guard.

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Air Delay  
Two years ago

Gibson is STILL better than Cadee & delivering big almost every game AND plays D.

Cadee is the 4th best guard they've got, yet plays the lion's share of minutes.

Gibbo would be a better Boomer option than Cadee too!

Perhaps Illawarra could 'trade' Cedric for Holt? : )

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