Last year

Defensive player of the year speech

Did you think it was good? Funny? Disrespectful? Unprofessional? Maybe all of the above.

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Last year

I gotta say probably a bit of all of the above... I couldn't obviously read the room and I haven't been on much social media to gauge the reaction, but it was pretty funny, but also for an award that I at least personally hold in great esteem, I would have liked to have seen a bit more respect shown to it overall...

Great speech though lol...

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Last year

It was a disgrace. Karma is going to catch up to this Pizzagate-loving fool one day for disrespecting the NBL

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Last year

30% funny
40% cringeworthy
30% just plain bizarre

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Last year

Oh and yeah, disrespectful too

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Last year

Funny/awkward. I think people are reading too much into it, and I think Pineau losing a bet is probably true. Not to say Bogut should have done it, but at the end of the day who cares.

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Last year

I thought the fans loved this sort of controversy? If Homocide did something like this you all would have lapped it up.

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Last year

Would have been different if it was executed a bit better. Slighly funny but the effort wasnt there and fell short.

Disrespectful too given it was in reciept of an award. The speech could have been adjusted so it was done as a skit or something, separate from an award speech. It also sounded like a half assed best man speech at a wedding.

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Last year

Will Ferrell did it at the ESPYS and it was funny... why? Because he's an established comedian & we all knew it was a joke.

Dane hardly plays meaningful minutes, with the general crowd probably not even knowing who he is. We aren’t to know if he’s a joker off court.

For me, it just seemed completely direspectful. The NBL has worked so hard to get to where they are - and it made it seem that the NBL was beneath them.

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James Harvey fan  
Last year

I kind of like the idea but the jokes needed to be better. Pineau looked pretty stiff up there

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Last year

Probably seemed like a funny idea at the time, but fell flat. Oh well.

But also makes it obvious that they knew the result ahead of time, which is disappointing.

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Last year

I don't get how he won it, his man top scored in most games he played. Terrible one on one defender because he is so slow. So he basically won the award because he planted himself in the key and got 3 blocks a game in 30 minutes court time

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Last year

Very funny!

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Last year

"I don't get how he won it, his man top scored in most games he played. Terrible one on one defender because he is so slow. So he basically won the award because he planted himself in the key and got 3 blocks a game in 30 minutes court time"

Can't see an actual thread on the award, so I suppose this is as good a place as any.

I can see why he got the award, he led the lead in blocks and defensive boards, and was clearly a big presence in the keyway.

But I could also make an argument against, and the anon above makes a good point.

Rarely did we see Bogut shut anybody down, which has traditionally been the criteria for a good defensive player. In fact Bogut frequently was out played by more mobile players.

I don't know what the voting was, but my pick would have been Jett.

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Last year

I think if Bogut had said in advance of the evening that he'd had a bet with Pineau, or gone up with him and introduced him before having him do the speech, it would've gone over a lot better.

The way it was done was pathetic.

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Last year

A few points:
- Bogut is divisive. Many seem to have prejudiced assessments of his commentary and antics. If this was Gaze doing the speech in place of Lanard, I think it would've been more readily accepted as a harmless joke.
- Bogut is often criticised for speaking too seriously, being too critical. Yet when he takes himself less seriously, it's an issue? Why is Bogut compelled to take an award so seriously?
- This was fundamentally self-deprecating humour. Being self-deprecating doesn't necessarily translate to disrespect. Learn the difference.
- These guys are sportsmen. Do you really expect a humourous prank/skit to be as funny as Will Ferrell? Same as we don't expect regular acceptance speeches to be eloquent.
- People get outraged when a player takes an award seriously (think the passion of Ennis), then also outraged when someone doesn't take it so seriously. Do we really want behaviour to be judged based on how many people outraged?
- The active participants in Twitter -- those who actually write, rather than just read -- are biased because the people who tend to comment are more likely to be outspoken extremists, particularly the outraged. Social media generally is a platform for venting. By the way, the media needs to learn that you can't assess public opinion from Twitter, so quoting randoms on Twitter is meaningless.

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Last year

^ lame

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