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Hi Larry, I usually dont do this but have been compelled to send a message to you about the current Broadcast arrangements for the NBL this season. After all the incredible hard work you have done in making the NBL one of the best Basketball Leagues in the world, I fear that this will all unravel due to the unprofessional and seemingly cost cutting that has been made to the NBL Broadcasting, ultimately damaging the brand!!! The problems are stark and real compared to last season;
1. The Clunky and unprofessional broadcasting from a makeshift studio in Melbourne instead of the broadcasters calling the game from each venue LIVE.
2.The time delay/lag between the Broadcast team in Melbourne and the presenter who is at the game
3. The quality of the broadcast especially streaming is very poor.

The NBL is a World Class League and deserves World Class Broadcasting!!!



Thank you so much for taking the time to message me regarding this.

I assure you no cost-cutting methods have been taken at all this season and the team are working on improving it quickly.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the Season


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Last year

Its funny when someone starts a post by saying:

I usually dont do this but have been compelled to send a message to you

Lol but seriously good on you and I hope the NBL can fix it soon.

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Last year

Let's see how long it takes to get corrected.

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Last year

Thanks for posting this. Swift action is appreciated. I think we all agree the league has improved 10 fold but there were major issues with the broadcast over the first round.

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Last year

I haven't watched a game yet or been able to follow the discussion super closely, but why is the commentary team now bunkered down in a Melbourne studio instead of actually being at the game? Has there been any reasons given/offered?

I'm sure many have said this already, but seems this concept was doomed to fail from the beginning.

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Last year

Has there been any reasons given/offered?
Not explicitly, but it seems to have been done to save on the number of people they have to put in the venue.

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Last year

This is the reason i dont watch the Euro league. Bunker commentating. Horrible.

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Last year

just letting people no a 9 sec video of AB stats had over 70k views, Iam guessing that's more than the games being watched

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Last year

Good to get a response.

Well done raising good points.

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Last year

Where would the cost savings be exactly?

Commentator accomodation/flights or more so the technical side of things?

If its the first, surely they could have effective local commentary in each state? (Ie Casey/Maher in Adelaide; Lachy Reid/Redhage in Perth; Russell/Gaze in Melbourne)

They overlay stadium sound on the commentary bunker, but I don't think that's enough.

IMO - have two local "court side" with the little moveable NBL desk, interacting back and forth with the "studio" of your two commentators + 1 or 2 for panel show style pre-game/half time/post-game.

They could mix and match it a little, but that kind of process would look more professional. Back-to-back games may change the situation.

Might even do this:

Main Commentator: John Casey
Colour Commentary: Andrew Gaze
Panel Extras: Liam Santamaria, Cam Luke

Courtside Game 1: Louise Ransome, Corey Williams
Courtside Game 2: Lachy Reid, Shawn Redhage

Intro starts with Ransome & Corey talking, then to the studio with Liam, Cam, Gazey, then to an advert, then back to studio where they introduce to the coach interviews (conducted by Ransome/Corey), then a closeup to Casey with stadium sound background doing a Dennis Cometti type spiel, before the game begins.

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Perth Wilburs  
Last year

Where can you watch the press conferences?

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Last year

^nbl app

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Last year

I appreciate Paulo actually taking the time to personally contact Larry to raise this. I had thought to do it but couldn't muster the nerve. It's also promising that he acknowledges that there is a problem and he's looking for a solution. I had worried that as long as certain viewership numbers and KPIs were being met that he would be happy enough with whatever was happening, but thankfully that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm hopeful of improvement coming into round 2.

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Last year

Not sure if this has been brought up, but the commentators aren't present at the game anymore??

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Last year

It's only been brought up in this thread, every other broadcast thread, and several game threads.

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Last year

I wonder if it's related to providing consistent hours/income for the commentary team. Perhaps achieved by fewer number of people on the team combined with less in flight costs by calling games from the studio. If it was to revert back to in stadium commentary, would that mean less consistent paid time for all involved because local commentators would be take away other’s spots?

Having a mix of at-game and studio, like the AFL and NBA does at times, would be great. Not sure there’s enough money in the game just yet to add that extra paid personnel.

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Last year

2019 and not in HD is a problem. 540P

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The remote commentary won't be changing this season.

Clubs have sold the courtside seats were the commentators used to sit. Clubs can’t re-neg on these premium seats to corporates now.

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Last year

Maybe those corporate people are the fans who were said to benefit from this new method.

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Last year

It's cost-cutting on this area so more money can be spent elsewhere.

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Last year

At the end of the day it's not a big deal once they sort out the teething problems. I was watching the Illawarra vs Brisbane game last night and it all seemed pretty smooth.

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Last year

As long as this picture isn't this overly warm picture that lacks definition and as long as they don't show us the horrible hub, I don't care if they call the game from Antarctica. Dwayne Russell is going to be dull and inane no matter where you put him

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Last year

I didn't like the idea of the hub at first but I’m coming around a little, but it needs a lot of work. The overtime set looks 1000 x better than the hub with signage and the big screen that could be a good place to start with hub. I’d like to see and hear more from the roving reporter who is actually at the game. Interviews before the game interviews during the game, half time interviews and post game interviews with real questions not, what made decide to come to Australia to play NBL instead of going to college? Please don’t ask that ever again.

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Last year

What's the go with Seb Costello constantly paying out on Corey "Homicide" Williams during the Sydney Cairns game. I don’t think seb should be allowed to back after that effort.

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