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Referee taken off the game

Just asking if anyone has experienced this before and what people think. In Darwin on Tuesday night (League Men) just as the referee walked out to call centres the stadium manager calls him over and says 'This team here has just said they dont like you refereeing their games so I am going to get someone else, oh but don't worry I will still pay you'. The referee calmly picked up his bag and walked out. The umpire realising what just happened picked up his keys and left with his partner.

What do people think?

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what the  
Years ago

way too many politics influencing decisions

yes politics plays a part - but that is too much, too late

the official making that decision is wrong

if there is a hint of trouble and arbiatary 3rd part should be there to observe the game

team 1

referee 0

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Years ago

I agree with this decision. I often wonder why refs that play for a club want to ref their own club especially when the coaches/players beleive that ref is biased. The worse thing is to feel like no matter what you do as a player the ref has some kind of biasdness. If I was a ref I would think I would not want to be in a situation where it appears that I am making calls for the wrong reasons even if that is not the case.

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Years ago

That's great on the referee's part, and also having the other umpire back him up. Let's face it, umpires are a minority group and need to stick together. The only way minority groups get anywhere is to stick together. Everyday I goto work it's 350,000 people vs 40 and you need to back each other up to the hilt.

Now, if that ref has any pull with the rest of the ref's I'd be quite happy to say to the offical who made the original decision 'I don't like that team, I'm not going to ref them'. Each and every ref should follow suit. They will soon learn they are not bigger than the game and can't demand changes by dummy spitting or by personal judgement. Oh, my parting note to the offical would be been to tell him where to jam the cash..

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Years ago

just to confirm, yea - no team conflict here, they just dont like this ref, actually i think they have issues with 3 of the 6 panel.

TR good point, but what about the opposing team that they play each week.

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Years ago

Way to go ref. The referee's partner has "BIG COHONES". Good on him and shame on the association.

PS if the spelling is wrong who cares

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Years ago

Having been in a couple of situations where I had teams request I didnt ref them, it also causes major headaches for UIC's trying to accomodate.

Mind you, mine situation was only social, where teams can say "if he refs we will withdraw" and the lure of the mighty $$ takes precedence.

Makes that ref look bad to everyone else as well.

Well done to the partner for walking out as well.

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Years ago

wouldn't you just fine them and if they refuse to pay the fine boot them from the comp and get another team in?

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Years ago

Excellent teamwork by the other referee.
Teams need to know that they are not in charge of the umpires, the one that makes that decision is the UIC, and he/she should decide for themselves whether the umpire should do the game, not be coerced into it by some has been social player. I say shame on the UIC for being weakminded, go the refs for doing the right thing and sucked in to the players who didn't have any refs left to do the game due to their own arrogance.

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concerned parent.  
Years ago

If and umpire isn't able to control the game or is being a total idiot while refing than you would think the UIC would remove him/her at once. Sadly if GB is the UIC then you will have to wait until after the game.

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Years ago

They weren't being an idiot concerned parent. Please read the original post at the top of this thread and retract your statement, it wasn't necessary.

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Years ago

some of the responsibility for maintaining both game control and integrity rest squarely on the shoulders of the coaches and players. If they refuse to listen or take responsibility for their own actions then it really doesn't matter what the referee does or doesn't do to control the game because unless they are omnipotent and have the power of mind control people will always do what they want. Just look at all the people in jail right now. We don't go around blaming the police for all the prisoners that are locked up.

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