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NBL1 Central Round 5 Preview

Shout out to the person who did last weeks - I would love to hear their thoughts again this round as they nailed some unusual results last round. I'll give it my best shot here.

Norwood vs Eastern

Norwood had an interesting weekend, dropping to West and beating South, while the Mavs continued to struggled. Gun guard Koko had a down weekend after a great start to his NBL1 career. CJ Turnage will be a problem for the Mavs as will the big import Green who is finding his feet. His matchup with Aleer will be interesting.

Norwood by 19.

Sturt vs North

Sturt keep on rolling, shutting down Woodville like no other team has yet, restricting import Jacobs to pedestrian numbers. Sturt have a balanced attack and don't rely too heavily on any one player. The Rockets finally got a win over West which was a big surprise to many. While that was a good win, the Sabres and coach Rigoni are a step up in class from what the Bearcats and Corey dished up Sunday.

Sturt by 12.

Woodville vs Forestville

Sturt may have shown the blueprint for beating Woodville last week and the Eagles big 3 are in great form at the moment, with both Mays and Harris in the top 5 for scoring and Brine pitching in a double double. The Mays vs Jackson battle will be epic, but Forestville have the experience to win this one.

Forestville by 6.

Centrals vs Southern

Southern had an amazing weekend, going 2-0 getting a win no one saw coming over South and taking care of business against Eastern. They did it with a balanced scoring attack from their starting 5, albeit without much help from their bench. McCalop is showing he's deserving on mention with Mays and Jackson for best bigs in the competition, his matchup with Lual Diing will go a long way to determining this one. Centrals snuck Dave Humphries in there and had an immediate impact against Forestville with 21. He no doubt makes them very strong contenders.

Southern by 8.

West vs South

Two teams who will be disappointed by the weekend, West giving up a golden opportunity to go 2-0 on Sunday and South dropping the bundle. Is pressure building on Petty? If he loses the team before reinforcements arrive, would they look to make a change mid season? It's a lot of money to spend to not deliver. Corey has been here before and will know how to get his guys up for the challenge.

West by 3, although on paper I have South by 15.

Based on the weekend I would say Petty is the coach most on the hot seat, while Morrell showed his worth for the Tigers and Rojo took big steps towards making a subpar team competitive.

Some great clashes this weekend, and in fact I think most weekend in what is shaping as a very tight league with some great talent. Would love some game reviews from those that do attend.

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Last year

Brine went down mid way through the game against centrals and didnt return. No idea wether he'll be playing or not.. Hopefully its nothing serious as it could really hurt the eagles

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Last year

Woodville and forestville will be an amazing game.

I think warriors will be super hungry after their loss and will win by 9

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Last year

Are any teams going to be hampered by U20s being away with state duties

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Last year

Sturt and North both effected with Rasmussen and Griscti out for Sturt and Marshall and Real for North

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Last year

Centrals without Manyang and Sapwell too.

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Last year

The only certainty in round 5, tech foul Rojo.

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Last year

None of the players you mentionned are listed on SA u20 rosters, check your source before posting informations about missing players.


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Last year

Sorry but you should check your information. You are referencing the Ivor Burge teams. The players mentioned are definitely away with U20s

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Last year

Anyone know where to see the 20's state teams

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Last year

BSA hasn't posted the teams for unknown reasons, I'm assuming they can't be bothered, as they haven't posted the u16 teams either. But you are correct with those players that will be missing.

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Last year

Norwood by 27 - and that's if they play the bench the last half.

Sturt by 16 - too good too strong too well coached.

Forestville by 3 - match of the round but Forestville too good.

Southern by 5 - next best game of the round two exciting teams

South by 9 - too much talent for Petty to lose 3 straight.

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Last year

Reviewer from last week here. Thanks for the comments, sometimes you fluke a couple.

Here I go:

Norwood Vs Eastern
As mentioned, Rojo might be charged up even more for this clash if that's possible. Expect a bit of Big Rig hits, but Norwood should comfortably handle this one.

Sturt Vs North
Sturt back to what they used to do in juniors, just taking care of business methodically. North finally got a win, albeit against a Jekyll and Hyde West. Manel Ayol seems to be a very good pickup whilst they wait for Jack and Sunday. Just the consistency and structure should get the Sabres over the line.

Woodville Vs Forestville
Losing Brine will be huge if his ankle is indeed serious. Woodville finally had a hiccup and "NBL bound" Jacobs had an off day. Similarly Harris had a terrible shooting night against Centrals, that and Brine going down nearly led to a Centrals upset, Eagles only scoring 9 in the final quarter.
Woodville should have enough weapons, but never know what Andy has up his sleeve and if Harris can get his outside shot going and Mays dominates inside they may take it out. Will go with safe bet with Warriors, but if they crumble, Petty wont be the only coach on the hot seat.

Centrals Vs Southern
Dave Humphries is a huge in for the Lions, top line scorer and shooter. May have taken Eagles off guard, but having played recently with Southern, they would know what he can do.
Southern have an above average starting line-up, just their bench is non existent. That being said, Centrals haven't really got one either and losing the state kids will really affect their depth. Expect Southern to take early lead and then try and hold onto it in the second half.

West Vs South
Preseason, West were low on a lot of lists, but with the pickup of Ross were expected to be dangerous. But they just don't seem to care anymore, they show flashes of being a top 4 team but then they also look like a bottom 4 team in the same game.
South, WTF. One of the pre season favourites, but if you look carefully, they really only have Starling and Johns, when Ellison is playing big minutes as your next best player, you know they are in trouble. Don't get me wrong, Ellison is a great 6th man and bench player, but is averaging 31 minutes a game. Then counting on Hulland and Mudronja to come in and dominate, they had better hope they do. And has been mentioned, coaching is a major issue. Not sure what they had planned for the game winner against Norwood, but Starling taking a tough mid range jumper wouldn't be the play myself and any coach would be drawing up.
Have absolutely no idea in this one. Starling will be his usual solid self, but if West show any interest at all they should win.

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Last year

How long until a clubs under 16 team runs out against Centrals women's? They’d still win by 50 and there would be zero chance of an actual premier league player getting hurt.

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Last year

Most of Centrals Women are only first year out of Under 16's! Building from bottom up, gotta give them cred for keeping going!

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Last year

Give the girls credit sure.

But not the club. That's just lazy and disinterest. Take the program and competition seriously our sit it out.

It's embarassing how bad they are. And those girls won't stay to get smashed every week.

And neither should they.

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Thanks Anon 086, for providing some feedback on our club, always great to hear outsiders views (assuming you are not involved with the club, always hard to tell from an anon post).

To suggest the club is lazy and disinterested suggests you are an outsider as you would not see what is going on. I'm new, and just taken on the role, we looked at what our whole female program and what was required, with honesty and intent, at the end of last season and it was obvious (and is to others) that we have a lot of work to do to improve our female program. We decided that a rebuild from the ground up was the best long term and sustainable program to run. Sure we could have "imported" players like other clubs, but decided we needed to develop our players over time to create a core player base and then in time we can look at “marque” players. Providing a pathway vision for our juniors was also a critical part of the plan. Why develop young players in a club and they know they can’t / won’t get into the top team as the club brings in outsiders...their needs to be a balance, both from a financial and club aspect.

The club and girls know we are in for a tough season, small steps is the aim. About half our team also plays Friday nights, so we are trying to get as much experience into them as fast as possible. Of course that runs a risk of over playing (last 7 days they have played 4 games plus trainings and two of the NBL1 games have been against the number 1 & 2 teams.)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s a rebuild and time will tell. Again thanks for your comments and if you wish to provide your name and number more than happy to give you a call and discuss further.


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Last year

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get worse for Mavs. Will Wise WTF!!!!

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Last year

Yes having one import would ruin the development of 16 year olds, but scoring 2 points in a 90 point loss will improve them.

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Last year

Dear president

Another criticism, this time an actual member of 5 years, so do have knowledge of situation.
To suggest you "chose" to rebuild, and decided not to "import" players from other clubs is a false statement. The cupboard was absolutely bare at the end of last season and the club has been unable to recruit a decent local player in a number of years. Add to that Woodville sacked the current coach because all of their players threatened to walk if he continued. Admittedly no one else would have wanted the job, but hardly a strong recruiting situation as players talk.
The question most members want to know is what happened to the promising female players the club had that left. And what development you are doing apart from throwing 16 year old girls in the deep end and asking them to swim? They aren't, they are absolutely drowning in games.
You can try and spin it that the club has chosen to go this way, but that is rubbish. KB was brought in and paid a tonne of money to get players to be attracted there, but that failed dismally. Where are all of last year's 18s that finished, all but one gone. You may be blind being new, but these girls need help. If as you suggested that you could have brought some experienced players in to help, but didn't, shame on the club. There are a couple of good young players but need role models to take the heat off the situation to enable them to grow, not to be down 29-0 at the end of the first quarter.

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You raise a valid option 108 ( and presume 086), and we could well have taken that path. However what type of Import would we get? Imports either want to play to win and be therefore noticed or play for money. At the present time we can't offer the former and is the later a sustainable option when in a rebuild, not for the cultural development of a club. If an "import" dropped out the sky, looking for multi year involvement both in team and in junior development sure we would look at that option. And we did/do. Currently developing a 16-17 year old that might only get low points now, but by season end is scoring double or triple (or more) would be wonderful development and confidence building. I see too many short fixes/patches that just are not in the best interest of club and indeed basketball in SA.

Let’s see how they go over the next, 4 games now the top 3 are played and then head into the second round with hopefully some improvement.

PS if you are an agent that has that import, once again drop your number and we’ll call!

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Last year

But you said you could have imported players like other clubs, to my knowledge there's only 1 import thats at southern off the top of my head. Of course you can't get overseas players, but neither can any other club. So why say we could have imported like other clubs when they clearly haven't and try to sound like you're the lone Ranger in playing local players.
In reality, junior development at central's has always been terrible, great players have started there but left, mainly because of terrible coaching.

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Hello actual Member

I think you will see in last post the reasoning for no "import", Imports come for reasons, (or don't) and it wasn’t for not tying just didn’t work out, so you work with what you have. And exactly as you pointed out sometimes the best intentions don’t work out, and pretty sure as a member you would appreciate how our money is being spent.

History is history, I can’t change that, so we look to the future. As a current member you would be aware of the need to start a rebuild.

Yes the cupboard was bare and acknowledged, for reasons I’m sure you are aware of, or maybe not. Many areas identified and in process of being corrected, can’t change overnight, sorry don’t have a magic wand.

Never suggested we could have brought in players...hard to attract for reasons you and I are suggesting.

The development has to start with the current group we have, working together, being positive (which they are), learning about extra pressures, getting game time, learning coaches game style /plan,but it is going to take time, and patience, it also starts in the lower age groups as a club.

As a member you have my contact details and as we have said since the AGM we welcome and encourage feedback from members, whether that be good, bad or even ugly!

Same goes for any other of our members that post on here, whether by name or Anon. Well even non members if you feel the need, pretty easy to find some contact details.

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Last year

Scoring 6 points would be wonderful development? Such lofty standards to aspire to. At least you are realistic and understand noone wants to play for you. Perhaps I should expect as little as you do.

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Hello Anon 120, Imports in my view are anyone not from the club. Wasn't saying we are a lone ranger at all, and full credit to Southern and Forrestville who sit top of ladder (in Women) for work they have done previously, we now need to do the same.

Junior development is what we are focusing on as a club, both in players and coaches.

We know we have needed to improve so that’s what we are working towards, but it is going to take time.

You seem to suggest you have some knowledge of the club so again the communication lines are open.

We want to make it work and in a sustainable manner.

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Nice Anon 123, i think you actually understand the point I was making, however 12 players each scoring minimum of 6 points equals 72 points, would have thought that would be a pretty good outcome this season, but everyone has views and is entitled to them.

We would we prefer to be winning of course, but i am an optimistic realist.

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Last year

Your goal should be cracking 40 consistently

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Anon 131, to be perfectly honest I so not know what their goal for points per game is, I'm a President that administers and leaves others will the roles they have responsibility for and reviews over the course. However I think it would be a bit higher as they currently average 38.

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Last year

As if the result wasn't bad enough now this.

Club President, for the sake of your Club you need to stop. Your posts have been mistruths, ill-informed and hypocritical.

For example, we've decided not to import players, but if you're a player agent give me a call.

Publicly responding on a forum like this was never going to go well. I'd suggest you've done more harm than good and your rein as President will end shortly once more members become aware of your ridiculous and uneducated posts.

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Hi Anon 135 You are welcome to your view and so are our members, and there are mechanisms in place for any member to raise with the club. Reviewed my posts and can't see where I said we decided not to use an "import" simply didn’t eventuate.

Don’t understand ill-informed, mistruths or hypocritical, just saying how I see it. Nor uneducated or ridiculous.

I see nothing wrong with contributing to a forum as a real person instead of hiding behind Anon, think everyone would be in a much better position if everyone did it.

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Last year

Centrals President, as someone who has been involved at other clubs in everything from coaching to club management and many things in between over many years, I'm going to give you some advice.

Please stop. Trying to defend yourself on a public and largely anonymous forum is not a good luck for your club, in fact it reeks of amateur hour.

I know you are well-intentioned but you are not doing yourself any favours.

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Well Read  
Last year

"We decided that a rebuild from the ground up was the best long term and sustainable program to run. Sure we could have "imported" players like other clubs, but decided we needed to develop our players over time to create a core player base and then in time we can look at "marque" players."

This is where you stated your club's decision not to pursue an import. This is a reasonable position to take - until you backtrack.

To other poster's: Central women's current predicament has been the case for the better part of a decade. Don't pretend that being forced to play juniors in order to field a team is a new development and the result of the current administration.

Like Woodville, they neglected their junior girls program for too long. Playing 16yos is not the solution, but hopefully they recognize that a focus on their increasing junior participation and development is a step in the right direction.

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Last year

It's not that they didn’t want to get an import, it’s that any import that would play for such a garbage club would cost too much.

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Last year

My point is that they had the top under 16s team just a few years ago and now only have one remaining, others moving to other clubs.
Players might be positive, but they're not stupid, especially if they are still in juniors. Sooner or later they will leave also and there sure as hell no one coming through behind them.

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Last year

What do you mean? They've got under 14s to call up. Good development

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Hi Well Read, understand your point, and in further posts clarification was given, of course, we looked/looking we were lucky to get one join us and is performing admirably, but when we falls short we need to evolve. Yes, we are well aware of where we sit and that is a large part of the reason I nominated for this role, so many possibilities for people to help us achieve too.

148, understand and respect your point of view, disagree with Amateur Hour, obviously don't know if you are still involved with your club, but things change and you go and engage where the conversation is and obviously some of our members are here even if Anon. We obviously have made errors in the past and are about correcting them. Nothing on here that would not be communicated to any member. Take the path well travelled that seems to have failed or create new paths.

154, reference and reasoning was given in previous posts about "imports" joining, so we are aiming to correct. Obviously don't agree with garbage comment, but you know I think you would expect that!

158, again yes you are agreeing with exactly what we are trying to correct as stated I previous posts

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Last year

Centrals might be averaging 38 but they've only scored 40 once.

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Last year

You're losing by up to 86 each week, scoring less than 40. Garbage was putting it nicely.

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Last year

It's a tough situation for both Centrals and Woodville women. No junior program to draw from, so no chance of attracting players and coaches that can make a difference.

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Last year

Central's had/did have a junior program to draw from in future. Genius president at the time decided not to get Jdo to recruit or develop coaches, so kids left for better programs. Same president that wanted club to be "elite" and do away with division 3 teams and below. Then spending thousands hiring someone that was going to earn club thousands in grants. Like an episode of Seinfeld!

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Last year

Centrals President
Respect your transparency.
It's frustrating, but keep fighting the good fight.
Your club has provided some magnificent opportunities to our Sudanese brothers and sisters, Central are great trailblazers in this area.
Pretty easy for some of the entitled hypocrites on here to lay the boots in when you are down.
Stay focused on your short term goals and player retention and good luck with the rebuild.

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Last year

Nice to hear from a club President about the inner workings. More than a few clubs are a closed shop.

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Last year

Interesting. Was at a meeting where the head of the junior committee at the time stated "the Sudanese kids are the biggest problem with this club".

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Last year

Wasn't it just a few years ago where Centrals were the strongest boys club in SA and their girl's teams were going to U14 Nationals and Classics, showing promising signs. The women's team was making finals.

Every 7-10 years Centrals implode. Sit back people, and enjoy the show.

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Last year

Central's have never been the strongest boys club.

State champs trophy is not a reflection of the boys program overall just their division 1 teams in 4 age groups.

Yes it's something to be proud of and acknowledge as an accomplishment but it does not make the winner the best boys program.

Doesn't take into account depth, of which centrals have never had any.

When those few great groups move through or 3/4 kids move on you're left with nothing.

Running a successful club is hard. Very few have managed to do it. Short term success in one area is not sustainable without a specifically skilled person at the helm and a club committee that shuts up and lets them do their job.

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Last year

Oh well at least referees can be hidden on Central's women’s games

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Last year

So Jacobs got a Triple double (+ dunk & block in top 10) and Sam Daly gets POTR shy of the T/D - but previously Jacobs was just shy and didn't get POTR. What game is NBL1 playing and who they trying to stroke?

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Last year

i guess we have share the award around to all the clubs, its a joke , an actual triple double is better than almost any day for the week.

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