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Moving Junior tournament dates

should they up have an exception and make all junior championships from 2021 into 2022 and have the following ? -

Australian National U15 club championships

U17 nationals

U19 Nationals

U21 Nationals

I realize this will impede onto any 2022 tournaments / schedules and a lot of people have put in a lot of time already for things that have been cancelled or on hold.

And of course they all move into different age brackets in 2022 - some older ones to college etc. Or allow a second comp

i.e. still have U14, U16, u18 and U20 but put on a 15,17,19 and 21 for the players that missed out ?

Appreciate it's a bit ambitious given the current state of things but we need to have contingencies.

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Earlier this year

No. Same thing was suggested last year. The world is what it is.

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Should be

End of imo
U20 -half the talent is missing usually

Spain, France and a few others now have U12 champs National tournaments and n.t camps for 11-12 y.so

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Earlier this year

Should? Why?

There's no reason to change anything other than the complaints about 20s. So what. What's the harm in allowing U20s to participate that may not have had the chance previously behind kids that have moved on to College.

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Earlier this year

The other reason is we are falling behind in youth development, when you have kids at 12y,o in a npp system in Europe. Here kids aren't put into that program until 14-15(state level), 16-17(national level)

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Earlier this year

16s have been moved to Darwin at end of Sept. Confirmation from BA to happen in the next week but Vic and NSW teams to enter isolation approx 14 days prior to tournament to allow them to play. Will BA have to pay Warwick some sort of renumeration?

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Earlier this year

So this is Spain's n.t team camp for 12s 13s 14s.


Latest youngest Aus camp had 20 16y.o

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Earlier this year

We have kids at 12 (U14) in HP camps and programs. In most states we have U12 (9-11 year olds) in HP camps and programs. Under 12s have state champs and Classics. 12 year olds have State Champs, Classics, U14 National Championships.

Chaging age groups won't improve our development programs.

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Earlier this year

In many states the issue for Basketball is more the opposite. The best athletes burn out. Basketball is a 12month commitment from as young as 6 years old. That's 3 days a week of direct commitment all year round. Public Holidays are not family time, they're elite tournament time so even more commitment. Our kids have to buy into a system and sacrafice family, friends, other sports, other activities for basketball or clubs drop them. So many quit. If anything our issue isn't the lack of development for younger kids, its the over commitment we force on them.

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Earlier this year

An u13 National tournament would be a terrible idea. u14 is bad enough, dominated by the most physically mature. Josh Green was just an ordinary-sized kid at 14s and so his Penrith side finished about 8th, I think. While a basically full-grown Lachlan Dent was probably player of the tournament. Dandenong won it behind a whole bunch of kids who are nowhere now, and the same for the runner-up Melbourne Tigers side.

If you want to bring talent-ID to younger age groups you have to get it right or you're shooting yourself in the foot by alienating the kids you miss. Evaluate kids against others with similar levels of physical maturity. But some grow, some don't, some slow down as they add muscle mass, others get quicker as they shed baby fat. That means needing to cast a wide net, and being willing to cut kids from the program down the line if they don't develop. Does anyone think BA or the state HP programs are actually capable of pulling it off?

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Earlier this year

The issues aren't that we don't have kids in specialised programs young enough. We do.
The issue is that the State bodies (particularly in SA), don't use them to develop talent. They simply use them to select state squads and to train to win a tournament.
There is almost no skill development done.

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Earlier this year

Yes aus sucks at developing youth

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Earlier this year

So called BV "Elite" camps and tournaments for kids who are 14 or younger are not particularly worthwhile the way they are run / how selections are made. It's just a race to pubity, and few BV coaches see that - they put their time into bigger stronger kids, a number of whom stop growing at 13. In under 14s, where you have a mix of 12 and 13 yo, quite often the tallest kid at the start of the year is average by the end, and less than average in u16. Unfortunately for them, they never learned how to ball handle and so game over. All the while the slow growers are not been given the coaching. Particularly silly.

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