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Introducing: College Consulting

The latest sponsor to join Hoops is College Consulting - a Melbourne-based business helping students across Australia find places on basketball rosters as well as in other sports.

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Since 2014, College Consulting has been guiding Australian student-athletes towards US College athletics opportunities. Offering a complete range of services across eligibility, college admission, recruiting, transfers and solutions for specific problems, College Consulting can provide advice and assistance tailored to each student's requirements. For example, while they help students in Years 9 and 10 with their school subject selection to meet NCAA eligibility requirements; they also offer a highly personalised and intensive assistance package for guiding students’ every step on the journey through recruiting, college selection and admission, to boarding the plane for the US.

Utilising their experience and proven processes, College Consulting aims to find the best College options for their student-athletes - not just colleges where Aussies have gone before or the best option from an established network, not just with a great sports program or a high-level conference but the College with the best overall fit for academics, sport, culture, lifestyle, climate and finances.

College Consulting understands that the majority of student-athletes not only require a scholarship but that they are going to spend the following four years of their life at a college with the Coach and team, in the one city and that they are studying for a degree to launch their careers.

College Consulting works closely and transparently with the student and their family to identify the best opportunities and build the all-important relationships between the student-athlete and their prospective Coaches and Colleges. College Consulting has extensive experience with, and knowledge of, US Colleges, particularly NCAA Div 1 & 2 schools that can provide students with invaluable guidance during the recruiting, college selection and admission stages. College Consulting focuses students’ decisions on the longer term and achieving a successful College experience – academically, athletically and personally.

College Consulting is based in Melbourne but has assisted students across Australia. It has expertise across all the NCAA sponsored sports and has helped students acquire places on rosters including basketball, tennis, track & field, rowing, water polo, golf and soccer; at NCAA colleges (Yale, UC Berkeley, San Francisco, Michigan, Illinois, Colgate, Missouri, Miami etc) as well as Junior colleges.

The path to college is unique for each student and it can be a complex and confusing journey. If you would like to cut through all the information (and misinformation) to understand your best options, then please contact Geoff and Sandra at College Consulting at

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