Last month

Jack McVeigh

What was the go with McVeigh at Adelaide I remember him being a average role player of bench his turned into a star a the jack jumpers, was he just under-utilised in Adelaide?

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Last month

Hyrum Harris was also in Adelaide and did nothing, had a great season with the cats. Under-utilised for sure

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Last month

It's amazing how a good coach has found starting roles for both Mcveigh & Drmic in a team that may win the chip. Adelaide didn't want either of them ??

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Last month

Oh & surely he gets invited to try out for Paris (Magnay as well) - both have been outstanding!!

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Last month

I think Jack was just another good example of a young pro finding his feet that people were too quick to write off and that became consensus around here for some reason.

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Last month

Jack was breaking out as a Sixer however it was the Connor era and Tassie was looking for Aussie talent. They had a decent bit of cash to add to Jack's contract, and despite the improvement in his game his opportunities were not great with Connor.

He didn’t want to leave, however basketball employment has a short lifespan, you need to capitalise when you can. Drmic loved playing with Jack, once Jack was gone he went searching. Finally got some space on Tassies roster and he is flourishing under Roth’s system

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Ballin Fan  
Last month

Would love to know the exact truth
but all three plus Pinder
were all rumoured to not be offered another contract
Although Drim was picked up by Jackies pretty quickly.

Goorj is on record as saying that on current form McVeigh and Magnay will be getting a Boomer camp invite. Ditto Delly and Goulding.

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Last month

McVeigh like a lot young players thought they were better than they were, he could always score, didn't like playing D much. Roth gave him a vision of what he could be, starting at the defensive end, he took it on board and worked hard for the product you see now.

Really looking forward to his clash with Travers, should be a beauty. Both have developed into very good fours, though if they want to play outside the nbl they really should be two, threes. McVeigh played in Germany end last season in the three and did great.

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Q Anon  
Last month

Jack was recruited by Joey Wright. That is all it took at the time to not be renewed.

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Last month

re: Pinder I think it was a similar situation to Noi post-Cairns where I don't think teams were exactly knocking down his door. He was a completely different player in Cairns after looking barely playable in Adelaide.

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Last month

I thought he was fine for a rookie in Adelaide.

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Last month

C Pinder
PF Creek
SF McVeigh
SG Drimic
PG Sobey

That's one hell of an all Aussie ex Adelaide 36rs starting 5!

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Last month

Exactly Q Anon. Had to get rid of Joey's boys!

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Last month

Turned into a game winner

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Two weeks ago

Crazy to think three years ago this bloke was riding a bench for the 36ers

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Two weeks ago

It's not that unusual. Mcveigh is 27.

Steph Curry made his first all-star team just before his 26th birthday.

If Travers can develop a jump-shot half as good as McVeigh's, he'll make a solid NBA role player by McVeigh's age

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Two weeks ago

Travers is a much better defender, yes needs to back his shot more, just doesn't come over as a natural shooter though he always does the team thing first which doesn’t help when united went so iso. Early in yesterday’s game he got heaps of points because they went to him and then he hardly ever saw the ball again.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Two weeks ago

I think McVeigh is the next Mitch Creek (except not an absolute dickhead). So he's the next marquee Aussie that you can build a team around. I think he'll only continue to improve and I expect to see him in some Boomers teams.

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Two weeks ago

McVeigh while not being an a+ defender he's much better than Creek, McVeigh also has a far better outside shot. McVeigh has also come good under an excellent coach at 24 years old, it helps.

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