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NBL1 Central Power Rankings Round 3

Fascinating round on the men's side in the central competition. Here’s my updated rankings. Interested to hear others thoughts as I only caught 1 game on the weekend and highlights for others.

#1 Sturt Sabres
Just keep on rolling with an impressive road win. Forbes and Rigoni possibly the best 1-2 punch in the league and plenty of depth to go along with it. Class of the league right now.

#2 South Adelaide Panthers
Kubank takes home player of the week and like Sturt they’re a veteran group with great depth. Scary to think how good they’ll be when they add league MVP in.

#3 Forestville Eagles
Getting better every week after a disappointing first up loss. Mays and DJ too big for the Tigers and they handled them easily on the road.

#4 Eastern Mavericks
Sitting at 2-1 against the odds. A pair of gritty wins against finals hopeful sides. Imports both producing solid numbers and recruits Webb and Hunter have been better than expected. Saw them in person for the first time and was impressed with their team work. Can they push for finals?

#5 Norwood Flames
Disappointing to drop at home but no shame in losing to Sturt. Coach O’Dell has put together a championship caliber group and will get them playing at the level very soon. Still among the favourites.

#6 Central District Lions
Their win the week before keeps them ahead of West Adelaide and looked unlucky to lose on the buzzer. Judging by the highlights it looked as though they lead comfortably early. Both imports putting up big numbers.

#7 Woodville Warriors
Will be disappointed to lose after a good round 1 victory and then week off. Sharif Black still looks to be the real deal and almost got them over the line in this one. Still believe they’re finals contenders.

#8 West Adelaide Bearcats
Still not convincing at this point but will be relieved to avoid an 0-3 start. Will be counting down the days until the Tasmania boys join them.

#9 Southern Tigers
Winless but some positive signs at Morphett Vale. Both imports look solid and they’re shooting the ball well. Tough to judge them against Forestviles size, we will find out more in the coming weeks.

#10 North Adelaide Rockets
Winless and haven’t been particularly close in their games so far. Bad news about Richard McCalop I wonder if he will be replaced or if they’ll write the season off at 0-3 and turn to the youngsters on the bench.

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