The Big Fella
Years ago

Best PGs ever!

With Nash reaching 10,000 assists, where does he rank in All-Time best Guards??

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Years ago

Ricky Grace!! 4 time champion gf mvp how he never got leauge mvp is beyound me?? And gaze gets 8 or who knows?

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Years ago

Chris Paul and James Harden...not Kobe though. : )

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Years ago

Paul Henare (I can't even say it and keep a straight face)

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Years ago

Sorry for derailing. In all serious.

He is definately top 5 for me.

Oscar Robertson

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

I would have Isiah Thomas ahead of Nash purely because he was one of the great defenders and lead his team to 2 championships.

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Years ago

Boom, I was torn between that one. But my hatred for Isiah, and Nash's wizadry at the point got me.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

In my time

1. Magic ( obvious )
2. Stockton ( consistent night in night out )
3. Thomas ( feisty and will to win )
4. Payton ( "The glove" )
5. Nash ( imagine if he had a decent back ! )
6. Kidd ( if only he had a Jump Shoot but class PG )
7. Kevin Johnson ( Unsung hero of the Suns IMO )
8. Tim Hardaway ( great to watch )
9. Jalen Rose ( Bias as i loved the FAB 5 )
10. Kyrie Irving ( aka Uncle Drew - I know , only a youngster but will be up there at end of his career IMO )

Rondo was 11th

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Years ago

Umm I'm sorry. Jason Kidd has a jumpshot. He's like 3rd all time in 3pt shots made.

Is that not a jumpshot?

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Years ago

Can't believe you put Rondo and Kyrie (who are both amazing players) but didn't put CP3.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

Tough call I know and CP3 is awesome but thats just how i see it. Cant put them all in and as for Kidd's J , yep it has got better but was terrible early years. If you think differently thats fine too.

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Years ago

I think a good debate would be Kidd V Nash.

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Years ago

Certainly way up near the top on offense, that's for sure.

He's 8th in career 3FG%, and nobody on the list above him has even half as many makes.

ESPN did a top 10 of all time poll amongst its experts back in 2006. Nash was already #9 back then (Kidd at #7).

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Years ago

Jerry West

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Moron > Ingles13  
Years ago

Smush parker

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Moron > Ingles13  
Years ago

Seriously tough question. No doubt magic is number one.

How do you rate it? Team success or individual success?

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Very Old  
Years ago

If this was choosing players for a pick up game ( or a fantasy league) and If you wanted to win the game/season, and you had first pick and could only have one of those point guards mentioned, and your PG was going to guard and be guarded by the players you did not choose, there is a choice between the big O or Magic, - and then there is simply no other choice available to a sane person.

I'd go with the Big O - if only because he is the only NBA player to ever achieve a triple double in every game in a single season.

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Years ago

Had a triple double every single game?

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Years ago

Jerry West was a 2 guard wasn't he?

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Moron > Ingles13  
Years ago

Yeah but basketball has changed since then. Could u imagine the numbers Jordan, Shaq, kobe, Lebron, etc. Would have those days.

Def magic hands down.

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Years ago

"I'd go with the Big O - if only because he is the only NBA player to ever achieve a triple double in every game in a single season."

*Average a triple-double.

This thread needs more Payton. Best defensive PG ever IMO and averaged over 19pts and 7 assists for 11 straight seasons!

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Very Old  
Years ago

Yes , the times have changed, imagine "O"s numbers with a 3 point line, the current 3 step layup and having assists counted that were not the old style definition of an assist - " pass that put the reciever into a basically unmissable shot" to the current "last pass before the player weaved up court between 2 defenders and made a 3 pointer".


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Moses Malone  
Years ago

Best in my time:
1. Magic Johnson
2. John Stockton
3. Isaiah Thomas
4. Jason Kidd
5. Steve Nash
6. Maurice Cheeks
7. Gary Payton
8. Kevin Johnson
9. Tony Parker
10. Mark Jackson

11th (dedicated to players who could be top 10 if it weren't for injury or players currently playing but need a greater body of work)
Norm Nixon, Lafayette Lever, Johnny Moore, CP3, Kyrie Irving, J'rue Holiday

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Years ago

Of course playing anywhere else in the world and those 10,000 assists get discounted to about 6,000.

But Steve Nash is an all time favourite, mainly because he made his national so much better when he played for them - unlike Longley for example. Nash tore Australia a new one in Sydney - simply brilliant.

but Magic gets #1, 2 and 3...then daylight, then someone else.

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Years ago

Magic for mine is a clear #1. He did it all.

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Years ago

I only did a top 5, but to all these top 10's with Kyrie Irving, are you all forgetting the youngest ever MVP who will be back with a vengence (I hope) around All Star break?

D.Rose. 21.0ppg 3.8rb 6.8as 1xMVP.

K.Irving 20.0ppg 3.8rb 5.5as

Bulls win 45+ per year
Cavs win 20 per.

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Years ago

The debate over 'Best PG' has being made complex by the development of the modern 'scoring PG' ala Westbrook, Parker, Rose, Irving etc.

So hard to say who the best PG is. Back in the day, you would say the best passer was.

Nowadays, scoring plays a huge part of the role.

Nash was such a pure PG. He is my top choice.
But he wasn't a defensive menance, and thats what a PG should be (like Payton).

But Nash for me had all the other attributes..One of the best shooters in the game, and probably the best fundamentals in the game.

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Years ago

So tough to just pick five, but Magic was just something else.

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celtic green  
Years ago

Oscar (don't know but from what they all say)
Nash/Kidd; really I toss these 2 guys up, it all depends on the team around them as to which will be better. Kidd is the better defender and rebounder, but he has only really been able to shoot the last 5 years (and even then only when wide open, you don't see him shoot with hands in his face that often like Nash).
I don't think Nash could have taken that Nets team to the finals, but I don't think Kidd could have been as good with that Phoenix team.
Loved GP as the next guy on my list (did not see any of the 70's or 80's guys). But he dominated teams with his defence some guys, it was fascinating to watch

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Years ago

Yea i agree Magic is the best for me also, guys like Stockton, Kidd, T.Hardaway, Payton, Nash (didnt see Oscar) are the next best since the early 90's for me, Derek Rose when fully fit is the best of the current PG's imo, Chris Paul the next best for me, also love guys like Tony Parker, and guys like Kyrie Irving may get there one day, but too early in there career.

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Years ago

On being able to play both sides of the ball Stockton is my #1.

Nash is way down the list, got gifted an MVP he didn't deserve in '05 and has never even played in a single NBA Finals game. But looked pretty putting up 20 when his direct opponent was dropping 30 on him so...

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Years ago

Pete Maravich in there too

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Years ago

Lebron James.

Handles it and has run the point on offense for his whole career, he just happens to defend in the 3 or 4 spot.

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Years ago


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