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NBL- how big is it australia-wide?

so i was just wondering how big nbl is in other parts of australia.
I live in n.s.w, and nbl isnt very big here, and alot of people couldent name a team, nrl and a league are oviously the main things.
But what about other parts of australia, like perth? Is it pretty big there?

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Years ago

oh....ask your father !

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It's big in Nz, WA, and NQ.

Sound support in Vic, SA

Dead pretty much everywhere else

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Years ago

yeah, its strange how some sports can be huge somewhere (like nrl in n.s.w)
Yet dead one state over (like nrl)

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Im in perth so of course AFL dominates. The other sports are quite popular in the summer months because there is no footy. Cricket is probably still the number two sport even though wildcats matches have been getting bigger crowds recently because of the arena and the average state of australian cricket. Soccer is usually number three but because of their inconsistency on the pitch people here only jump on the bandwagon when the Glory are winning which is seldom of late. Basketball is about on par with soccer in popularity but may have overtaken it because of the wildcats' success and the hype of the new stadium. Then rugby is least supported. So basically afl is by far the most popular and the other sports have a smaller but still very passionate fan base. No matter the sport, west aussies do support their teams passionately.

In my opinion this is how they rank in popularity..

A League

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Skull - At least he asks questions that are interesting topics and create some good debate even if the answers could be found elsewhere. This is a basketball forum after all!

Or would you prefer another "sack marty thread"? :)

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

I'm surprised it's ignored in Sydney. They're crowds are generally quite solid, and they get the odd 7000 crowd once in a while.

Obviously could be bigger, but with so much happening in Sydney and with virtually zero publicity from the main media, I think they're doing better than expected.

In my opinion, it's most dead part is south queensland. Gold Coast was a dud and Brisbane is really struggling to get going.

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Years ago

I'd love to hear someone from Darwin and Hobart/Launceston tell us if basketball is growing in those regions.

As for Perth, I'm just glad they aren't ruining it over here by seeing a successful club and suggesting we start up another inferior club to also play at this mega stadium (Fremantle Dockers for example) and other sports not mentioned like netball and hockey sadly weren't mentioned for a reason!

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Years ago

Basketball is pretty good quality in Darwin and any indoor sports get good turnout given the weather conditions. Only thing I notice is that none of the NBL clubs have adopted Darwin as a secondary fan base (like some of the AFL teams do). Try organising some donated/signed merchandise for a fundraising event, and you are excluded if you don't reside in the clubs region. I would have thought it would be a great opportunity for a Cairns/Townsville/Sixers club to get some interstate support - would probably only need some exhibition/trial games to drum up support.

The Waves game in Alice Springs is getting some local media coverage - especially as the players are going out into the communities.

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Skull, although i post alot of questons, its alot funnier when people can post their opions and thoughts, rather than searching a graph up on google

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Just on the expansion topic started above, I strongly believe, and always have, that the only city that should have two teams is Melbourne (purely because of the Tiger's junior association, and the rivarly with these junior teams puts a lot of basketball players off supporting the NBL team). No other cities are big enough, or have enough demand to warrant a second team.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

@Vart - Totally agree with you, Melb are the only viable option for a second team.

Love to see Tassie or Darwin get a team but with a lack of corporate support or willingness of a major backer/owner it is dobutful it will ever happen.

Just wish australia had a few Mark Cuban types who happliy throw money at bball

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Years ago

Are our stadiums limiting the crowds we could get in some of the centres? Do people stay away if they're scared they won't get a seat?

Would Perth could get more to the games if they played in a bigger stadium, for example?

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Years ago

I dont think anyone stays away thinking they cant get a seat!!!

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Gaylord Focker  
Years ago

I live (and play) in Canberra and I reckon badminton and marbles rank above basketball in terms of popularity..

One of the reasons I am moving back home to Melbourne!

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Gordon Liddy  
Years ago

I remember when I was 11 years old (it was 1989) and I had a heated argument with my older brother about which sport was the biggest in Australia - football or basketball. I argued my case passionately that basketball was much bigger in Australia than football. My brother was steadfast in his rebuttal that football was the bigger sport. He clearly thought I was insane, I thought he had no idea what he was talking about and was a jerk.

Looking back now...I was way off.

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