Years ago

Wildcats vs Tigers, Feb 21

Every one happy so far?

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Years ago

No, I couldn't go tonight so not happy!

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Years ago

So we play dirty and we get 2 usf!!! U guys just look fn stupid dont u!!! o wait its wags and redhage fault there very dirty players!!!!

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Years ago

i'm guessing 12yrs old

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Years ago

There should be a mandatory spelling test/requirement before being allowed to post on this forum.

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Years ago

U guyz are the 12yr olds! Guess u can still understand what im sayin! Think u should pass an bball iq test 1st! :)

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Anstey announces that the Tigers will refrain from Bonehead plays that cost them the last game.

Guess Johnny, Nate and Seth don't read the press.

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Years ago

Obviously Perth were the better team and deserved the win, even without the ridiculous USF calls.

But it still takes a special level of hateability for the entire rest of the nation to cheer and hope for a New Zealand victory when they inevitably play Perth in the finals.

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Years ago

Hatred will ruin your life, learn to relax, let go.

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Years ago

Cats82 "Think u should pass an bball iq test 1st! :)"

You should seriously make a genuine attempt to go just one post without any kindergarten-level grammatical errors. It'll be a challenge I know, but you might just for the briefest of moments manage to feel like a functioning adult.

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Years ago

How about if i pay u and u can teach me??? Never thought u get judged on how u spell on here?? Anything about the game u want to talk about or u going to ask where i went to school???

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Years ago

From the moment Melbourne refused to come on to the court for the national anthem, they were an ill disciplined rabble. You can complain about Perths physical game but Flynn tonight showed that he will never take his game to the next level. His body language was atrocious, he constantly argued with the refs and put in very little effort from late in the third quarter. This from the guy who is supposed to be a leader on the court. Similarly, Scott's unsportsmanlike on Hire was juvenile at best.

Goulding, as usual, was in the refs ear all night.

Until Anstey can get this group of fair weather sailors to band together when things get a bit tough, rather than throw their toys out of the sandpit, they will never challenge the top two. That applies even if you are getting bad calls or you think the other team is playing too rough. Suck it up, be a professional and get on with it.

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Years ago

Teams often make their own trouble with sports officials, especially when they assume they will have trouble with sports officials. Particularly when you've been in the ref's ear all night.

The last thing you want running through a ref's mind as he decides whether or not your offence was an unsportsmanlike foul is "Oh, that guy, man he is such an jerkface".

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Years ago

Anstey still implied in the press conference that there were dubious calls by the officials but would not say it to avoid another fine. Cant believe this teams focus is always on the officiating! It starts with the coach so of course the players will have the same attitude on the floor. Those unsportsmanlike fouls were there! Even blind freddy in the crowd could see that. Two of them in a row in the third quarter gave the wildcats the ascendency to run away with the game. So much talent on the tigers roster but not a single brain cell between them all. Constantly giving their opponents free points through turnovers and bad fouling. Look in the mirror not the officials or the wildcats being too physical.

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Years ago

Couple of comments on Twitter suggesting that those clear path USFs were called incorrectly. Were only USFs if the Tiger was beside or behind the Wildcat. Instead, they were between them an the basket at the point of the foul.

Any ref or person keen to double check the rules care to comment?

Wildcats threw up a lot of bricks and would've won by far more otherwise.

Flynn does that "I'm here by choice, not because the NBA doesn't want me" smile for a bit then drops his head and forces junk when things slide. The number of times Balls moved around the perimeter and got himself wide open as a great option and was overlooked would've frustrated him, surely.

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Years ago

Flynn checked out in the 2nd half. As soon as he thinks they've lost the game he disappears. Done it all season.

Ballinger finally got over his Perth hump but got little help from anyone else. Perth smashed them on the boards.

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The Situation  
Years ago

Isaac, I believe it can still be USF if you make no play at that ball, no matter what your position is. Flynn made no play at it, just grabbed the man once he turned it over.

Tomlinson was unlucky because it all happened too quickly for him to not foul. I think that call was wrong.

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cats fan  
Years ago

i was at the game and a mad cats fan, but i agree the tomlinson USF was not there. a normal foul maybe but there was very minimal contact. i think it was only the fact that it was after a turnover and there was no one in the wildcats half that sealed the USF.

The Flynn one was there though. no doubt about it.

He was a pretty big sook on the night. Turned it over a couple of time because of Martin pressure and then throws a hissy fit.

I know im probably the only one who thinks this, but im a firm beliver of being a solid skills player of the ball. no point doing all this fancy stuff to get to the basket which could miss when a simple J would do just as well and probably get the same result. I also dont like the way Flynn and DeLeon get it in their heads that they're the "superman" player of their teams and when things get difficult they try and do everything themselves. There are 4 other people on the court, use them. its a team sport, not an ego sport

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Years ago

Tomlinson was most likely screwed by the fact that the refs knew that if they didn't call it, given the similarities to Flynn's USF just beforehand, they'd get serious stick on the inconsistency.

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Years ago

@ agreed Cats fan. Its a simple game, not a cirque du soleil performance. Find your teammates when open instead of the glory drive and shot over five guys collapsed in the key.

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