lightning spent

as much as i hate to say it - the girls are lost without Erin P.

Chris lucas said he had a plan ? it must have been at the after game drinks - cause nothing happened on game night.

narelle - has teh experience - but not the fitness to run 30-40 minutes as PG - or the scoring power 10 points pg would be the best we could expect - she dribbles down the court - gets pushed out to the 45 and stops her dribble and then looks to dish - too predictible to be a threat.

erin p would cross over, pull back and push hard with dribble penetration.

narelle does her best.

Dee ranford seems to missing in action - i can not remember when I saw her last play a threatening or effective game - she used to have the odd stand out game - but they just dont happen nowdays - her huge ariball shot before the 3/4 time buzzer pretty well sums up her game nowdays.

lucky to get the time she does

like narelle - too slow for the younger PGs in the comp.

lucas had adelaide playing a running style of game - when randford and lindsay play the PG - they can not run the amount erin did and we get 1 offense in 4 as a running threat - the other 3 are somke and mirrors stuff

jess foley - can deliver erin phillips amount of points - but is far better at the 2 or 3 - she is not 100% comfortable bringing the ball down

erin lorenzini - is probably the fittest and fastest after erin phillips - but gets no time, young - does not have experience of narelle - ? maybe the x factor

leah cannon - not playing finals

rasmussen played her best game all season - but they blew a good 9 point lead to be 13 down - only to just lose - going to be hard next week

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

given that it is their first game without Erin I felt the players handled the situation quite well.

More disappointing to me was the lack of defence out to the hot hand of O'Dea who was able to shoot from the outside without a hand in her face.

To compare Lindsay and Phillips is a moot point they are vastly different players. Hard to lose any starting five player any time during the season. Harder still one week out from finals hard for the team to adjust.

But adjust they can, to lose after they were down by 15 by so little shows the fight in the team. There were more positives IMO to take from the game than negatives.

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Years ago

I have to agree, but without Erin Phillips the Lightening seem to be doomed, especially come finals.
She seems to be the player that can lift her team on the court and last night there wasnt anyone that filled her role the way she does.
Its disappointing to say, as i believed we could go all the way this year..
I was also surprised to see that erin lorenzini not gettting time on the court. I think in the few minutes she has shown on the court, there have been glimses of what this girl can be capable of, if given the opportunity.
Im with you, Narelle didnt seem to be able to keep up with the tempo of the game. She did shoot some points when needed, I'll give her that, but all in all i thought she didnt make much of an impact - sorry Narelle.
Too bad Tracy Gahan didnt get as many fouls as she did, as i thought her first half was one of her best.
Like i said though, the x-factor Lightening is missing is Phillips and without her where in trouble!

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Lightning Fan  
Years ago

I love how you all bag the girls. You are all probably wannabee players .Grow some balls and put your names to your posts. SOFT!!!!

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

Lightning Fan

I didn't bag the girls and I did put a name to the post.

think again

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Years ago

the biggest thing i saw of the team is when it got tight there wasn't any on court leadership and by that i mean some one shouting out orders defence or offence.i haven't seen enough games to know if this is normal or just the way they play and im not saying it was because erin wasn't there.

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Years ago

At least the lightning girls show a bit of grunt when things don't go their way, unlike the men at the moment.

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Lightning Fan  
Years ago

In response to this topic you have no right to bag the girls. The girls are working there ass's off and yeah Erin maybe a huge loss but i know these girls wont lie doen and cry.
In regards to this orginal post whoever wrote this should head to training and lets see if you can play!!!! U need to back off.
Im very close with all the girls not saying how but i will defend all of them. How can Dee play her game when she is playing 4 mins a game how can you do anything in 2min sperts. Just watch her this ABA season she will dominate. And in regards to her shot just before 3/4 time if you were watching properly the ball slipt from her hands when she shot it so NO she didnot shoot a huge airball. Lay off all of them they are doing their best!!!!

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Under rated  
Years ago

You under rate the ability of Lindsay.
Come finals time she will do a solid job of distributing the ball, and can shoot when confidence is up.

There are enough good shooters in the team for her to pass to.

I think the girls can win it all without Erin but it is a big blow!!!

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Years ago

Lightening fan, people are just giving there views. No one is bagging no one. We are simply commenting on the game that was played last night. Just because you supposingly "know" the girls doesnt mean people are not allowed to comment.
By the way I will agree with you that Dee Ranford dominates in the ABA. I however, also believe that the WNBL is a quicker game, one that i think Ranford struggles in.
Once again, dont take it to heart it is simply MY opinion.

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Years ago

I obviously watched a different game, because the Lightning played a damn good, competitive game and stayed in it right to the end.

Considering Dandenong were playing for their play off lives they threw everything they could at us, and dont discount the fact that Ryan was hitting 3's from everywhere.

I think next week will be a different story.

730 pm Friday night...if you have missed competitive basketball with some heart and passion this season, be there to support the girls as they have another tilt at a championship.

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torn acl  
Years ago

lightning fan - do not be too emotional - it is a public forum and the post was based on factual evidence - not here say

the challenge is before the girls this friday

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Years ago

an air ball is an air ball.

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Years ago

Surely questions need to be asked about our team coaching structure when we havent played ranford lorenzini duke and to a point NL all season, expecting Narelle to play 34min and have a similar imapct as a proven FINALS winner in philips should have been adressed during the year. Chris flogged Laura, Screen phillips last year and did it again this year with his top 6. The box's from the perth AIS games are damning. Whilst I will get shot down for Lucas bashing its so frustrating to see such a quality team poorly managed. At least the girls show so much more heart and pride than he guys at the minute

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4th Spazzy  
Years ago

Well said lightbub!

Could'nt agree more!

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