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Suns post game thread (spoilers)

Ok, so the Suns are out in 6 to the Spurs. Where do the Suns go now for next seasons???

Can this squad only go so far????

Do they look at shaking things up with a big trade or remain together for one more run???

In the upcoming draft they have the possibility of a lottery pick (if the Hawks pick isn't in the top 3), does this lottery pick (Oden and Durant are unavailable) of Horford, Yi, Brewer or Noah help them????

They also have two other picks (#24 and #29). Do they package these for another player or even package all their picks plus Trix for a star. (KG/Gasol/Oneal type of deal).

Do they trade Marion or Amare for a younger star player with a better contract???

They are pushing the luxury tax level and the owner doesn't want to go over the edge, so signing a top-level FA isn't going to happen unless it's a sign and trade..

Could be an interesting off season for the Suns.

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I'll tell you what they don't do, is trade amare... if he can get a consistent back to the basket game he will be unstoppable. i dont like the idea of giving up marion either. this team was built to beat the spurs, it was a combo of not being good enough defensively and another case of bad luck. If they get lucky in the draft and pick up Brewer this will help. They just need a solid playoff vet on their bench. Look what derek fisher has done for utah.

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twenty four  
Years ago

I agree with ELG. Don't trade Marion or Amare if you don't have to. If they get Atlanta's pick, Brewer would be the smart choice. 6'9 swing, good on D, can knock down a shot or two and is working hard on polishing his offensive game in general.

The other guy I wouldn't mind seeing the Suns take would be Conley Jr. Nash can't keep this level of play up forever (as much as we'd like him too) and Conley is probably the best PG in the draft to be able to replace him.

"Do they trade Marion or Amare for a younger star player with a better contract???"

Amare is 24. How many YOUNGER stars are out there, let alone ones that would be tradeable? Amare is the future of this franchise and I can't see the Suns trading him unless they get a crazy good offer.

Marion I also don't want to see go. They're aren't many guys out there (in fact, probably none) who bring what he brings to the table.

And I just wanna say, if the Suns take Noah, I will give up on them for good.

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haha @ noah... me too. I'm this close to giving up the NBA after this series, and if the suns take Noah...

i've heard of packaging the two picks in the 20s, and going higher up and picking up Acie law.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

i think there squad is still a legitimate contender next season but i thik its time to move on marion. lets forget his regular season accomplishments. hes not a big game player and hes been missing virutally this whole series. and lets face it, this is not the fist time hes crumbled against tough opposition. hes still got a high trade value, why not see what they can get for (him and maybe in a package deal with picks)?

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I think give marion another year. boris looks lost out there. if boris, marion and amare can work together...

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Build around Amare, Marion and Nash and add a swingman who can score and has a good outside game, like for example a free agent Rashard Lewis, who would fit very nicely.

I can't even believe Bill Simmons suggested trading Amare for Garnett- sure, it's a nice short term fix, but in 2 years if his knee holds together and he develops defensively, how dominant will Amare be???

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mr clutch  
Years ago

I'd start of by getting a better coach. They have some talented individual defenders with Bell and Thomas and Marion but thier roatations are terrible and someone like Poppovich or Van Gundy would do something to fix Amare's defense. I agree if he fixes up he defense and gets some basketball smarts he could be deadly.. but thats a big if

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Years ago

Yep, Bill Simmons comments about trading KG for Amare are way off the mark, I can't imagine KG bringing a bigger game to the table in a game 6 than Amare did today, I also can't imagine anyone complementing Nash's game like Amare does.

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Years ago

I'd say give it one more run with the majority of the squad with a tweak or two.

I'd shop Boris and see what I'd get for him. The positive in keeping him are his intangibles during the game. He's got some value. I'm not sure what he'd bring in return. Maybe someone like Mike Miller. Either way it's a wash.

I'd consider moving Marion for financial/future reasons, and he will net you something nice. Give me something like Gerald Wallace (s&t), Morrison and a future 2nd for Trix (as a Cats fan I'd do it). I think Morrison could work in the Suns offensive system. Trix's jump shot does scare me..... fugly.

They need to do something with Barbosa. MIA during the series and made some horrible decisions with the ball in his hand. He's not the answer to backup Nash at the PG. Here is where the Atlanta pick comes in, hopefully for Suns fans it will fall outside of the top 3 and they select Conley. (I hope the Hawks get the 2nd pick, cause they will find a way to stuff up the 1st. The 2nd gives them no decision making).

To get a player like Shard, then the Suns will have to give up someone like Trix or Amare. To get quality you have to give up quality unless your a spoilt poster child and demand a trade in which your club gets screwed (aka Vince/Raptors, AI/76ers).

The Suns should also try and move Banks as it's obvious he doesn't have it to back up Nash.

I'd also be wining and dining Grant Hill (FA) as he could probably be signed for the MLE. He would replace Boris in the rotation. I'd also try a pry away Andersen Varejao (FA) from the Cavs. Maybe a Banks + 2nd rounder for Varejao.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Agreed - they need conley, nash cant keep it up forever

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How about packaging the number 1 pick with some expiring contracts?

a suggestion from Bill Simmons earlier in the season:

"Of course, the Suns can guarantee immortality with one move: Thanks to the Diaw-Johnson trade, they own Atlanta's 2007 No. 1 pick unless it falls in the top three. Say they packaged that pick with Kurt Thomas' expiring contract and/or Banks' contract for one more blue-chipper. What would happen if they added Rashard Lewis or Mike Miller, gave one of them James Jones' minutes (20-25 a game), then went seven-deep the rest of the way? Starting Nash, Stoudemire, Diaw, Bell and Marion, with Miller/Lewis and Barbosa coming off the bench, nobody would play more than 38 minutes or less than 25, and there wouldn't be a bad shooter or a bad all-around player in the bunch. Five of the seven players would be shooting over 40 percent from 3-pointers. They could go small, they could go big, they could play fast or slow, they could do anything they wanted. They'd be the Dirk Diggler of NBA teams."

They need to strike while Nash and Marion are still in their primes for the next year or 2, and while Amare continues to develop into a dominant centre.


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Nash said.......  
Years ago

"We don't need to do anything monumental," Nash said. "We have a good thing as it is. We're right there with San Antonio. If we can all improve individually and add a few pieces, we've got a lot to be optimistic about."

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