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All ABL Bench Team

Thought I would have a look and try to put together the best ABL bench team for this year. I must say that I have gone largely on stats so their should be some differences of opinion i'm sure. I'll name the team first and follow with some thoughts.


PG- B. Cambell (Eagles)
SG- R. Craddock(Bearcats)
SF- C. Molitor (Bearcats)
PF- D. Thompson (Flames)
F/C- D. Macdonald-Taylor(Eagles)

Bench (This was tough!)

PG- N. Vaughn (Sabres)
SG- L. Burdon (Rockets)
SG- B. Mackay (Warriors)
SF- T. Rowe (Rockets)
SF- T. Fildes (Eagles)
F - S. Lampshire (Flames)
F/C Z. Reeves (Lions)

Well that is my 12 man bench team.I found choosing the starters pretty easy but the bench was alot harder. This team however would be pretty competitive I believe, there are a couple of weaknesses tho.

Firstly it is a pretty small line up, especially off the bench with Reeves the only big but there just wasn't any other bigs that deserved a spot. Palmer(Sturt), Williams(South), Hayden(Eagles) were all looked at but stats weren't good enough. Williams I believe was unlucky cos I think he brings hustle to the Panthers. Ben Groves would have been a walk up starter in this team but didn't include him cos he has retired. Quigley was the other one who most peole might have in their team but his stats are well down this year due to Rychart and Groves playing so well. His minutes have been greater since the departure of Groves and you would expect him to have an impact for the rest of the year for the rockets, and he adds leadership which i didn't really take into account and therefore is not on this team. I thought if the were to play then Molitor even tho I start him at the 3, can go to 4 at times and Lampshire would have to defend bigger than he is. Lampshire got the nod over team mate Foster which was a tough decision due to averaging 1 point and 1 rebound more.

The other weakness is lack of point guards. I have Cambell starting at point which is a no brainer. He does play alot of 2 guard but still runs the point for the eagles when Sutton is off. Then there was nobody. Vaughn, Clarke and Pearce all had similar stats and for a real game you would probably go for Pearce due to his hustle, leadership and defence but i didn't pick him because I think he has gone backwards slightly this year, whereas Vaughn has improved alot and so I rewarded him for that. Clarke has been average at best this year. Kies' for North stats just weren't up to scratch, same with Hudson and I don't see him as a true point guard.

Craddock got the starting shooting guard spot with 14ppg, with Burdon and McKay shooting it up from the bench. Burdon added some rebounding whilst McKay is averaging 11ppg. Braithwaite didn't get in due to averaging 2 points less than McKay and really offering nothing else. Pascoe(Warriors) was the real unlucky one averaging 8ppg and 6 boards which is better than Burdon, but his shooting percentages from everywhere are terrible this year whilst Burdons are very good.

As I went for a big small forward in Molitor to start, I went for smaller type forwards on the bench in Rowe and Fildes. Both good rebounders for their size and chipping in with 7 and 10 ppg respectively. I looked at Franceschinis but he didn't add up and again, Pascoe unlucky not to get in here too. Rowe has started a few games this year so if he was inelligible I would go for Foster(Flames) or Pascoe.

The bigs like i said were hard to come by. Thompson who I think deserves 6th man of the year and along with Cambell were the first picked for this team is averaging 14 and 7. Big Dougie having again a handy year for the Eagles with 10,7 and 3, whilst Reeves on the bench is up to 10 and 5. Molitor (12 and 8) is going to have to help out on the boards with this team as is Lampshire( 8 and 4).

So it's not a surprise or coincidence to see that the Eagles(3), Flames(2 but unlucky not to have 3), Rockets(2 but unlucky not to have 3 or even 4) and Bearcats(2 also unlucky not to have 3) are the only clubs to have multiple players in this team as they are the top 4 sides. Sabres, Lions, Warriors all get 1 representitive whilst Panthers were unlucky not to have a representative, and Tigers and Mavs don't deserve any which is why they are on the botttom of the table!

Thought people?....

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Molitor starts for west

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Really... then take him out, put Rowe into the starting group and have Davis from West coming in off the bench, which works out well as it gives the team another genuine big!.... or does he start for West too? I thought West started Mann, Spud, Phillips, Davis and Truslove. Truslove has played more than he hasn't so one of Davis and Molitor has to be considered a bench player.

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Years ago

Wrong tool

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Years ago

Tool is a bit harsh. Let me know if i'm wrong but no need for name calling pal... you seem bitter, did i leave you off the list? Is that you Finchy boy?

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Years ago

Just looked and found that Truslove has played 10 out of 14 games, so unless they have been starting Truslove, Davis and Molitor then I think I am right in saying one out of Molitor and Davis is a bench player!

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pascoe? Greg pascoe? you mean the guy whos been given every chance in the world since day 1? The guy whos averaging 8 points on 31%, and 19% 3 pt, when he's heralded as this all time best shooter?

and p.s anyone can look good at centrals. that includes Zane reeves

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Years ago

ELG people in glass houses?? Your game is not solid enough to be bagging others!!

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Years ago

ELG, you seem like a frustrated man.

In just a couple of lines you have hated 2 players that would destroy you physically, skillfully and mentally (as highlighted by your hating post) and a club that is almost above your own.

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Years ago

ELG - you could have "had every chance in the world" too if you had actually bothered going to trainings and wanting to work hard instead of being angry, sore and bitter your whole life

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Who is eastern lowland gorilla anyway? Doesn't seem to like woodville players very much, past or present! I think Zane is good enough to make this team, give me another big man better than him on the bench of a team.

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Years ago

Back on topic.. I see your point about dallas but i still think he deserves to be there purley based on previous year performances. He was just unlucky this year to be in such a good team. Unlucky in a strange way.

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Years ago

Why does Dan Thompson start on the bench? I just read his stats and he is averging 15pts a game, wonder what he would get if he actually got to play more than 20 mins? Doesn't make sense to me..

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haters: do you even know who i am. I am a 6'7 ox, full of muscle. pascoe is 6'2 and lactose intolerant. there is no possible way he can beat me physically. shows how much you know u stupid moron

and i'm not hating, im just raising facts. surely a great shooter whos been in the team for 4-5 years can shoot better than 31%

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Years ago

Nutter, if it was based on past years I would agree with you, but this was purely a team for this year. The only form and stats I went on was from this year, but I see your point. If I was picking a team to play an actual game he would be in it...possibly captain!

ELG, do you even play bball. I don't know anyone in this league that is 6'7 and full of muscle. You sound like you are full of something else!

Pascoe, whilst not shooting as well as he has in past years(which is why he didn't make my team) seems to be chipping in in other areas which is why he was worth mentioning. Very hard worker too!

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Years ago

ELG aren't you the guy still trying to get off the ground on your jumpshots.

I think Paul Rees is more athletic and agile than you.

I would be taking a Woodville Zane Reeves over you all day, all year.

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Thompson's a Gun  
Years ago

No question Thompson should be starting...He is too good not to be..

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Years ago

I disagree - you don't always necessarily start your best 5. Thompson gives Noorwood a massive spark off the bench.

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Years ago

must be handy for sapwell to have someone of thompsons calibre coming off the bench.

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Years ago

I think it's about time you got that chip off your shoulder. You were given the same opportunities as Pascoe and Reeves, but your greatest enemy was yourself.
You have bad attitude and play with no heart.
If you had put in the same effort as them, then you would've achieved as well.

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Years ago

wow ELG are you on angry pills - mate chillout a bit - pascoe / reeves are championship winning warriors - and as pointed out are / were mates - step up big guy take back the spot in div one next year - but dont knock guys having a go - you know both these guys have had injury problems and with full pre seasons are more the useful players that any team would welcome

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

Well, poeple here have reacted to ELG's assessment of other players, and in turn have questioned his playing credentials. So, we refer to the faithful stats sheet and find out that ELG shot at 48-3%, and averaged a point and a rebound every 2 minutes of court time in 2006. Pretty fair for a rookie I'd suggest. Also, if you refer to the Hoops Rating per 48 mins played, you'd find he was the best Woodville player, and the 9th overall behind Holmes(NBL) ,Smylie(import), Cooper(NBL), Dix(the best player never to have played NBL), Papendieck(College), Forman(NBL), Bungey(Academy), D .Ng(NBL). So all the Woodville players who lashed out at his statements should be happy he isn't playing this season , because one of you is only there because he isn't.

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Years ago

How many minutes/game did he play? Pretty easy to be high on that list when you are not playing many minutes. Also doesn't give him the right to bag his own mates or past mates.... sounds like a chump to me who was never going to have an impact at abl level.

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Years ago

if ELG wants to return to the team next year - might make him hungrier and be the extra big they need - their is rooom in their list without doubt for another big - in fact i think every team be looking for another big - certainly arent many quality bigs about

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