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Blaze: Which Joyce should go first?

You have to feel sorry for everyone involved with the new club, from the players, board members and fans (like myself).
Between the ongoing diabolical coaching methods of Joyce and pathetic playing capabilities of Joyce Junior (or SOJ), the season has been flooded with frustration and disbelief. Disbelief... that such a historically successful coach has lost all sense of realitiy when playing unskilled SOJ the minutes he does.

The crowd in Cairns were giving it to both the Joyce's and deservingly so.

The board should now be seeking answers and stepping in.

As a season ticket holder up here for Blaze, it is frustrating and it's getting that bad that there is only one solution......
one of them (preferably SOJ) or even both have to go!! It's not doing the club any favours, fans are frustrated and disheartened by what we are having to watch. The bench has great guards not being utilised!!!

It's a joke! and we're not laughing!!!

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Years ago

But I am ... over and over

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were you actually at the game on Saturday night?

Junior Joyce played only limited minutes as back up to Crowe (as he should) and the other rotations seemed pretty well on the money for the game.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Dude you have played the Kings, Bullets and Cairns as part of your first five games. All teams that are tipped to be potential GF attendees.

I would wait a little while for calling for Joyce's head.

SOJ is a different story. He has shown he can not contribute in the league.

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Years ago

If SOJ only gets 10 mins a game, few people would be complaining. He may develop to be a useful backup type player in this league in the future. If SOJ gets 30 mins a game, there is something wrong, because he is not up to it. That something wrong could be the complete lack of depth of the club in its guard rotation.

Blaze are a new entrant to the comp, and history has shown that it is incredibly difficult to put together a new team that makes the finals (last year being the only exception). I don't think the Blaze can really expect to be in a better position than they currently are, as their roster is not that good. The Joyce/Joyce thing appears to me to be the easiest excuse for the current performance of a team that is borderline finals hopes.

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Years ago

in relation to the issue surrounding the depth of the guards,who would know as the super sub is SOJ. however, we were enlightened by the young gun rookie from the AIS (demos), in the pre season where he scored about 15 points in as many minutes agiainst Cairns and put his body on the line with his strong 'd'. where's he been since that game? he's seen limited court time from then. and I question Joyce's antics in relation to this young fella too.

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Years ago

What else did Demos do in the preseason - or are you basing all your opinions about him on the one game?

If your going on preseason games as justification for game time now then Joyce did OK in the game against Cairns too, and topscored against Townsville!

I agree with XY in that Joyce should be used as a backup only at this stage in his career - let him have 10, maybe 15 mins a game and allow him to develop into hopefully a good solid player in the future.

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Years ago

Joyce shouldn't even be close to backup minutes at NBL level. There are that many kids that much more talented than SOJ it is ridiculous. He sucks, I reckon I could almost outplay him, and that is saying something

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Years ago

Get off the kid. Most agree that he is not up to it but he has an opportunity and he is having a crack.

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Years ago

The guy led the NSW ABA in assists and was 10th in scoring, so it is not unreasonable to think he could be a backup NBL player

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KC- gone  
Years ago

SOJ is not the problem.
The Blaze Club appear to have done something, due to the 12 mins he only got last game.
If that continues and time freed up used wisely, the Blaze are going to win a few mor games.

It was good to see KC and Pero used nore.

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Years ago

Agreed KC-gone (unusual for me as normally your posts rile me up) Saturdays game had rotations that I thought were pretty close to spot on. Whether something has been said to the coach or not I have no idea but the on court combination was much improved.

Lockstock - just out of interest - how many games have you actually seen Junior Joyce play live?

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Years ago

I saw him play in Adelaide at the Dome last year and have seen about 4 games of his on tv. Never seen him make a contribution to be honest.

And if he's 1st in assists and 10th in scoring I doubt I could outplay him, by the way! hehe

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Years ago

SOJ is an embarassment to Australian basketball. To see someone so un-coordinated, with no speed, who is scared of extended pressure, has a horrible shot and can't create a play for his life, in a point guard role, even off the bench is really sad!

Anyone defending his presence in the NBL is kidding themselves. Blaze have a decent roster (not great, not bad) but are in a lot of trouble if this is there backup guard. Joyce snr isn't a bad coach but his favouritism is a little out of hand with his son.

Crowe, Harvey, Frank, Cameron, Melmeth, Hawkins and Mcgreggor aint a bad team! Wake up all who think SOJ is even OK as a backup guard. He is a waste of space and the blaze lose ground when he's on court.

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Years ago

i totally agree with hithere1. your'e right on the money!!
in resonse to ms' question regarding demos, i am basing my opinion on preseason, as that's the only real game time Joyce has given him. the local paper gave him some serious wraps too, and provided additional stats from his ABA career, which I might add were impressive.

10 minutes for SOJ is way more than enough court time, if the Blaze want to be serious competitors in 07/08 season.

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Years ago

here's my take..and for personal reason i have to remain anonymous...but i've played with SOJ and Demos. Firstly get off SOJ's back a bit. if anyone in your positions was given the oppurtunity u would be doing the same as him...and that is giving it a fair go. Yes he is probably playing a bit too much but to say he is miles away from bein a back up nbl guard is ridiculous. He is deceptively quick and is long. He can obviously play from his ABA numbers so give the kid a break and start attacking the guy playing him 30 minutes a game.
In regards to Demos he is a sweet shooter who is really good defensively and should be getting about 10 minutes of backup a game in my opinion. he would give the opposition nothing and def would not hurt on offense.

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Years ago

Looking at the way that Coach joyce and his son are if Daddy Goes so will SOJ. thats the way it is.SOJ has been spoon feed all his life from his Father, Coach Joyce and his Ex Assistant Coach from the wollongong Hawks. if Coach Joyce was to leave like at wollongong SOJ would get NO minutes just like wollongong. so if Daddy leaves so will son. hope they both leave for the team.

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