Years ago

where's the structure phil?

was there anyone else that fell off their chair saturday night watching the fox coverage witnessing the head coach borrow a piece of paper and a pencil from an assistant to draw up a match saving play that would have made an under 14 coach laugh! that was disgraceful!
its obvious that the sixers have absolutely no set plays at all and the loosy goosy style doesnt work without at least one true slasher type (aka farley) on board and way too many bigs standing around. sutton could be in the future but for now we have to stand and watch the mesmorising one pass one shot offence which is embarrasing. i guarantee the sixers will set a record for most 3 point attempts in a game because we cant be bothered to run anything that actually has 3-4 options in it and makes opposition defences work.

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Vito Corleone  
Years ago

I had a chuckle at that. It took 30 seconds for a confused Saps to get the pen and paper to Phil as well.

Memo to Phil: get a playboard

It certainly came across as very amateurish and it produced a shot that was easily blocked.

Surely you would have in your bag at least 3 entry plays for that exact scenario. tsk tsk

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Years ago

EC, weren't you saying that coaches have no need for playboards just the other day?

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KC- gone  
Years ago

The big thing with structured plays is to run them for the tallent you have.

Ballinger is great off a screens not so good off his dribble or low post moves.

36ers should be getting 30 pts from hima game.

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Years ago

Just amuses me that we had the great lead, Joyce switches his defence to a 2-3 zone, and we lose the lead.

Far out - the 2-3 has been around since Noah was a Power Forward for Jerusalem - and Phil seemed to have no answers on how to break it!

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rotate on this  
Years ago

Phil eats structure for breakfast .

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Years ago

"Memo to Phil: get a playboard"

Never had any reason for one in the past :-)

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Years ago

Yea I heard about this. Funny stuff indeed. Scarey thing is I also heard Sapwell had one of his plays on the sheet from his ABL GF game this year. Phil followed that and... well both results speak for themselves.

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Ball Point Pen  
Years ago

Haha! Yeah I was going to post something about this too!

When Smyth looked at Sappa, he pulled out paper from his black clipboard and I thought that the page would contain four or so plays that could be used in situations like this... for once I was feelin a little confident with the coaching staff. I had been arguing with my mate who wants to get rid of Smyth all game. When I saw the orgnisation of Sappa having some last gasp plays in a secret litte clipboard I have to say, I actually felt a little confident, yelling at my mate: "See! He's not that dumb after all!!"

Then to see Phil kneel down, click the pen and starting drawing up a freaking basketball court on a pad of BLANK paper, I almost fell off my chair!

Watching the match replay on Fox last night, it was even more hilarious! Personal highlight was when Chappell look dumbfounded at the end of the timeout after what has just transpired and asked Phil 'So... I pass the ball in??'

It was completely and painfully obvious that they had never seen this play before.

Furthermore, when Phil called that timeout to set a play with 8 on the shot clock in the 3rd, it was just an on ball screen for Ng!! WTF!?! At worst we should had Mahersy swinging the wings and coming off a screen for a jumper and looking for Ballinger for the roll?

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Years ago

It never ceases to amaze me the number of "experts" (ex = unknown quantity, spurt = drip under pressure)
who post "WANKER" comments on this site. No one made adverse comments when Phil took over and was winning. The wankers only come out when they don't like the way things are going, and provide inane comments which have no merit. If these people had the credentials that they profess then they would be the coach of the 36ers. Why don't you all wait and see what happens for at least the first half of the season. WANKERS INCORPORATED need to pull their heads in and get a life. SUPPORT THE 36ERS INSTEAD OF RUNNING THEM DOWN. I'm sure that I will receive some wild comments about my post - but then that would only prove I am right about the no knowledge, no talent, no brains wankers.

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Years ago

...and how would that be?

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rotate on this  
Years ago

I don't know about no knowledge , no talent , and no brains but with your love of the word WANKER you either are one or you have a mild form of Tourettes with a little OCD chucked in for good measure .
You need to ease back on the repetitive profanity and wash your mouth out with soapy water as my mom made me do when i was a naughty little boy .

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Years ago

'No one made adverse comments when Phil took over and was winning.'

no shit

'provide inane comments which have no merit'

beg to differ

'If these people had the credentials that they profess then they would be the coach of the 36ers.'

stop and think about that for a second. no one professes any credentials. and there might be phil jackson posting here and that doesnt mean hes the coach.

'Why don't you all wait and see what happens for at least the first half of the season.'

we did that for ALL of last season plus the start of this season. that ok with you

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Years ago

How about we just get rid of Phil and then everybody would be happy.

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Years ago


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Years ago

To all you dummy spitters falling you high chairs, there was a well thought out process, that's obviously gone over your heads.
It's not politically correct to ask for a blackboard, or a whiteboard in front of Australia's publicly moderated television audience.
FFS, he was ethically bound to ask for pen & paper.
Get over it D!CKHEADS.

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Hood 41  
Years ago

come again?? why wouldnt he just have a playboard??

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Years ago

why have a playboard after ten years of not running and set plays

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smooth pockets  
Years ago

I think Phil should just run a 1-4 flat everytime down the court for Mahersey. Also known as give the ball to Mahersey and everyone else get the hell out of the way.

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Years ago

so anon12 when do we start being critical, not 2 seasons ago when the cracks were appearing and the fallout from that was rychart leaving, or last season when they went 11 and 22 (worst season in club history) or like you said wait till half way through the season when there 4 and 14 and another season is down the tube??????
i agree with some of what you said, alot of people jump on the team when there winning but as soon as they lose the knives are out, but it is dire times at the 36ers you dont have to be smart to see it.

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Years ago

its easy to slag people for being critical but i posted the original comment to see if many other people thought it was embarrasing to see at that level. quite clearly you dont have to be an NBL coach to know it was sad to see because the last thing i want is my team coach looking below average on national tv. but the fact of the matter is this...its clear the players dont know whats going on at all times during a game because of the lack of some basic fallback options/plays. its clear the current roster just doesnt work under the current style wanted by phil because the free flowing style which worked under a farley/maher green light to shoot plus solid role players system isnt there. it seems everyone now has the green light to let em fly from anywhere...which looks great when shots drop but this wont happen every game. lets get a solid PG, a 2 and 3 man that attack hard, a good rebounding 4 and a big 5 man to free up the slashing 2 and 3 man. needless to say look at sydney and brisbane as examples.

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