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Writeup: Sixers @ Bullets

Ok well where do I start. Oh I know. I drank a lot. It was pretty obvious early that we were in trouble. Given the amount of beer consumed, I dont remember as much as I should.

Anyhow. Tonight was bad. Here is why;

We ran a lot of screens to get mismatches on Balls. Guess what happened when we had Balls in the block with CJ on him? Thats right. BALL REVERSAL! The one time they got a good isolation on a mismatch, Balls got an offensive foul. Home call.

Hodge was hurt going to the half time break. It looks like he hurt his hip. After the break, coach put him back in. When he hit the court, he couldn't walk properly. Why play an injured player?

Davidson worked his guts out. His 6th was a technical. Not sure what happened, but Butler called his 5th and then Weeks called he T. All down hill from there.

Coops was solid. Good presence in the key and a nice block on Hill(?) in the 2nd.

Doddman. He played a lot of minutes and was guarding Gibson for a lot of it. What? He had TWO passing turnovers in the backcourt IN A ROW which lead to Ebe hitting NINE points in 60 seconds. I've never heard the brisbane crowd so pumped after the 3rd 3 pointer went down. The only good thing to say about the guy is im glad he doesnt take up space in the salary cap (unless pizza vouchers count?).

Ebi is amazing. I sh*t you not, this guy can flat out play. I wouldn't be surprised if someone picks him up next year (read: NBA). He is so so so so so much better than last year. He could have hit 65 tonight.

Sutts looked like he didnt know where he was. Im sure Marcus Ng would love his slot in the roster.

Balls was quiet. Brisbane just dealt with him well.

Lastly: Ng. This f*cking guy. If nothing else, Eddie JVG Mal needs to do everything he can to keep this guy next year. Sure, he takes some bad shots, but thats only because he is forced too. You watch him in an offensive set look down to the post ASKING for a screen on the elbow. Nothing. No cuts either, so he tries to make something happen. He can flat out shoot the ball, even in a tough situation.

So I almost cried at the end of the game. Where did the Sixers pride go? Remember the days you BELIEVED that any time now, someone would come down the court and just swish that pull up 3? Where we would find the heart to go 12-0 in the 4th? No sign of this tonight. Sad.

We really need to shake things up in the winter. Ng, Hodge (maybe), Coops, Balls and Davo should be safe, but everyone else should be looked at.

Anyhow, I got a box score from the bench. Ill be asking JVG to pass it on to Ebi to sign. Ill frame that. The guy is a shoe in for MVP.

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Years ago

Oh, and it was announced on the PA that Mal was at the game. I wonder what his thought were as he walked to the post-game presser?

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James W  
Years ago

I just saw the score on NBL.com.


I mean....really.

Nothing to say.

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Years ago

Is it possible to be stunned, amazed, yet not in the slightest bit surprised? I mean, it is hard to believe, but we've been building towards this for quite some time now.

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Years ago

Tell us a it more about the Sixers defence kad, it must have been good, I'm still wondering how you get 155 points scored on you lol.
Also, who was guarding Ebi?

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Years ago

We played a Zone for a bit. That didnt work. It didnt matter who played on him, he is a cut above everyone in the league.

He did get maybe 15 points on the break. He gets on the end of a lot of the turnovers Brisbane forces with its trapping full court press.

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Years ago

You guys are tough, give 'em time to gell.

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Years ago

Kad has it all preaty much sumd up. Mal was there and even sat in on the huddle at the begining of the third quarter.
Davidsons tech was for kicking the ball after the offencive foul he comitted.
defence when it was being played was mainly a zone or match up zone.
but yeah the team did look preaty flat for the majority of the game. and the bullets did get alot of fast break points.
i hope hodge is ok, he injured his ankle.
by the end of the game we only had 2 subs left because of davidson and copes fouling out. Motts wasnt to far behind and Hodge being injured.

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Years ago

Cheers for the write up kad... At least I got one quarter of enjoyable basketball...

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Years ago

Oh dont wprry TR, I got to watch Ebi put on a fantastic show. Not what I wanted, but it made it worth the $172. (5 tix + parking).

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

As Ace Ventura would say:

"Holy S##T BALLS!!!"

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Things i noticed about that box scores.

Ebe had 51 points in 32minutes.

Davidson and Copes fouled out in 20 and 22 minutes respectively. Great work when you are the experienced part of the back court

Ballinger had as many fga as Ebe yet scored 32 points less.

as a team we had 2 less fga as Brisbane.

We got killed by their guards yet our guards played most of the minutes. Motts 19, Axel 16, Coop 26 minutes. This suggests to me that we did not try a different approach. We tried to fight a bush fire with a box of matches.

Throw some bigs on the perimeter and make the guards shoot over you? If they cant get off a shot make them drive into the paint and take on a shot blocker.

Bradshaw and Dusty got double doubles in 29 and 20 minutes respectively

Ballinger was the only double double for us in 40 minutes of play.

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Years ago

Just goes to show that money can by teams championships.

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Years ago

Didnt work for the Sixers, 22.

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Years ago

That's because we're not spending what Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne are spending, and we don't have the Boomers coach as the team's coach.

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Years ago

we did!

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Years ago

There is no way in hell the sixers are spending the same amount of money on talent as the top clubs.

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Years ago

22, who was available in the off season who we should have spent the money on? Barlow? Saville?

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Years ago

The Bullets will deliver a similiar hiding next month when they visit Adelaide and I'll be there in the stands admiring the Bullets team.

Bullets to make it 2-peat this season.

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Years ago

thanks Kad, dont think there is enough beer in the world to forget that

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Years ago

If the 36ers are spending as much as the Bullets, then the 36ers players are way overpaid in terms of what they deliver. Its not always a case of how much you spend but how much you are getting for your money.

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