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NBL Free Agents list

Free agents list has been released, who would you like to see the 36ers go after???

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Brisbane are pretty much the only team to have basically everyone secured.
Dusty & Brown being the only exceptions.

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Years ago

Brisbane have option on Dusty which they will take up soon

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Years ago

Kings might be in trouble.

Worthington to Europe?
Smith to retirement?

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Years ago

Id like to see the 36ers retain: Ballinger, Hodge, Ng, maybe Mottram depending on who else is we can get to go along with Davidson, Maher and Cooper
Id like us to have a look at trying to get Cattalini, Rychart, Dave Thomas, Ryan Kersten, Blagoj Janev, Rod Gizzard, Shane McDonald, Cortez Groves, Brad Hill, Shannon Seebohm,
obviously if we keep our imports it rules out chasing a Rychart, Groves or a Thomas and the rest of the fuys i have mentioned are mainly young SA guys or young players who i think could be good back ups like Janev.

C Cooper/Mottram
PF Ballinger/Janev
SF Hodge/Hill
SG Maher/Ng
PG Davidson/Kersten

Development - Burdon and Dodman if we need to due to the points cap put these guys in the 10 and use Seebomn and Gerlach as the next options for 11th n 12th man spots, id also look into Blascynski atleast trial him and look at other returning players who have had good college careers to see if they are better than guys like Kersten, Hill and Janev, particularly the SA guys.

I think that would be a pretty good team, with a couple of extra young SA guys to develop also in Hill and Kersten

I wouldnt mind say Cattalini in for Mottram or Cooper if that was possible and start Ballinger in Centre.
Holmes doesnt appear on the list, so probably wont be able to get him back.

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Years ago

Dodman surely wont stay if he is kept as a development player, I think he has shown plenty of potential that if the sixers werent to use him as contracted player, other suiters could come calling. Either that, or the Crows need a new ruckman!!

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Years ago

Is the option on Dench a team option or a player option????

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twenty four  
Years ago

Anon, why do you think Smith will retire? I'm not a fan, but I still think he has a bit more to give.

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twenty four  
Years ago

Was just about to post the same Q TR. I don't think he'll be back either way?!

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Years ago

TR, both, I believe.

Signed are Maher, Davidson and Cooper.

It's always been suggested that Smith could follow Goorjian to the Dragons.

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Years ago

yea fair enough about Dodman since he is a SA boy, showing potential i wouldnt mind him being given a spot in the 10 ahead of Janev or Hill, or if its a tight squeeze on the points cap id leave Cooper or Mottram out.
Would you put Dodman ahead of Janev though??? he has some good numbers for the slingers, i guess its hard to say considering Dodman hasnt had the same opportunity, and being a SA boy if its a close call id take Dodman, but if Janev is way better id take him over Dodman.
Dodman is someone id like to see around the 36ers for years to come as i think he could be a good fit for a Sapwell/Rees type role off the bench, and seems to be a croud favourite and plays hard!
If they have the points cap and its possible id love to just add Dodman to the 10 i named before as the 11th man, and have him compete at training with guys like Hill and Janev for a spot in the 10 each week.

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Years ago

Isn't Jacob Holmes a free Agent?

I'd say adelaide go after some young emergent, yet unknown talent. Herbert, Drew Williamson, Anthony Petrie, Brad Robbins, Janev, Kersten, Scott Cook, Dwyane Vale would all be very good but some would be supremely hard to get.

I doubt Cortez will be at South next season and he would be a perfect fit in adelaide's run and gun offence + his points rating would be low after a dissapointing season under heal.

Does anybody know first hand if Ballinger is going to be naturalised before the start of next season?

Darren NG should be kept. I was saying all season that he'd start to stand out when maher is out or retired and he is proving me right.

Also, is there any news on this alleged new points cap system?

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Years ago

I'd take Dusty back, but he'll definitely be signing up again with the Bullets. Shame we lost him in the first place. He's also the only opposition player I know who receives a multiple clap and cheer during play intro.

I wouldn't mind Cattalini. He's still a good player.

Dave Thomas is a terrific all-round player and a bit Scottie Pippen like. He'd compliment the team well.

Ryan Kersten is worth chasing. He has talent.

How about Mike Helms and get him out of Singapore? He's not a bad player and I don't mind him. Would he fit into the 36ers system? Yours thoughts please.

I'd definitely go for Cortez Groves. He's a terrific player who was put down by Shane Heal. He find confidence quick.

Rosell Ellis or Corey Williams, both terrific guards and passers. Also willing to slash. Worth a crack. The Ellis injury was a fluke I reckon and I don't feel he's injury prone, just bad luck.

They are my choices.

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Years ago

Champs33 just wanted to let you know that Rosell Ellis is NOT a guard.

I'm pretty sure the points system is changing meaning that we have even less room to move within the points cap - Isaac any info on the new system? I believe Maher goes to a 7?

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Years ago

Would anyone take a guy like Groves or Thomas over either of our current imports, say if they are willing to sign for the same price???
I personally would keep our current imports but if Hodge were to leave id definatly have a crack at Groves and or Thomas

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Years ago

I wouldn't go for Cattalini (too expensive, injury prone), Mike Helms (what does he do that Ng can't - in fact, I think Singapore should've dumped him, nabbed Darren and then brought in an import PG - they would've been more competitive IMO), or Groves (not after this season, just not as confident in his ability).

I swear Kersten has a two year deal with NZ and they will try to keep him you'd think.

I'd keep Ballinger if possible rather than get Dusty back - just a more precise and well-rounded player.

Dave Thomas is on loads of cash with Melbourne.

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Years ago

Is Darren Ng secured for next year???

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Janev is not going somewhere to be the 10th man.

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Years ago

With no Holmes or Tovey available... who can we get?!

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Years ago

I think Holmes has a player option on his contract or can opt out. Dicko would be able to answer that one.

I'd like to have a look at Anthony Petrie. Seen a lot of him here in Canberra and the kid can play.

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Years ago

Champ33 what makes you think Rychart is definitely gonna stay on with the Bullets? I am not sure about our chances of retaining Hodge, the way he is playing he surely will get better offers from overseas. Hopefully Ballinger stays regardless of the coach. Lets get back Holmes back too, not asking much hey :)

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Years ago

I think i read someone say Dodman over you want a rookie over the guy thats been our most RELIABLE scoring option of the season(as stated by boti)

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Years ago

When did Boti say that Cooper was our most reliable scoring option? Must've missed that.

TC, I don't see Hodge as being the 'love Europe' type. NBA or NBL I reckon. If he comes up for grabs even during the season, I reckon it'd be worth having someone go down injured just to grab him!

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Years ago

Boti's comment that David Cooper was our most reliable scoring option was a tongue-in-cheek remark to indicate that, if that's indeed the case, we're in deep trouble! It came after a recent home game (the loss to the Wildcats, I think) where Coops was our leading scorer with about four minutes left to play in the match.

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Years ago

Not sure on points, but what I would do is appoint Ninnis as head coach with KB as assistant, who then could put together this line up...

Import/Cooper or Motts

Again, probably wouldn't fit under the points cap but who knows...There may even be a chance to chuck Newley in there instead of an american or if Ng doesn't play.

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