Years ago

Forget the 36'ers its Lightning Time

I think we have all had enough of articles about the 36'ers. Let face it they are out. Its now time to support the Lightning. The quiet achievers, no publicity just get down and do the job.

It's time to support them they deserve it.

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Years ago

They do deserve it but I'm afraid womens basketball is just boring to watch. I want the Lightning to win but I just get bored watching womens basketball. Sure, they're brilliant fundamentally but no excitement, no athletisism, no crowd, no fun. I klniow someone is going to spaz about what I just said but you can't deny it's true. Anyway... go lightning.

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Years ago

well said Bob, Go Girls!

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Years ago

LIGHTNING = BORING!!! sorry but so so true.

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Years ago

Have any of you guys bagging the Lightning even been to a game this season ?
Why is it boring, because they don't dunk ?

Sounds like sour grapes because the sixers (with the exception of a couple of games) have been pretty crap the last few seasons.
No-one in the WNBL can get close to them at the moment, (just beat the number 2 team by 21 points without Phillips playing) and dare I say it they could probably give a few NBL teams a run for their money at the moment.

It's about time people start getting behind the girls.

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Years ago

plz say u are jokin about giving nbl teams a run for there money. plz. I love basketball of any kind but lets not get silly

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Don't the Lightning play under 18 boys club sides and lose?

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forward thinker  
Years ago

bob youre my homie

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Years ago


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Years ago

ELG totally agree.

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I carumba  
Years ago

look out for the national "brazillian" team - !

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Years ago

most of these posts are from M.C.P's and you know what they say about men and their EGOS it's just a coverup for a small -----
so just ignore their posts and get down and support the Lightning Team and watch a good, intelligent, gutsy, game of basketball.
they don't need 3 balls, just one, will do!

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Years ago

Bob, just because people follow the 36ers and NBL basketball, how can you just assume that they would be equally as interested in womens basketball but just need to be prompted to do it. If people are not following the WNBL even after the 36ers are out (not yet a certainty), then they are not interested. I can assure you that even though its a remote possibility that the 36ers might make it past the regular season, a lot more interest would be generated from that achievement. Sorry, I attend 2 or 3 Lightning games each season and may attend some home finals games, but apart from that, it does not do a great deal to excite me. I wish them very well and from what they have achieved so far, they deserve to win the championship.

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Years ago

Thog: Here stadium, where our women basketball teams play.

Kug: We no can dunk, but good fundamentals.

Ornik: That more fun to watch.

[Zapp, Fry and Bender laugh.]


Thog: But they make fun women's basketball.

Femputer: What? Did you explain how the women's good fundamentals make up for their inability to dunk?

Ornik: Yes. They still laugh.

Femputer: The men must die.

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Years ago

all the talk about fundamentals is the biggest running joke in the sport. its not just the lack of dunks but its all really awkward. its ok but i dont really enjoy watching it that much.

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Years ago

Ive been to a couple of games this year and I dont find it boring, but it certainly isnt as exciting as the men Im afraid.
However I will still probably head along to the playoff games.

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bebe jnr  
Years ago

"but no excitement, no athletisism, no crowd, no fun"...what an absolute load of garbage. How athletic is Phillips, Gahan, Camino not to mention the rest of the girls in this championship side. They can all shoot, they are all team players not relying on one or two people to get the job done. It's a shame the SA basketball community can't get behind the girls and show true sportsmanship. Instead it's all about the men and how fancy they can be. I would rather see a winning side than a bunch of egos doing tricks in a losing side.


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Years ago

Shutdown Ballinger and Hodge (and Ng on occasion) and the 36ers have no offence to go with their complete lack of defence.
Whereas who do you shut down in the Lightning to stop them scoring ? Everyone ?

One of these teams is currently the pinnacle of their League, while the other has become a bit of a joke.

Enough said.

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Years ago

Ummm, you might need to re-take my Marketing 101 course. I don't remember saying the best way to get more support is to insult your target audience!

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Years ago

exactly. this is not how to encourage people to go to games. it puts me off more.

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Cat 20  
Years ago

Wow what a can of worms.
Looks like someones feelings have been hurt.

Hilarious stuff.

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Years ago

Face it.

Lightning are boring.

End of story.

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Years ago

Mines bigger than yours.... lol

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bebe jnr  
Years ago


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Years ago

well said mate lightning rock. me nd my friends go to all the home games and its soo... wicked!!!! u can meet the players after the game, they talked to u give u tips and kinda become ur friend!!! they are top of the ladder with a 17 game or so winning streak. they have erin phillips, jess foley, jenny whittle, tracy gahan, renae camino, sam woosnam, angela marino, lauren king, jess mahoney and rebecca duke who can all score big when ever needed. just face it, LIGHTNING ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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