Years ago

Valk out Coached

It was the worst display of coaching i have ever seen today. She got all her rotations wrong out coached...It was disgusting to watch. Why would you take Phillips off for 8 plus mins in the 3rd and put King on who hasn't played for 2 weeks due to illness and then also take Whittle off aswell in the 3rd when the game is there to be won?
Who is the real coach Vicki Valk or Vince Marino?

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Years ago

dont know about that but how many times was marino open and passes not given - not sure if they are as happy campers as they make out - marino is a 3 point streak shooter and they needed a spark yet dont seem to want to go that way - had nothing to lose- team seemed nervous too many turnovers - they will bounce back strong
get off vinces back - valk coaches JT - comment is garbage - team was outplayed - but lets see who get to the big dance and collects the cookies before slagging
top effort by valk the girls and the owner/ management on great season - get to the dome next wek to see the championship team fire up

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Years ago

losing Gahan in the first quarter didn't help.
surely Sydney couldn't shoot that well again.
Tend to agree re Erin's time off the court, but surely Vicky had a reason for it,also where was Jenny Whittle in the last quarter?
maybe Vicky conceded and decided to rest players for next week's game.

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Years ago

Listen ANON - Are you at the games each week? Well if you are then come and sit with me if you think Vicki is coaching the team you are wrong and it made me sick to read the article on Vince saying Vicki runs the side if you sit with me behind Vince Marino and family Vicki looks up at the score board then at the bench then across to Vince, he then gives the nod and Angela comes on (i was never going to mention this on hoops but your thread has pi**ed me off). It has been like that all season not just today so i have seen this with my OWN eyes week after week and it is disgusting..

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Years ago

Sydney were in phenomenal form, and Lightning had their first loss in 17 games. One bad match in 17 games is forgiveable, yes? Glad Lightning had their off day today, got it out of the way, and can go on to the grand final full of determination to make it happen.

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JT is a fool  
Years ago

JT What an fool you are and by your comments just shows how much you do not know about basketball. Gee Vince must have really been moving his head around when the girls were on their winning streak.(Funny that you have seen it with your own eyes every week, you must go to the away games as well?) Stop posting on here and making a fool of youself with the crap you write. Franqpani, well said!

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wnba crazy  
Years ago

absoloutely out coached - king still looked sick a very half baked.

why was phillips off for so long in the 3rd and 4th.

the only good match up was foley on porter - who still had a good game - but jess kept her earning it.

NO TRANSITION D by lightning.

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wnba crazy  
Years ago

lightning body language was not good - they will have to be very careful about not going out in staright sets - dandy will be rubbing their hands together.

erin phillips and jess foley looked to be the only ones really switched on to big game day.

whittle normally money on the sky hooks - all fell short.

foleys thress rattled forever and popped out.

marino and camino's threes all off the target.

sam did her best - but only one.

we really regressed back to that same sort of game earlier in the season when dandy belted us at home.

No running the lanes in offence!!!

natural shooters holding back on open looks - WTF nad then trying to feed whittle who had porter of herrick all over her.

ANOTHER big finals loss to sydney.

nobody will beat them.

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Years ago

You can bag me as much as you want, it happens every home game Vicki does not run the side, sorry i should have specified for you i only attend the home games. and yes it did happen when they were on their 17 game winning streak. wat happen to our defence today, thats right it was no where to be seen. bcoz valk only knows offence offence offence..... she only has one defence plan and once sydney found that out she didnt have anything else to throw at sydney. thats why and how viki valk got out coached today. lets wait and see next week and if they can win that game and take on sydney the week after if she has any back up plans. if she is a good coach she would have plan A B C

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Camel 48  
Years ago

They chocked, as they have a habit of doing in finals.

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Just observing  
Years ago

It's hard for a coach when there is 5 individuals playing the game and wanting to be the hero and make the big shots. Tell me why did Sydney win? BEcause they had one team on the floor and didn't worry about who was making the shots. They just kept passing the rock around tl they had an open look and more often than not they did make it. Adelaide just had too many individuals on the day. There is no doubt Adelaide is a better team when they share it so you can't blame the coach. That's the first time all season they haven't looked like a team.

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Years ago

TR seems you changed your tune - now its no defence
one off game - dont jump off the wagon just yet

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moose 16  
Years ago

I thought Phillips sat down as she appeared to jar herself when fouled by Poto the time she got to the line and iced all three foul shots.

no defence from Adelaide
no confidence either they second guessed themselves on shots all night

Gahan a big loss

Sydney celebrating early the grand final isn't won yet.

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Years ago

dont jump off the "valkwagon" just yet - no offence intended but too many people too negative - one bad game - they will respond and get the win in the only game that matters - go vicki - go girls
TR you are out of order -

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Years ago

Holy sh*t.... I'm not even posting in this thread and I'm copping heat.....

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Years ago

all in good fun TR

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Years ago

ummm, I'm sure it is, but shouldn't your fun be directed at JT. I've had enough fun already this weekend.

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Years ago

sorry TR you are right - on the ball as always
JT is the one - never intended a bad word about you
TR rocks

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Years ago

Gee, I think I've heard something like this before!

Team gets beaten, it's all the coaches fault & lets not forget the possibility of scullduggery & outside influences!!

Why don't we make Voldemort head coach of something, have Valk as his assistant, and that way we only have to have 1 thread to bash both of them with!!!

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Years ago

Thought they fell apart a little late in the game and one of Valk's timeouts was a little desperate right when they needed very clear/careful direction.

Hadn't seen Porter play in a while and thought she was a pretty steady rock for the Flames to work around.

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Years ago

I just waiting for Valk to morph into Valkemort...

Give the girl a chance, one game doesn't make a sacking or anything. Voldemort had 2 seasons of stinking it up...

I was impressed by her coaching when the Lightning come to Canberra..

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Years ago

TR/JT, I think you will find Valdermort had about 5 years 'stinking it up'

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Years ago

"Give the girl a chance, one game doesn't make a sacking or anything."
Except for Chris Lucas

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Years ago

I ain't JT. I have my issues but not that many....

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Years ago

Yeah i do have issues when a coach isn't allowed to coach their own side, the owner is supposed to be in the back ground not putting his face out there. And when you see what i see its disgraceful.

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JT is a fool  
Years ago

I am amazed that you see any of the game when you watch Vince and the coach all game. If it so disgracful, stop going.

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A elaide 36ers  
Years ago

Mike Woodson
Doc Rivers
Sam Vincent
George Karl
Jim O'Brien
Mike Dunleavy Sr.
Marc Iavaroni
Pat Riley
Larry Krystkowiak
Lawrence Frank
Byron Scott
Maurice Cheeks
Mike D'Antoni
Nate McMillan
Sam Mitchell

Some coaches that I thought got out coached at the weekend. Sack them all!!!

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Years ago

i might not like how the team is run but i love the team. I have been a season ticket holder for over 5 years, Vince may be able to get rid of the coaches but he wont get rid of me.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I have read all the above. I'm a bit scared of Michele Brogan's ability should Gahan not play.

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Years ago

I have to agree with JT, I also have been to every home game this season and seen the eye contact with Vince during the games from the coach.It happened on Saturday again and was also noticed by the people around me. The other thing that is very noticable is Angela looking direct at mummy and daddy everytime she makes a mistake or shes not happy with something. I will NOT be getting membership next season and I wont be the only one, trust me. Vince brought this team for one person only he has proven that to me with his actions this year.

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Years ago

17 Game winning streak in this time?

Maybe he SHOULD coach the team, if he's running it from the stand anyway.

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Flinders 80  
Years ago

when will the fans get it.... Vince brought the team to teach us all a lesson.... money is power

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Red Line  
Years ago

What does that red line mean?

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