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Should the sixers go with a bigger line up?

I was just thinking last night after the game, that Hill is playing as good and maybe even better than Bruce right now and did a decent job defending Ingles also, so i was thinking should the 36ers go a bigger line up, sort of like the tigers do and start with
PG Hodge
SG Hill
SF Holmes
PF Ballinger
C Schenscher
That would give us some size in our guard rotation and as was pointed out our guard production has been down a little and Hill and Hodge were the 2 most productive guards against the Dragons, even though Hodge would have been playing SF most of the time.
It also gives Holmes back his starting job, which given he was probably our best aussie along with Schenscher from the start of the season, he probably does deserve some decent minutes and to start.
What do people think??
Then just use a 8 man rotation using Bruce, Maher and Davidson off the bench and sliding the others up a position or 2 eg, Hodge to SF as required.

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I don't think it matters. I was disgusted with the umpiring last night. Who are these refs that we keep getting? Are thay afraid to call in favour of the home team, or have they gots bets on? Last night in the first half the game got completely out of control, because Goorj's boys seemed able to clobber whoever they liked and get away with it. We on the other hand couldn't blink without fouling. This seems to happen quite a few games and not only with the sixer.
Seems like Melbourne teams on no acount can lose.
(Unless they're out of Australia.)
They seemed to get their act together in the second half, but I was discusted.

Good try 36'ers game given away by the refs IMO.

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Years ago

I don't think Holmes should be starting, he should be the first forward of the bench and sharing minutes with Balls, Schench and SOME time at the 3 spot.

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Years ago

I do not know why the 36ers do not take snippets from game tape of the dodgy ref calls and present it to the NBL as evidence of a complaint against the refs. I would be demanding a change of refs. God only knows the evidence would be overwhelming. It is every single home game that we put up with the same shit from the same idiots. Yes, apart from all other factors determining last night's game, the refs could have also contributed single handedly to the results. As they did the last home game, quite clearly evident in the final seconds delay of the time clock and 2x2 pointers from Cattalini (his foot clearly on the line) credited with 3 points each. I still do not understand the silent treatment the refs get when there is physical evidence of errors made.

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Years ago

EC, do you really think anything would be done about it past "we are looking in to it"? Maybe that's why they haven't lodged such a complaint...

I too cringed last night.

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Years ago

I think Holmes should start cos he is crap when he comes off the bench - just doesnt appear to have his head in the game if he has to sit first up! I would still start Bruce otherwise you have too many smalls coming off the bench in Bruce, Maher and Davo. I'd like to see Ninnis try this starting 5;

PG - Maher
SG - Hodge
SF - Holmes
PF - Ballinger
C - Schenscher

Of course would depend on match ups but I would have Davo coming off the bech for the point and bruce for SG as he played quite well there last time when he didnt have to worry about ball carrying duties.

Brad Hill appears to be improving every week and deserves more minutes also!!

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Jacob needs to harden up IMO and cop coming of the bench on the chin.

People who were at the Sydney game said similar, that he just didn't look interested after having to come of the bench.

I'm sorry but with this team Jacob is redundant.

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Years ago

Ah but Ninnis got jacob back to SA. And look how well jacob is doing with that. C'mon you guys...Credit where it's due.

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The Minx  
Years ago

Interesting point Jonno.

I think your idea is good but the problem in that lineup is a lack of reliable outside shooters outside of Ballinger. With Hodge, Balls and Luke likely to be double teamed in the post, we need to have guys on the floor who are reliable from the perimeter. Maher and Davidson provide that somewhat.

However, the major issue with this sixers team at the moment and the reason we are losing games is due to our guard play. Our frontline has been doing its job but age and injury has caught up with Maher and Davidson while Bruce isn't living up to the hype. With these guys underperforming, the team doesn't really have a good perimeter threat which is a must in this league. AB doesn't have a quick enough release on his shot and stagnated the offense numerous times when he should've shot the ball but the close out came too quickly for him. Until the guard play gets sorted out, I wouldn't mind going big but Bruce, Davidson and Maher will have to step up if we are to start winning some games.

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i agree cant have the 3 smalls come off the bench, not good for rotations. holmes has been sick this weekend, but we need alot more from him and he has to come off the bench and do the team thing if we want to win. we need to play better d, giving up 110 points friday night and 106 last night is not gonna win games. we also need some more consistency from 3. brad hill played great but lets not get carried away, he is still inconsistent, he didnt play well friday. i like hill just dont think he is consistent enough to warrant more than around 15 mins a game.

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Years ago


"holmes has been sick this weekend"

Jake's been totally sick all season. Love his game.

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Years ago

My rotation would be:

Schenscher - 33mins
Ballinger - 38mins
Hodge - 40mins
Maher - 23mins
Bruce - 32mins

Holmes - 30mins
Hill - 17mins
Davidson - 23mins
Cooper - 4mins
Winitana/Ezy/Hoban - Garbage time.

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Years ago

Keep it the way it was lastnight. The players need to have a structured system from here until the seasons end. Holmes will have to be a professional about it all, and after his performance this weekend the last thing he needs to do is be rewarded with a starting spot! The moment Julius got signed I bet he saw the writing on the wall for his minutes/impact needed on this team.

Hill is a great sub and is fianlly sowing some consistancy, hope he keeps it up and cements his spot as a NBL player!

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Years ago

Um, I think vanexcel meant 'sick' as in ill guys!

If you half kept up with the players you would know that Jacob has had a virus which he has struggled to shake - clearly shows why he has lacked interest and has not been given much time.

C'mon guys - ease off the overstated reactions and bun jumping.

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Years ago

i did mean holmes was ill, not well, sick in the real meaning of the word. like your rotations and minutes system xztatik, if holmes has coopers minutes last night giving him 30 mins and coops 0, id be happy with that. GET WELL SOON HOLMES!!!

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Years ago

I think the comment about defence sums it up. The 36ers obviously can score big numbers - they cracked 100 in both games and have scored well in a number of games this year. But they seem unable to stop the other team from scoring more.

The 6ers have struggled for years to defend teams with guards who can shoot well from outside. Our guards have tended to be reluctant to take away the outside shots and too easy to drive past (then dish) when they did close. I've only seen one game this year and I don't know if that has changed or not. Especially with Hodge in the line up.

It seesm to me that if you want to change the result via line ups, the line up change has to be based on better defence without losing the offensive punch that clearly is there.

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Years ago

We take a game interlude, brought to you by vanexel31, & the "My Crack & Holmes" 36er dancers.

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