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Joyce wants Goorj's Boomer role

Gold Coast coach Brendan Joyce has stated in a news article today that he is eager to take the role of head coach of the Boomers and is disappointed that Brian Goorjian has gone back on his word to stand down.

The NBL championship-winning mentor has decided to challenge Boomers coach Brian Goorjian -- who has reneged on his word that he would stand down after Beijing -- for the top job.

Goorjian's job has been advertised but the South Dragons coach will reapply and is believed to be in the box seat to lead the team through to 2012 because he is the incumbent.

But Joyce, who took the Blaze to the playoffs in his first season and will lead the team into battle against the Perth Wildcats at home on Sunday, has worked as a Boomers assistant coach under Goorjian for the past two Olympics.

And he believes it is time for a change.

The decorated former player and coach admits he is 'disappointed' Goorjian had gone back on his word.

"He was pretty adamant he was stepping down and was going to recommend me for the job," said Joyce.

"I was surprised and a bit disappointed."
Full article here

The one comment to date on the article suggests that Brendan focus a little more on his current team at this stage.

What do you think? Do we need a change? Is Brendan Joyce the right man for the job?

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Years ago

SOJ will be licking his lips!

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Years ago

Joyces records dont really speak much but then again he coaches the blaze. Goorj seems to be doing a good job and Im not sure I would want Joyce coaching the Boomers, does anyone else know who has applied for the job?

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Years ago

Joyce is not National coach material in my book. I would rather Goorj.

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Years ago

Great! He'll probably put Heal back in the team with SOJ backing him up!

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Dirty Day  
Years ago

Howard and Costello. What a joke. Joyce is lucky to be where he is with the national team. Goorjian is ten times the coach he is. Joyce should sit down.

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Years ago

Excellent!!! - He must be a student of the "Isaiah Thomas Method"... Applying the lessons well.

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Years ago

Goorj being 10 times the coach Joyce is, doesn't amount to much. Brian should be held to his word & told to sit down too.

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Years ago

HAAHAHAHAHA Brendan Joyce, national coach?!?

Get the hell out! He's possibl the worst coach in the NBL right now.

Win a game or two with the Blaze first, Brendan.

Seriously though, If Joyce was coach, does anyone actually think SoJ would be a Boomer? I think that would be a serious possibility.

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Years ago

I don't believe Goorj ever promised anyone that he would stand down. There is simply no-one in Australia to take his job.

Joyce is not the right material, almost certainly would bring in SOJ to the team and the powers that be at Basketball Australia are aware of this - therefore I highly doubt he'll ever get the head job.

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Years ago

Might not put his son in the team, but could make an argument for his inclusion in an extended squad of some sort.

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Years ago

Anonymous #215007:

"I don't believe Goorj ever promised anyone that he would stand down"

I've said it before & at the time of Goorj putting up "the not wanting to continue" before Gay Jing. He knew that if he screwed up, he would be on the outer. Forever the escape artist that he is, he sent out that infamous smoke screen. Things turned out acceptable for the forever forgiving Boomer supporters, & guess what? Brian wants in.

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Dirty Day  
Years ago

DDFan, was Goorj stepping down and handing the reigns to Joyce a part of his employment agreement? Was it put on paper or was it just a verbal agreement? If it wasn't put in writing, Goorj can do whatever he pleases. You say he should be kept to his word. Why? If he has changed his mind and is under no obligation to leave, why the hell should he leave? Because it would save Joyce's feelings? Well, I'm touched.

Also, is its Goorj's decision as to who follows him into the role when he leaves?

Also, did the conversation ever take place or is it just part of Joyce's imagination?

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Years ago

You have got to be [email protected]*$ing kidding me aren't you!!!!

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Years ago

Please note all.

In Brian's, since retracted desire to depart Boomer responsibilities, Joyce was NEVER mentioned as a successor, OR IN ANY WAY.

I'm not saying he should be held to it, just that HE put it up in the first palce, under no threat from anyone else.

Go figure.

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Years ago

Reminds me a bit of Phil Smyth talking about how he wasn't sure if he had the interest to continue coaching NBL and then changing his mind a bit later.

I reckon Gorj was doing a bit of CYA when he said that. Might have got some enthusiasm back since that like Phil.

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Years ago

He would put the National program back by at least 10 years!

We have enough trouble dealing with the physical European style of play, at least goorj has enough respect internationally to be listened to by the refs.

can you imagine the how many more times we would get screwed over if Joyce was coaching?

I think the only person with enough coaching chops (and currently coaching in the NBL) to take over the role would be Al Westover. Good mates with Goorj and happens to have a lot of the same Philosophies.

And possibly Tom Maher if he was interested.

And yes I am a Sixers fan, not a Tigers fan at all!

Other than that they need to look outside the league until someone like Marty Clarke is ready to take over.

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Years ago

"I think the only person with enough coaching chops (and currently coaching in the NBL) to take over the role would be Al Westover."

If he was coach, forget about SoJ, we wouldn't even have CJ and Mills in the team.

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Years ago

Marty Clarke should get the top job. He has had proven success. Not only has he developed the Successful AIS program, he has developed the likes of Mills and Ogilvy into great college players. He has got guys like Dellavedova and Page into top college programs(St. Marys)

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Years ago

Marty & Bevo seem like a good solid new base to build on.
I'm no fan of Boy Goorj & it's peaks at international level. The guy does not know how to adjust mid-game.

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

Marty and Bevo.

DDFan, this doesn't happen often around here, but I agree with you.

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Years ago

Bevo seems to be a very good motivator, excellent with the kids and great at getting the team on the same page.

Bevo for my vote.

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Years ago

Yea, i like Bevo as well as Clarke. Bevo has proven that he can coach-He took a really weak Spirit roster and they won alot more games than what many thought they would.
Also, what I like about Bevo is that he isn't scared to say what he thinks-He is never complacent. You have seen Bevo come out in the press alot and voice his anger about the Spirit's defence. He constantly strives to get better. Doesn't settle for mediocrity.

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